Workflow at Brandstory Web Design Company in Mumbai India

  • Idea - We have well-researched prospects and our teams have innovative ideas with a realistic marketing approach to connect with people online.
  • Design - Our designs are simply top-notch to satisfy our clients. We have creative designs that will make you stand out.
  • Development - Our skilled developers provide you with the best in the market and our goal is to develop a long term for our clients.
  • Test - We perform several tests and these help us understand how the website is working before the delivery or submission to the clients.
  • Delivery - This is the final stage where we are done with all the testing and we deliver the projects timely to the clients.

Why Choose Our No 1 Website Development Company in Mumbai Maharashtra

Comfortable customer experience

We are looking forward to giving your customers an experience that they would always remember and come back to the site again. Providing a better user experience is done by measuring the UI/UX factor in the website and then adding the required elements. The main goal is to improve the ease of interaction for the audience and make sure that the website is running smoothly. We build effective websites to help you communicate and produce your services and products digitally to customers.

Improve brand value

One other goal that we have is to elevate the existing value of the brand or build one. There are great and unique designs in store that will not only attract audiences but also will simplify the look of the website. Brand value is a crucial factor and companies pay many heeds to it because they want to get ahead of competitors. Improving brand value will make your business stand out and you can explore the creative abilities of the brand as well.

Search engine optimization

A good look and well-designed website is precious and your way to being chosen by Google to be included on the SERPs. There are many factors involved in a successful SEO strategy and we know exactly how to implement those. SEO has much influence on a website and it certainly pushes an average website ahead of the competitors. SEO impacts Google's algorithms and turns casual visitors into important potential customers. Our expert developers work regularly on SEO strategies by utilizing the latest tools and following market trends and metrics.


A smart and unique design can define a lot about a brand or company and a company needs to reflect on its originality by relying on a one of kind design. Websites are a representation of your company's image and it is important for us to give you an identity with our expertise. The Top web design and development company in Mumbai, India has a lot to offer to your brand/company whether it is an existing website or you are starting new.

The types of web design that Brandstory website developers provide

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UI/UX services

The UI and UX component in a website measures how the users feel about the website, how they are navigating, and whether there is a smoothness factor. Our developers understand the emotional standpoint of every user and how they are accessing the information, their reactions, and their behavior. All these factors are taken under consideration in order to prepare a mobile-friendly, SEO-integrated, user-friendly website. Our website development services providers in Mumbai handle clients all around the world and implements the most creative designs through the UI/UX aspects.

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Responsive web design

We make sure that you have the most responsive web design to bring more customers to your site. Several factors contribute to a tailor-made experience and we simply provide all of those. We focus on designing websites for customers to access through all devices from small to big screens. We understand the vision of the company ensure that the content is neatly designed for the customers to feel comfortable. We like to analyze the psychology of our customers to further add and update changes to the website and its elements.

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E-commerce Web designs

Having a friendly and responsive E-commerce website can bring you a lot of business. E-commerce sites attract customers and shoppers frequently and there is major interaction of customers with the website and its products. We like to understand how the customers are reacting and navigating through the website. Few things we do in an E-commerce website will include optimizing layouts; understand the purchasing trend and how the appearance of the page is. We are the best website developers in Mumbai when it comes to E-commerce websites and minimal incorporation of elements.

Digital Marketing

Content management systems are critical in terms of handling, managing, and publishing, and organizing contents of all forms for your website. One can edit layers of data and manage different data on the website. Our skilled CMS professionals work with clients and cater to their needs from start to end. They work on different CMS platforms i.e. Joomla, Umbraco, WordPress, Drupal, and others. We have worked on CMS platforms and provided custom designs to all clients through a content management system.

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Microsites and Specific web pages

Microsites are a form of website that targets a specific audience and specializes in certain products and services. These web pages provide specific information that appeals to the target audiences. With these Microsites, one can focus on a specific set of customers and these are a great way to initiate contact between the audience and the company. We offer you product-specific and region-specific filtrations that will attract specific audiences accordingly. Microsites are used by companies to improve sales.

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WordPress website

WordPress is an open-source content management system and the most popular among the others as well. A lot can be done on WordPress because of its incredible features and one can simply say that almost all websites run on the WordPress platform. One can build all kinds of websites on WordPress be it a small one or a large E-commerce website with hundreds of pages. Our experts have gathered years of experience with WordPress and we provide only the best to our clients.

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AMP designs

Accelerated mobile pages is a business development tool that helps websites to convert to a mobile-friendly experience for the users. Brands can offer their clients error and lag-free websites which are faster and comfortable to use. AMP factors affect a website and pushes its success by having the website like and preferred by more customers. We use this cutting-edge technology to transform casual visitors into permanent potential customers. website designing in Mumbai implements its mobile-friendly technology to increase conversions and sales for your website.

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Online Branding

Branding plays a huge role when it comes to offering customers more than your competitors and standing out with your products and services. Effective branding campaigns will give your website the mileage so your customers will remember. With useful strategies, one can easily showcase their products and with our expertise, there will be no need for Ad campaigns. We have in store for you the perfect branding strategy to get on top of the search list on any search engine.

Web designing elements that we include


The layouts in a website hold much importance because they are a framework consisting of logos, navigational elements, graphical content, and more. We make sure that the layouts are simple and they fulfill the clients' needs.

White space element and colour

When colour is used on the white space with a balance, it creates a look for the website that appeals to more customers.


Following the brand guidelines, the logo, photographs, and icons are visually represented, sometimes animation can influence the opinion of the customer.


It is necessary to know the kind of fonts and the right size to use because fonts involve the readability factor of the content and each expression can be beautifully expressed with a specific font on the website.


Content can be assessed in its three forms, the texts, the audio, and the video. Interesting and useful content can contribute a whole lot to the entire website. We implement SEO tactics and craft your content well to increase sales.

User Interface

User Interface - The appearance of the page is essentially constructed keeping UI in mind. The appearance of the website contains colours, use of white spaces, typography, and others. We pay much heed to UI while working on your websites.

User experience

User experience – UX design is an important aspect of the website. We can see how the users are navigating and what products/services they are looking at. This determines the next steps that we will take and understand how to serve the audiences better.

What customers have to say-

I want to thank the team o their outstanding abilities to solve difficult challenges. They took lesser time than I had expected. Very satisfactory service! Very helpful people!

It is one of the best companies in the country in my opinion and the best part is the budget-friendly deals and offers that they have.

A very professional team of experts who not only serve you with creativity but also are extremely friendly and you can enquire and ask them anything that you like and anytime you like. They are always available.

Why choose Mumbai web developers

We are simply equipped with the latest tools and technology that pertains to a faster and more reliable process. Our developers and designers are versatile in Python/Django, MEAN, Bootstrap, LAMP, Ruby on Rails, and the rest. We are constantly deriving new solutions to make functional websites and we like to extend our support to our clients in the form of long-term friendships. We like to work smart, eliminating challenges, and satisfy our clients wholesomely. The website development companies in Mumbai have the best tools and services unlike any others in the market.

What customers have to say-

One should check out their services because they are upfront offering quality services for very affordable prices for each website. Totally worth your money!

I was confused at first that they are delivering me with an incomplete project until it took me time to realize that they take lesser time than anyone else in the business. They are super fast and don’t keep you waiting.

If you have a budget and you want to negotiate prices, look no further. They have the best plans and offers for you to suit your budget.



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