Integrated Digital Marketing Agency - Driving through the power of data

Bring both tangible and Intangible business metrics to the table to beat the odds.

SEO - Ace the Google Algorithms for your brand website

Identify and optimize industry opportunities and get better visibility on Google through our customized strategic solutions.

Performance Marketing - For quicker ROIs

Increase your reach and convert more of your website visitors into leads and customers with our expert solutions!

Social Media - Engage & Retain your customer's attention

Increase brand awareness and gain insights into your customer’s interests, ultimately leading to increased trust and customer loyalty.

Content Marketing - Do it at scale

Be the first to respond to your audience's questions. Cultivate a high-quality network packed with reliable content, which will ultimately aid in the establishment of trust, relationships, and conversions, as well as long-term collaborations.



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Digital Marketing

Digital is here to stay and grow exponentially. Increased visibility, marketing opportunity at efficient budgets, and customer engagement – The three benefits of being in digital and breathing digital.

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Never miss a customer again! Incorporate these two components for a high performance website or app. Did you know that 94% of your customers are going to navigate off your website or app in case of the not finding what they want in less that 3-5 secs. Need an audit?

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Own ultimate, premium, high on performance websites and web portals built on superior and secure technologies. Our capabilities include Static, Dynamic and e Commerce Websites. Be it corporate, blogging or selling, we have you covered.

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30 – 60 – 90 days. See the difference. Get better in search ranking. Good SEO means higher visibility. Get customers to visit your websites and grow your leads organically without spending on advertisement. Afterall, SEO should contribute your 60% of the traffic for a healthy traffic ratio.

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Engage and Evolve. Social Media Management helps you convert audience to fans & followers. Expand your brands reach on internet’s hottest social sites. Creative content & seamless execution are the two consistent keys to excel online. Explore the ‘how’ with us.

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Designing solutions, and serving greater purpose? Get Mobile App Design and Development to work like magic for you and your customers. We define and build your business on the go on the latest Technology. Your proposition is to monetize and ours is to make it mobile ready.

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We are a Design and Digital Marketing Agency in India providing design, development and digital solutions for over 400+ clients across the globe.


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Account Based Marketing

You know who your customers are. Identify customer profiles, build assets, engage and convert. Activate cross-channel touchpoints, multi-threaded campaigns and ace outreach instantly.
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Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

Campaign Optimization

Don’t chase your tail. Leverage our AI enabled tools and vast experience of campaign execution across B2B and B2C verticals to drive optimized results.
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SEO Company in Bangalore

We increased lead conversion by 300% and organic traffic to a website by 150% for an Interior Design firm

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Digital Marketing Company

BrandStory’s SEO strategy increases organic traffic by 300% in less than 7 months for Pharma Company

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Digital Marketing Agency

Lead generation increased by 15% for a management consulting firm by BrandStory

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Best Digital Marketing Agency  in Bangalore

BrandStory increases lead conversion by 300% and organic traffic by 350%

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Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

BrandStory’s SEO strategy saves a real-estate giant INR 15,00,000 per annum and organically gains 100+ qualified leads

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Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore

By ranking 80+ primary keywords on Page 1 of Google, BrandStory increases web traffic by 50% for a Tech Enterprise

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Top Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

BrandStory increases Marketing Qualified Leads by 30% from 10% for a Real Estate Giant

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Digital Marketing in Bangalore

BrandStory increases traffic to a website by 75% month on month for an Interior Design Firm

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Digital Marketing Agencies Bangalore

From INR 11 to 90 Paise, BrandStory optimizes Cost per click for a Pharma Company

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Online Marketing Company in Bangalore

BrandStory increases sales conversion by 30% in 3 months for an Accounting Firm

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Top Digital Marketing Companies in India

BrandStory increases conversion ratio for MQL increased from 15% to 40% for an autonomous university during peak admission season

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The experience of working with BrandStory, was a wonderful one. They have a passionate, responsible and competent team, very thoughtful and hardworking, and always reliable in delivering the results. We treat each other as business partners, rather than just clients.

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Jia Zhang
Country Manager(China)
Astreem Consulting Pte Ltd

BrandStory has been a very trusted and reliable partner for Vymo. It is very tough to fully absorb a client’s design preferences, tune your style to it and consistently deliver expectations. BrandStory has managed to do it for Vymo for over an year now. Their work ethos and enthusiasm for Vymo’s success make us feel like they are part of our own team. Thank you BrandStory!

creative marketing company in bangalore

Yamini Bhat

The team at BrandStory is extremely understanding of customer requirements, accepting of changes that are asked. It is difficult to find a mature organisation that has all of these together and I am happy to have found BrandStory. Their social media marketing plan was expansive and had great target ideas and well executed. Overall, I would highly recommend the team at BrandStory.

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Ramya Rajendiran
Curriculum Director
Springdays (CBSE) International School



digital marketing service providers in bangalore

Five Easy Ways to Grow Your Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Remarketing converts potential clients into customers. Statistics indicate that a remarketing ad is 76% more likely to be viewed than a regular display ad. While people want to make ads relatable to various audiences, they may come across as being either generic, or cliched.

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online marketing service providers in bangalore

We are not the regular Story tellers of your Brand

What makes a brand? It’s story - the narrative that is unique to it. But we are not the regular Story tellers of your Brand. At BrandStory we do not get carried away with the idea of just stories. Implementation and the aftermath matters a lot here.

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internet marketing service provider in bangalore

E-commerce 2.0: How E-commerce Websites are Evolving with their Clients

What started as a doubtful journey by Amazon and Paypal, has now become one of the most successful phenomena of the century. E-commerce has had an upward trajectory of evolution since its creation.

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The New Marketing Frontier

Guide to Enhance Marketshare & Toplines Post Covid 19

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FAQ's on Digital Marketing


The reality of modern digital marketing is quite simple – to target a particular set of audience and being conversational as well as personalized. Not long ago, Data-driven and Programmatic Marketing using Artificial Intelligence were considered as aspiring and bold concepts that bordered on the ridiculous. But currently, these are the most preferred digital marketing techniques for 2023. Along with these, other methods such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Micro-moments Marketing, Voice and Visual Search Engine Optimization, Chatbots, Omni-channel Marketing, Personalized Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Video Marketing still continue to be among the top priorities for various online business owners in the year 2023.

The concept of digital marketing is quite simple. It aims at promoting brands and businesses through various digital technologies that include the internet, MMS, SMS, etc. All marketing strategies include setting certain objectives that are based on the survey of the target audience and the prevailing market information and then selecting a preferable marketing channel and/or platform. As an example, imagine a brand that wants to promote one of its products online. This can be done through Social Media Marketing on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The process would include launching a marketing campaign that centers on the product and brand awareness.

Currently, Digital marketing is the most favored marketing technique because we live in a technologically savvy world and almost every form of business is online-based. Creating a website and company profiles on social media platforms is not enough. Staying competitive in such a world requires a solid online presence and thus – Digital marketing. It helps companies in increasing their online presence, it performs market research that is based on the target audience, and it integrates and modifies the company’s online profile accordingly. In short, digital marketing helps businesses to garner new sales, leads and above all online traffic.

Yes, Digital marketing is definitely the future of the marketing world. Currently, about 99% of the population on this planet is dependent on the internet, be it official work, domestic chores, or day to day activities. And digital marketing is completely based on the internet. Moreover, from viral marketing campaigns to Big Data, it has continuously evolved and adapted to meet the marketing requirements of all online businesses and brands. Nowadays, owing to established digital infrastructure and increased connectivity with lightning-fast internet speed, Digital marketing is evolving faster. From traditional techniques such as Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, it is en route to touching the zenith in the arena of Artificial Intelligence. Programmatic Marketing is now a reality where with the help of AI online advertisements are being automated.

Most companies out there need some form of marketing to promote their products and services and are required to invest in digital marketing for boosted sales. A technically optimized and user-friendly website, attractive profiles on various platforms, creative and compelling content on products can help bring a lot of customers. But, some companies need more marketing as compared to others like electronics-based companies, food-based companies, law firms, entertainment-based businesses, automobile companies and dealerships, companies belonging to the healthcare industry, etc. Some of our clients include Flipkart, Societe Generale, Decathlon, Apollo Hospitals, Quess, Jain Heights, Hashedin, Skylark, New Horizon, LGCL, Chargebee, Bhive, etc.

In the world of internet marketing, digital marketing services have a huge role to play. The best digital marketing companies understand the working of 360° digital spectrum. Always work with digital marketing companies who not only have technologists in their team but also subject matter experts. The critical roles of a digital marketing company are

  1. The ability to create a digital roadmap and marketing strategies for brand building
  2. The ability to create stunning digital assets for both B2C and B2B digital marketing campaigns
  3. The ability to create an executable action plan and following up with google analytics or bing analytics for the digital marketing campaigns done.

If a digital marketing agency is an expert in above aspects for your domain, then consider it as a best digital marketing agency.

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Being a city of multi-ethnicity and home to numerous consumer-facing brands, the exposure of marketers from digital marketing agencies in bangalore towards consumer and brand behaviour understanding is high. With such an exposure, Digital marketing companies in bangalore are bound to have more knowledge about customer behaviours, brand competition etc.

Digital marketing companies in bangalore are many. However critical factors that a brand manager needs to consider are ;

  1. Size of one’s business: One must choose the right sized agency among the multiple Digital marketing companies in bangalore as it will help them establish an equal attention. Too small or too big media agencies will not be the right fit.
  2. Reputation: Track record of digital marketing agencies in bangalore is one of the very critical factors. Keeping the advertisement aside, one can discuss and request for case studies, success stories etc.
  3. Understanding Capacity: Meet the digital marketing companies in bangalore face to face to get an understanding of team size and interact with digital marketing consultants to get a better idea.

Our digital marketing agencies have a segmented approach for different kind of projects. Our services include – creative design services, digital marketing services, social media marketing services (i.e Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram marketing ), pay per click marketing services, unique content creation and marketing, website development services and search engine optimization services. Few of the best digital marketing companies in bangalore / product design firms also offer video production services and also explainer video services. As a standard industry practice, any good digital marketing agencies in India will strategize your business growth based on these aspects and promote your business on digital and social media platforms. As a result, one’s business can achieve accelerated growth through digital marketing by spending less when compared to other traditional forms of advertising.

As the best digital marketing consultant, our approach to boost organic traffic by increasing business website visibility on Bing, Yahoo & Google search engine result page through search engine optimization techniques. A good SEO consultant follows white hat seo method that is widely accepted by the search engines algorithms. A good SEO company also must abide by the rules and search engine algorithm as established by Google, Bing & Yahoo. One must never work with SEO companies in Bangalore who practice wrong, black hat seo methods to achieve faster results as it may lead to search engine penalty of your website. SEO services are key to your Digital Strategy because organic seo traffic will be a dominant contributor to your website’s traffic mix.

Organic Traffic is free. Paid SEO services are not only costly but their time frame ends as soon as you stop paying. It brings you local and targeted traffic along with promising leads.

Since digital marketing companies have a lot to offer, first sizing your scope is imperative. As a premium digital marketing service providers in bangalore, at BrandStory our approach is as follows;

  1. We brainstorm with your team and understand your business and targets
  2. Be very truthful and upfront of what can be achieved via digital marketing
  3. Once the scope and targets are agreed, the team is formed and assigned key performance areas and activities
  4. A regular and transparent approach is taken to keep the business owners informed about progress and results in digital marketing aspect.
  5. For seo services in bangalore, our approach may slightly vary. Get in touch for more details at

Overall, packages for digital marketing services in bangalore are covered under 3 categories: Basic, Premium and Professional. If you have a pan India or multiple city requirements for digital marketing services, seo services, mobile web design services, get in touch for more details at

Performance marketing is a type of internet marketing that ties together direct customer response and revenue generation. It is often considered the most effective form of online advertising because it allows marketers to directly track consumer behaviour from click-throughs, site visits, ad conversions, etc., and provides an instant "customer response" loop so that paid ads can be turned off as soon as costs outweigh income.

Direct response marketing, also known as performance marketing or actionable advertising, focuses on business results like sales, rather than brand awareness. Paid search ads are an example of direct response marketing. When consumers click on a paid search ad, the advertiser is charged only when the consumer acts on that ad (e.g., clicks through to the advertiser's website, makes a purchase, etc.).

The advantage of performance marketing is that advertisers can see exactly how many people clicked on their ads or whether they made a sale. This doesn't necessarily mean revenue is generated for each click; it means that clicks can be qualified or disqualified to reduce the number of people who will end up buying their product, based on how many viewed it.

The goal is to get more money from each marketing dollar spent and get a detailed understanding of what gets customers to purchase.

Small to mid-sized businesses that invest in Performance Marketing often see a higher return on investment than with other channels. Why? Because performance marketing companies are experts at getting the best results for your business, usually through campaign optimization and analysis. This means you're guaranteed optimal pricing, highly targeted traffic, top-notch creatives, and an improved return on investment.

A Performance Marketing Company helps with everything from getting your website set up with the right tracking and analytics to managing your campaigns on a daily basis. They also help you keep costs down by only placing ads on relevant websites and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Our performance marketing agency in Bangalore India provides 100% transparent, full-service performance marketing solutions starting with an analysis of your business goals and available marketing budget. We will then create a strategy tailored to your business and provide ongoing optimization as we continually monitor your campaigns for the best results possible. Our experts will provide regular reports so you can track performance throughout the campaign.

Performance marketing is a measurable and cost-effective way of advertising that guarantees results. Email marketing and display ads can lack the ability to measure specific actions taken by consumers.

Performance marketing also provides businesses with the ability to retarget their customers, meaning we can place ads on websites they visit after leaving your site or send them emails about new products or services.

Performance marketing platforms are highly-targeted, allowing you to reach your desired audience across the entire web quickly and efficiently.

  • Easily track your return on investment
  • Pay only for the traffic you want, i.e., qualified leads
  • Low-risk and quick results
  • Transparency

Brandstory provides a full suite of performance marketing services that are aimed at increasing your company's bottom line. Among our offerings are SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, SMM (social media marketing), DM (direct mail) and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to help you get the most out of your website. Data-driven and strategy-savvy, we hope to boost your brand's digital profile and bring about observable results through different channels like:

Display Advertising

Display ads driven by technology help establish credibility and brand awareness when launching products into the market and competing with established companies. We use methods such as algorithmic optimisation and data collected from consumers' online shopping, browsing, and behaviour to deliver relevant ads to your target audience.

Search Advertising

Social media advertising (i.e., on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) combines advocacy with return on investment to great effect. By capitalising on Facebook's one-of-a-kind audience data, mobile sharing, and cross-device tracking, our services harness the true potential of networks like Facebook to attract new customers to your brand and website.

Mobile App Advertising

Google's universal app campaigns, Facebook's app install advertisements, and Apple's search ads all have a proven track record of bringing in new, engaged customers at a low cost per acquisition. App-based businesses can boost their income by using both install ads and in-app ads to attract and retain customers.


Dynamic product advertisements and search remarketing are proven methods for increasing conversions and lifetime value (LTV) among existing customers. Your brand can get an advantage in customer acquisition and lifetime value (LTV) growth through the strategic use of both custom and online audiences. Using custom audiences with display and search advertisements increases conversions from new users and boosts re-engagement from previous users.

Feed Management

Adjusting your retail brand's product feeds numerous times may be necessary to locate the most fruitful searches to present your products. Given the significance of shopping promotions, tailoring your feed for each publication is critical for success.

The total cost of pay-per-click advertising is based on the average of the bids placed on all channels used to advertise your business. The more competitive your target, the higher the expenditures and the duration and ROI you intend to achieve from your campaign. Your marketing budget will be set after you consider all of these considerations.

Based on our experience dealing with multiple brands across various industries, we consider industry benchmarks to predict & plan actions and constantly improve campaigns to ensure that conversion rates increase over time. Price, product quality, website destination, reviews, and the competitive landscape are outside of our sphere of influence and can significantly impact your leads and sales.

We start by learning about your company using a questionnaire. The last step is to arrange an onboarding call so we can talk about your responses to the questionnaire and any other information you'd want to provide.

Then we tailor a performance marketing approach to your company after conducting significant research. As a final step, we present a comprehensive plan for using advertising to realise your organisation's objectives.

Here is the list of main digital marketing services offered by top digital marketing companies in India. Such as Business consulting, Brand consulting, Digital consulting, Ecommerce solutions, Mobile app development, Web design and development, Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer marketing, Performance marketing, Online PR, Search advertising, Display advertising, shopping advertising, Video advertising, In-app advertising, Mobile app advertising, Programmatic Advertising, Mobile app video advertising, Youtube advertising, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising, WhatsApp marketing, remarketing, lead generation, conversion optimization etc.

India is estimated to have a total of anywhere around ten thousand digital marketing and services agencies as of 2023. As the city of Bangalore continues to grow, more and more businesses are beginning to set up shops in the city. This has led to an increased demand for digital marketing services. Bangalore is home to some of the best digital marketing companies in India, and these companies are capable of helping businesses achieve tremendous growth.

Top digital marketing agencies in India, especially Bangalore, are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge marketing solutions to startups and enterprises alike. Since their inception, these digital marketing companies have provided countless businesses with the strategies and tools required to not only compete but to thrive in this ever-evolving business world.

When a client looks to Brandstory, one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, for help with their digital marketing needs, they are given an in-depth questionnaire. This is designed to get an understanding of their business goals and what strategy they have used so far to achieve these. This helps the Brandstory team understand where the client currently stands on their digital marketing journey.

After initial research, Brandstory conducts a thorough analysis of the client's social media accounts, website, and general digital presence. This helps us drill down to what would be the best possible strategy for them in order to achieve their goals. We do this through the use of sound marketing practices and procedures, combined with an understanding of how both traditional and digital marketing can work together.

A digital marketing agency is a professional company that helps both businesses and individuals with their digital marketing needs. Digital marketing services offered by these businesses range from SEO, social media marketing, online advertisement on search engines like Google or Bing, web and mobile app development, to even web designing.

Digital Marketing agencies work in tandem with their clients to help them achieve their goals and increase their online revenue. This can be through helping them rank higher on search engines so that they can get more clients, or developing mobile apps for their clients that will help expand their user base and bring in more customers.

Digital Marketing agencies work with a wide range of clients, from individuals who require assistance with their digital marketing to businesses that need help to better manage their online presence.

In India, there are 100000+ digital marketing agency in India. Out of these, most of the digital marketing agency in India were closed within 6 - 12 months because they can not able to retain their capitals. So there are many digital marketing agencies are closed early. The cost of digital marketing services can vary depending on what you are looking for. If you require assistance with only one specific aspect of your online presence, the price will be much lower than if you need assistance with everything under the digital marketing umbrella.

Some costs to consider working with a top digital marketing agency in India -

  • Social Media Management: $500-$1000/month
  • Website Design & Development: $1000-$3,000 depending on the type of site you need and its complexity.
  • SEO: $1,000-$3,000/year

The following are the ways that can be followed to measure the success of digital marketing services:

  • By defining objectives and other crucial KPIs for any type of digital marketing campaign
  • Use of related digital marketing analytics tools
  • By keeping track of the website’s traffic
  • By keeping a close eye on the conversion rates
  • By calculating the social media engagement for your ad campaign
  • Tracking the email metrics of the ad campaigns
  • By examining your ROI

We handle the above when you hire Brandstory to create and develop a good digital marketing campaign. You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to tracking all the parameters of the campaign.

Here are the four essential KPIs for achieving the digital marketing goal. Our team follows these KPIs.

You need to keep an eye on four important KPIs for digital marketing to help you reach your analytical goals.

  • Traffic from organic search to exactly know the website traffic.
  • Website/ Landing page conversion rates to direct prospects to specific pages on your website.
  • Cost-per-click rates to drive more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Return on investment (ROI) helps determine how you spend your budget on a particular campaign.

These KPIs are used to gauge ad campaign effectiveness in the digital world.

The time it takes for a marketing agency, like Brandstory, to show you results can vary considerably. For a usual ad campaign project can take up to six months to one year.

The results also depend on the following factors:

  • Goals and objectives of the digital ad campaigns
  • Strategy and execution of the digital ads
  • Type of industry and competition
  • Time expectations
  • Optimization process and monitoring process

After considering all the above, we at Brandstory help your campaigns to show results.

Yes, Brandstory provides content marketing services, which are created to align with your business goals. The team builds custom content strategies for your audience, products/services, and goals. Further, the team also works towards improving website conversion rates that drive more brand awareness.

Online marketing refers to the process of selling products/services on online channels, such as social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. ) through effective ads. Offline marketing is selling products/ goods through various offline channels such as print ads, telemarketing, etc.

Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore

We have stood out as a prominent top digital marketing company in Bangalore India despite the competition being intense among digital marketing companies in Bangalore due to the wide array of innovative, efficient and effective services we provide. We have always differentiated ourselves with our holistic approach to digital marketing services, social media marketing execution and our ability to analyze both tangible and intangible digital marketing outcomes. Listed as one of the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore we have devised digital marketing strategies and social media marketing strategies for Government organizations, corporations, real estate, educational organization, IT Software companies and prominent SME’s.

Better discussions, better decisions

We are for everyone - Startups, SMBs, Enterprises. Connect with us for a conversation.
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