Why Choose Brandstory as the Right Choice for PPC Company in Noida?

Growing your business into a brand can become an uphill battle if you make the wrong choices. With Brandstory offering PPC Services in Noida, we are committed to ensuring you get what you paid for your buck! We are a top PPC company in Noida, paving the path for innovative marketing strategies for the "Digital Success" of your business. In order to expand the reach of pay-per-click initiatives, our team of marketing experts evaluate, develop, and carry out profitable paid marketing programs. To benefit your company, we develop ads for Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks, making us one of the top PPC companies in Noida. Our team of qualified PPC professionals concentrates on keyword research, competitor analysis, and market analysis while meticulously tracking local and international search volumes to make sure that your company stays ahead of the competition and gains the most from our PPC services. So make the right choice and partner with us!

PPC Company in Noida

Top PPC Agency in Noida Expands its Service for Competitive Market

Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing

With millions of businesses out there competing for the same customers, our search engine marketing (SEM) services can help you get more visibility on search engine results pages. We optimize your website using cutting-edge methods and produce incredibly powerful search advertising that drives targeted traffic to it.

Search Ads

Search Ads

A marketing strategy known as search engine marketing or search advertising campaign involves inserting digital ads into search engine results. Our team develops extremely focused search advertising that sends qualified prospects to your website. With our expert keyword research and ad copywriting, we can help you maximize your ROI and achieve your marketing goals. Partner with us to get ahead of your competition

Display Ads

Display Ads

Display ads appear on websites where relevant keywords are matched to the hosting website's content. Increase your brand visibility with our display ads services. With the help of our display advertising services, increase brand awareness. Our highly talented staff produces visually spectacular advertisements that capture the soul of your business and connect with your target market, leaving a long-lasting impression.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Given that people are more likely to remember moving images than still ones or text, video advertisements are among the most powerful types of advertising. With the help of our video advertising services, you can connect with your consumers more effectively. We produce top-notch video advertisements that promote your goods or services and compel viewers to act.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

As opposed to text ads which merely display words, Shopping ads create a distinctive visual impression by showing users a photo and details of your goods. With the help of our shopping advertisement services, you can market your goods directly to prospective clients. We employ cutting-edge targeting strategies to connect with the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment, assisting you in boosting conversions and maximizing ROI.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads

Although a single remarketing campaign can boost conversion rates by as much as 161%, the best gains only come from astronomically effective remarketing ad campaigns. Our team develops highly focused advertisements that prompt viewers to go to your website and make a purchase. Stay on top-of-the-mind of your potential customers with our remarketing ads services.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

It's no secret that Facebook can be a great platform for broadening your client and expanding your business. You may have read or heard tales about a product or company going viral, but that isn't always the case. But with Brandstory, you can become one of the success stories. With the help of our Facebook advertising services, you can connect with billions of active users on the biggest social media network in the world.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising

It's possible that when considering your social advertising plan, Twitter isn't the first social network that comes to mind. Yet, given that Twitter advertisements can potentially reach 486 million users, they provide a significant amount of exposure for your company. Our Twitter Advertising campaign will turn out to be the ideal marketing solution for targeting consumers of all ages worldwide on Twitter and its partner networks.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Looking to maximize your brand's reach on Instagram? Brandstory specializes in creating customized marketing campaigns that draw in customers. We'll help you stand out in the crowded Instagram scene and accomplish your business objectives with our proven techniques and data-driven approach.

Pioneers in Google ads Campaign Management Service in Noida with Powerful Strategy

With Brandstory, a certified Google Ads partner, you can effectively use your digital marketing. Our goal at Brandstory is to increase website traffic and lower PPC management costs, which makes us pioneers in Google ads campaign management services in Noida. Here are our top services provided to assist you achieve your marketing goals.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup and Strategy

Our team offers a deep campaign management setup and strategy that is shaped to meet your business needs, industry expectations and target audience. Our work is to determine your goals and create a strategy that miximizes your brand value and deliver successful results.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing on Landing Pages

To determine which design and messaging elements work best for driving traffic, we carry out A/B testing on landing pages. This helps in effective utilization of landing pages and enhance conversation rates for your ad campaigns.

AdWords credit

AdWords credit on new accounts

We are able to offer AdWords credit on new accounts as we are in partnership with Google Ads. This helps new advertisers get started with Goodle Ads and reach their target viewers without spending too much on ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Pixel

We optimize Facebook Ads Pixel Retargeting to reach users that have already linked with your brand or visited your website in the past. This works as a strong tool for driving conversions and increasing ROI for your ad campaigns.

Monitoring clicks

Monitoring clicks,
conversions and click fraud

Our team at Brandstory scans your ad campaigns to ensure that clicks and conversion are legitimate and not the result of click fraud. Also, we track and analyze campaign performance to identify areas for improvement.

Ongoing keyword

Ongoing keyword
development and tweaking

We rigorously research and develop new keywords and improve existing ones to make sure that your ad campaigns are effectively used for maximum reach and effectieveness.

Ad campaign

Ad campaign

The copywriters at Brandstory create compelling ad copy that talks directly to encourage the people who can be your target audience to act.

Ad copy

Ad copy performance

We regulate ad copy performance testing to discover which messaging, and ad formats goes best with your audience. This helps us effectively use your ad campaigns for maximum ROI.

International PPC campaign

International PPC campaign

We provide international PPC campaign management to assist you in reaching audiences in different regions and countries. We work with different languages, cultures, and advertising platforms to help you extend your reach around the world.



Remarketing advertising has been the best way to re-engage potential customers dn drive conversions. We make use of this to target users who were previously engaged with your brand but are not being converted to a loyal user.

Setup and management

Setup and management of
rule-based bidding

Rule-based bidding guarantees the return maximization on your advertising initiatives. We create bidding rules based on your goals, target audience, and competition to help you maximize the use of your marketing budget.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration
and goal tracking

Integrating google analytics with your ad campaigns is one of the best ways to target more audience. It helps in tracing conversions and other important metrics. This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions to enhance performance.

Advanced Keyword

Advanced Keyword

We at Brandstory conduct advanced keyword research to identify high-performing keywords that are apt for your business and target audience. This helps us to develop ad campaigns that are highly targeted and effective.

Results Analysis

Results Analysis and

We offer constant reporting and analysis of your ad campaign performance. This helps in making data-driven decisions to enhance your marketing by identifying areas for development for maximum ROI.

Website conversion

Website conversion analysis

We explore your website’s conversion rates and execute changes to enhance them. This helps us to maken the best use of your ad campaigns for maximum conversions and ROI.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads
audience insights

By using LinkedIn Ads audience insights we determine and target highly apt audiences for your ad campaigns. This maximizes the advertising budget and reaches the right people.

PPC account settings

PPC account settings

We closely observe your PPC account settings to ensure that your campaigns are optimized for maximum ROI. We adapt to your settings as needed to enhance campaign performance.

Dynamic keyword

Dynamic keyword insertion
into ads

We make use of dynamic keywords to automatically insert keywords into your ad copy. This helps in making highly relevant and targeted ads that resemble your audience.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

Analysing competitor website is the best step for gaining website traffic. We carry out competitor analysis to identify areas of opportunity and create a strategy that helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Our team at Brandstory creates high-quality video ads that catch the attention of the audience. We keep in mind your brand’s essence and use advanced techniques to ensure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.Best Corporate Video Production Company in Noida for your enterprise branding

What makes our Google Adwords Campaign Management Process Unique in Business?

Here is the step-by-step approach that certifies that our clients achieve their objectives in the most effective way possible.

Analysis of Google Ads Objective:

We start by determining our client’s goals and objectives for their Google Ads campaigns. For generating traffic, increasing brand awarenes, driving downloads, boosting online sales, or generating leads, we customize our approach to suit our clients’ needs.

Identification of Landing Pages:

The next step after clear understanding of our client’s objectives, we identify the landing pages that will operate the required actions. We also track and measure tools to check the result of the campaign.

Scrutiny of Options:

We acutely analyze various options such as locations, budget, offers, campaign types and creatives. Our goal is to identify the most constructive strategies that will cater to the desired results.

Campaign Formulation and Account Setup:

We develop relevant ad campaigns based on the analysis and set up Google Ads accounts. This involves creating accurate keywords, creating regular and remarkable ads, and developing conversion techniques.

Testing and Launching:

After receiving the approval from the client, we test the ads and then upload them live. This ensures that the campaigns are effectively utilized for maximum performance.

Monitoring and Analysis:

We regularly check and evaluate ad campaigns to detect the metrics and discern their effectiveness. We wholeheartedly welcome ongoing feedback and criticisms from our valued clients.

Refining Strategies:

We refine our campaigns with new strategies since our crafting campaigns exten only for three months.. After every three months we check the performance and point out many areas of improvement.

Our ultimate aim is to significantly enhance marketing outcomes for our clients in a brief timeframe. At our agency in Noida, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client results. By implementing performance-oriented marketing practices, we ensure our clients achieve and surpass their goals. This commitment to excellence has solidified our position as a leading PPC agency in the industry.

Our end focus is to successfully intensify marketing outcomes for our clients in a brief timeframe. At our agency in Noida, we serve exceptional client results. By executing performance-oriented marketing practices, we ensure our clients archive and excel their goals.



1. What are PPC and its benefits?

PPC is an advertising model where clients pay for each time their ad is clicked. The top benefits of PPC is targeted ad, quick results, and measurable ROI.

2. How do I find the best PPC company?

Experience, proven track record, and industry expertise is the top most criteria to take into consideration to find the best PPc company.

3. Is PPC expensive? Or How much does it cost?

The PPC service cost is determined on crietrias such as keywords, budget and ad placement.

4. What are the services of PPC?

Services like keyword research, ad creation and management, landing page optimization, reporting and analysis, and bid management are included in PPC.

5. What is PPC for small businesses?

PPC for small businesses is an effective way to increase traction, generate lead and drive traffic.

6. Is PPC good for B2B?

PPC is one of the most productive strategy for B2B companies to outreach their target audience, increase conversions and foster leads.


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