Why does an Organization need Brandstory for ecommerce website development in Gurgaon?

Brandstory, an e-commerce development company in Gurgaon, comprises qualified developers, consultants, and strategists who work closely with your business idea to understand your requirements and deliver a phenomenal eCommerce solution with advanced functionalities and features. Our services include migrating your existing platform to a more efficient and effective eCommerce solution to boost your business. For your ecommerce website needs, simply provide us with your expectations, and we will efficiently handle the rest.

  • Reasonable Cost
  • On-Time Delivery Solutions
  • Perfect Outcomes Assurance
  • Mobile-optimized store
  • Instinctive Navigation

Our Ecommerce Website Development Company in Gurgaon workflow to reach the targeted audience

At Brandstory, we follow a highly efficient workflow for serving our customers. Our agile ecommerce website development Gurgaon solutions incorporate your recommendations throughout the process, leaving no room for error & dissatisfaction. We deliver the precise services you require, ensuring that all your business goals are met and your ecommerce website functions exactly as desired.

Gathering of requirements: This phase begins by systematically collecting & documenting the client's needs and requirements. It defines the product catalog, user roles, payment gateways, shipping options, and design preferences. It also includes features required for a complete ecommerce solution.

Prototype Design: Ecommerce website developers in Gurgaon from BrandStory put together a visual representation of the site's style, interface, and main functions. All of this lets partners see how the user will interact with the site, how it will be navigated, and how it will work before the real development begins. It also helps identify problems, make better design decisions, and make sure the team meets the project's goals.

Backend Structuring: It comprises setting up the server-side infrastructure and database design that the ecommerce website needs to work. The setting up of databases for product information, user accounts, and order processing is done in this phase. Further, it also combines the relevant technologies for security, payment processing, and managing inventory.

Project Planning: The ecommerce developers in Gurgaon in BrandStory plan how to execute the development process. Our team outlines the project's scope, goals, timelines, and resources. We further make a detailed plan with tasks, milestones, and dependencies. The BrandStory team follows effective project planning to smooth out the development process as per user standards.

Module Development: It marks the curation of functional modules that perform specific tasks/features within the website system. These modules include product catalogue management, user authentication, shopping cart functionality, and order tracking. You get module development services from BrandStory with the ecommerce website development services.

Connecting the Links: Through smooth navigation channels in ecommerce development, the BrandStory team connects different pages, categories, and product listings. It allows users to browse, search, and access the content easily. The team designs a user-friendly interface to boost the shopping experience for your targeted audience.

Ecommerce Testing: After the successful ecommerce development phase, the website is tested a number of times by using various test cases. It makes sure that the website is optimum in nature. It is to be sure the the expected outcome. At Brandstory ecommerce website development company in Gurgaon, the professionals uses manual and automated testing methods for effective website testing.

Hosting on Live Server: BrandStory team uses a newly developed ecommerce website on a live server for hosting it on a web server. So, the main public can access. The team configures server settings, map down the domain name, and make sure the website performs well and has minimal downtime.

Site Maintenance: Continual upkeep of an ecommerce website is important for any businesses. It includes tasks, such as software updates, security patches, and bug fixes. Further, BrandStory team also conduct content updates, product modifications, and performance enhancements that are essential to maintain a seamless website experience.

Hire an ecommerce website developer near me for the best business Models

At Brandstory, you get a good range of services that are curated to serve all your needs. With the best ecommerce services, you can effortlessly connect with your target audience. It is to make sure that every aspect of your business is well-managed. If you're looking to achieve success for your company in the online market, our ecommerce development company in Gurgaon is the ideal solution.

B2B ecommerce

A B2B ecommerce website acts as a digital platform for businesses to engage in commercial transactions with other businesses. With our B2B Business website, you can enable the buying and selling of products/services, usually in large quantities. We help you accelerate your business to a better level!

B2C eCommerce

The ecommerce website hosts many features and opportunities to expand your business customer base. It further helps in boosting sales for your businesses. Through BrandStory’s developed ecommerce website, your customers get the convenience of online shopping, which can establish creative digital stores, deliver customized experiences, usage of data analysis to gain insights into consumers’ preferences.

C2C eCommerce

It is highly profitable as it contains the potential for tangible leads. At BrandStory, the professionals help all kinds of businesses to boost up their business. Our designed and developed C2C platforms with user-friendly features have helped many such business models to gain traction. The businesses also benefit from it effectively.

C2B eCommerce

This type of service is essential for today’s business landscape. BrandStory ecommerce development expertise can help in connecting with your targeted business people. The team facilitates valuable transactions across your business platforms.

B2A eCommerce

We believe in delivering exceptional ecommerce websites that serve the specific needs of government or public sector organizations, showcasing your strong grasp of their requirements. Our curated B2A ecommerce platforms prioritize stringent security measures, regulatory compliance, & streamlined workflows to serve your business goals effectively.

C2A eCommerce

C2A (consumer to administration) is a dynamic model that catalyzes direct interactions between consumers and the business administration. It includes a whole range of services and transactions, like paying taxes and making payments. Consumer administration takes the help of technology to improve the efficiency of the service. It also enhances all consumer experience throughout the transaction journey.

Our Ecommerce website developers in Gurgaon are experts in different platforms

Our ecommerce website developers in Gurgaon possess exceptional expertise in their work. We possess a deep understanding of your corporate pattern and business model, allowing us to assist you in meeting your precise business requirements.

Online Marketing Company in Bangalore


WooCommerce helps you launch a beautiful online store designed to convert your audience into leads. At Brandstory, we understand this and help clients transition from their audience base to impactful leads. Our team analyzed the requirements and developed the website per the client's requirements. Further, the team includes various features to make your website look great ad and attractive so that it also runs smoothly.

SEO Company Bangalore


Our e-commerce service efficiently handles your online business and ensures a seamless customer experience worldwide. For better results, choose our Magneto e-commerce website development in Gurgaon. Our team has been proven highly beneficial for businesses.

SEO Company in Bangalore


In the business area, OpenCart is highly recommended for all types of businesses, from small to large industries. OpenCart is widely used globally to boost the simplicity and speed of online shopping. At Brandstory, the team builds effective OpenCart solutions for catalyzing your business to the next optimum level.

Digital Marketing


Our belief is that a contemporary SaaS platform should be tailored to suit your business rather than the other way around. With our Open SaaS solution - BigCommerce, we merge the finest elements of SaaS and API-enabled openness and flexibility. This gives our clients the necessary enterprise integrations and tools to enhance customisation speed.

ui ux design company

Our Shopify development methods offer effective solutions for your e-commerce needs. Our team of expert designers creates websites using custom Shopify themes, ensuring a unique and upgraded website experience. Additionally, our Shopify development company in Gurgaon provides ongoing support & seamlessly integrates new elements with each new version release.

social medi marketing company

3dcart comes up with modern features, mobile-ready themes, new SEO trends, and inclusion of marketing tools. It is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that make sure a seamless customer experience. BrandStory team’s extensive knowledge of the 3dcart platform helps in increasing its immense potential by creating a complete online store with careful development and design.

Digital Marketing

With the help of responsive themes and an extensive site builder in Volusion, you can effortlessly design a distinctive online store in minutes without any coding required. At Brandstory, we keep an eye on the trends of the market ad help you design an impressive webpage that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

ui ux design company

Get your own website shop easily with Prestashop. We offer a comprehensive marketing module to enhance user experience and promote products effectively. It incorporates customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities, including abandoned cart notifications, personalised promotions, and automated email notifications.

Brandstory Delivers the Best Ecommerce Solution Through Top Features

We utilize advanced technology to provide customers with their required services. Our Brandstory team understand the industry's expectations for businesses and tailors our websites accordingly. Additionally, we provide personalized services to our customers and support.

  • Payment gateway options
  • Browsing and search feature
  • Product review and star ratings
  • Whist list/registry
  • Real time inventory
  • Order tracking
  • Special offers
  • Website security
  • Zoom feature
  • Product Comparison and demos
  • Live chat
  • Share button
  • Product branding
  • No Geographical Limitations
  • Ecommerce Trade
  • Less marketing costs
  • Shopping Cart







Ecommerse Website Development Company Noida

Professional Web Design Company/Agency in Gurgaon India

We are group of passionate web design experts; industry thought leaders and creative designers coming together to produce stunning ROI website development for all brands. We are a web design company in Gurgaon, India providing professional website design to all business across the globe.



UI UX Design

The UI/UX designs are essential components of creating successful digital products in the marketing world. It focuses on visual elements through which can users interact, like buttons, layouts, and menus. This ensures that the websites are aesthetically pleasing and intuitive for users. By fusing both UI and UX design, businesses can deliver user-friendly and visually appealing digital experiences. This contributes to more satisfying audience experience.

Website Development

It is the process of creating/building websites for any business/brand's online presence and functionality. Our web development process includes various tasks, like web design, content creation, coding, web design, and optimization tasks. All this contributes in ensuring that a website is visually appealing and user-friendly. Website development is crucial for any business, and, hence, helpful in making your brand stand out from others.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is known as a strategic approach for digital marketing. It focuses on creating and distributing the content across different platforms. At BrandStory, we attract clients by engaging with them through the right content. Our team’s curated content aims to provide information, build trust, and solve the problems of the consumers. It includes blogposts, landing pages, video, infographics etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization is known for its purpose of improving any website’s visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). The SEO services involve an integration of techniques and best practices, which are designed to uplift the ranking of businesses. It focuses on both on-page as well as off-page optimization, comprising keyword research, technical improvements, and building backlinks.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is a highly targeted marketing approach that helps businesses display their ads on search engine page results. PPC campaigns are managed through mediums like Google, or other social media advertising networks. It offers businesses immediate visibility, wide range of audience and measurable results, making it a valuable component of marketing.

Social Media Marketing

This form of marketing comprises the usage of social media management tools and skills. At Brandstory, we plan the social media marketing campaign as per the client’s needs and requirements. It starts with strategy planning and ends with the execution at social media platforms, like, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc., building great brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is ranked as the effective marketing channel. It is generally used to generate sales by sharing all forms of promotional offers, leads, etc. This also helps in expanding the impact of content marketing efforts. The brandstory team uses email marketing for maximum interaction with the users. With us, you can get the most from the email campaigns.

Online Reputation Management

It involves publishing and optimizing digital content to control the first page of Google. The Brandstory team helps you with review management, social media marketing, SEO, public relations, and customer service tactics. With this, you can have a great number of conversions for your business.

Analytics and Reporting

This includes the collection, analysis, & interpretation of data to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The Brandstory marketing team devises approaches that include tracking website traffic, user engagement, ROI, and audience behavior. Further, the team also measures the campaign outcomes. By using the analytics tools, the Brandstory team can help you optimize your business processes.




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