Want more bounce rate? Here's what you should consider.

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Staying socially engaged with your customers is an excellent thing. However, none of those attempts will matter much if visitors arent remaining long enough to take the desired actions – or any activity other than bouncing off. Here are several reasons why this can be occurring:

1. It's Not Mobile-Friendly

More than 90 percent of retail shoppers use a graphics tablet or a smartphone search for a desired service or merchandise or to purchase something. Put money into another website that is mobile, or upgrade your web site with measurements fixed for smaller displays. Use minimal bells and whistles to reduce page load issues that are possible, and supply additional space around the icon or clickable buttons.

2. Slow Page Load

Visitors tend to go elsewhere for what they're seeking if it takes longer than five seconds for a page to load. Load times might be slowed down by widgets, content improvements, images, ineffective or out of date code, or an internet site host with a slow server.

3. Content Doesn't Supply Clarity

If a visitor to your website has no clear idea of what you're offering, or what distinguishes the competition and your products or services, they're likely to bail rather quickly. Use descriptive headlines, multiple sub-heads, and brief paragraphs to achieve extreme clarity.

4. Text Is Hard to Read

Illegible fonts, random coloured or underlined packed paragraphs, and sentences or words in a small text size make the text on your web site hard to read and even irritating. Avoid joining text and background colours that make it impossible to read anything, and ensure that the text set over background pictures is not illegible.

5. Excessive Popups

Popup types which repeatedly or immediately ask visitors to join your newsletter, or other types which constantly popup might be incredibly annoying to return visitors. Furthermore, the use of autoplay videos tends to redirect focus away from more significant content.

6. Disproportionate Visuals

Visuals and pictures only improve web site content if they are not overly distracting. Size pictures or any videos you use on your web site suitably so that visitors are not overwhelmed once they arrive. Instead, you want to locate a great combination of written and video content to foster the attractiveness of your webpages.

7. A Lot Of Advertising

There's no need to fill every available area of space on your website. This can cause your main message to be obscured by excessive ads. Distribute your ads through your content so visitors can concentrate on your text and leave some empty space.

8. Delusory SEO Strategies

Misleading keywords and phrases or pictures might create clicks, but visitors are not going to stick around if the content presented is not related to what brought them there in the first place.

Make sure to put in place or set up a Google Analytics account, if you have not done so already. The accessible data will tell which activities your visitors perform most often, where your web traffic is coming from, and how long people are remaining on each page of your website.

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