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Employer branding is crucial for businesses looking to attract and retain top talent. It is the process of creating a positive image and reputation of an organisation as an employer among its current and potential employees. A strong employer brand can help a company stand out in a highly competitive job market, improve its ability to attract and retain high-quality candidates, and reduce recruitment costs.
By effectively communicating the organisation's values, culture, and benefits, an employer brand can also help to create a sense of loyalty and commitment among existing employees, leading to higher levels of engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction. Also, for top-notch employer branding in Delhi, you may get in touch with us and we are going to provide you the details on the same.
Employer Branding

Why Does an Employer Branding Agency in Delhi Play an Important Role for Business Performance?

An employer branding agency in Delhi can play a significant role in enhancing the overall performance of a business. One of the primary benefits of an employer branding agency is its ability to attract high-quality candidates. A well-crafted employer brand that accurately reflects the company's values, culture, and mission can attract talented individuals who are a good fit for the organisation.

In addition to attracting quality candidates, an employer branding agency can also help reduce the cost per hire. A strong employer branding in Delhi can lead to a higher retention rate, which means companies spend less time and money on recruiting and training new employees. The employer branding agency can also enhance the employee experience by creating a positive company culture and promoting a sense of belonging.

  • Attracts Quality Candidate
  • Reduces Cost Per Hire
  • Enhances Employee Experience
  • Increases Employee referral rate

How Does BrandStory Stand Unique From Other Employer Branding Companies in Delhi?

BrandStory is a unique employer branding company in Delhi that stands out from its competitors in several ways. We have a team of experienced professionals who specialise in employer branding and have in-depth knowledge of the market and industry trends. This allows us to provide customised solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

We use a data-driven approach to understand the employer branding landscape and create strategies that are backed by research and analysis. This ensures that our solutions are effective and deliver tangible results. We also put a strong emphasis on building long-term relationships with its clients, and take a collaborative approach to ensure that our solutions are aligned with the client's business goals.


We conduct thorough research to understand the client's business, culture, and employee needs, which can help in creating an effective employer brand strategy.

Employer Branding
Employer Branding


We have our customers in developing a customised and comprehensive employer branding plan, which aligns with the client's business objectives, values, and target audience.

Employer Branding


We follow a unique approach to developing compelling employer brand messaging, which resonates with the target audience, communicates the employer value proposition (EVP), and highlights the unique aspects of the client's workplace culture.

Employer Branding
Employer Branding

Enhance EVP

We focus on enhancing the client's EVP by identifying and addressing the gaps in the employee experience, implementing strategies to improve employee engagement and retention, and showcasing the client's strengths as an employer.

Employer Branding

Employer brand metrics

We make use of data-driven metrics to track the effectiveness of its employer branding strategies, measure employee engagement and satisfaction, and provide actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Employer Based Marketing

A step by step process

Employer Branding

Benefits of Strong Employer Branding Service in Delhi

A strong employer branding service in Delhi can offer several benefits to organisations, such as attracting high-quality candidates who are aligned with the company's values and culture. It can also help reduce recruitment costs and turnover rates by increasing employee engagement and loyalty.

The employer branding companies in Delhi can also enhance the organisation's reputation and make it more attractive to potential customers and business partners.

Healthy company reputation:

A strong employer brand can enhance the reputation of a company, making it an attractive place to work for job seekers. This can improve the company's ability to attract and retain top talent, as well as boost employee engagement and productivity.

Strong company culture:

Employer branding can help to establish and promote a strong company culture that aligns with the organisation's values and mission. This can foster a sense of unity and purpose among employees, leading to increased job satisfaction and a more cohesive and productive workforce.

Positive brand perception:

Employer branding has again got a big role to play in building a positive perception of the company among job seekers, customers, and other stakeholders. This can improve the company's overall reputation and contribute to its success in the marketplace.

Employer brand savings:

Investing in employer branding services in Delhi can save organisations money in the long run by reducing recruitment costs, improving retention rates, and increasing employee engagement and productivity.

Brand talent acquisition:

Employer branding can help to attract and retain top talent, giving organisations a competitive advantage in the job market. This can lead to a more diverse and skilled workforce, which can drive innovation and growth.

Diverse work environment:

The process of employer branding can also promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace, attracting a wider range of job candidates and creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

Career development journey:

Companies can make use of employer branding to provide employees with opportunities for career growth and development, leading to greater job satisfaction and a more motivated and engaged workforce. This can also help to retain top talent and reduce turnover rates.

How to Build an Employer Branding Strategy?

Building a strong employer branding strategy is essential for organisations to attract and retain top talent. To start, it is important to define the unique qualities and values of the company that set it apart from competitors. This can be achieved through conducting employee surveys and feedback sessions to understand what employees value in the company culture.

Once the key attributes are identified, the organisation can develop messaging and branding materials that communicate its unique employer value proposition. To build an effective Employer Branding strategy, follow these steps:

Define Your Unique Value Proposition:

Develop a clear and concise statement that highlights your company's unique value proposition as an employer. This statement should communicate what sets your organisation apart from others in the industry and why potential employees should choose to work for you.

Conduct an Employer Brand Audit:

Conduct an audit to assess your current employer brand perception among current and past employees, as well as the external talent pool. This will help identify areas of improvement and opportunities to enhance your brand's image.

Implementation of Business, Vision, Mission, Values, and Culture:

Communicate your company's vision, mission, values, and culture to employees and external stakeholders. This will help establish a strong organisational identity and attract candidates who align with your company's values and culture.

Improve Company Perception on Social Media:

Leverage social media to showcase your company's culture and values, share employee stories, and highlight achievements. This can help improve your brand's perception and attract top talent who are active on social media.



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Employer Branding

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How can small and medium enterprises build their employer brands among more established brands?

  • Small and medium enterprises can build their employer brands by focusing on their unique value proposition, highlighting employee success stories, and leveraging social media platforms to showcase their company culture and employee benefits.

How can I craft an employer brand?

What is an employer brand?

What digital tools should I use to help support efforts in employer branding and social media?

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