The difference between UI and UX design

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Strolling through the paths of the tech capitals, ever heard the terms of UI design or UX design? Here is a quick explanation of what they mean, to answer the queries in your head.

UI stands for User Interface whereas UX refers to User Experience. But, considering UI and UX same is a major technical faux pas.
User Interface would involve a series of screens, icons and buttons that you use to interact with the website/device. User experience is the more technical and analytical field as it is used to gauge internal aspects of experience that a user has while interacting with your product or services.
While the two of them are closely interlinked, the roles they are used for are entirely different. Working with them together becomes a crucial element for the product.
The variation between them lies in the kind of the design discipline. Not only this, but the different parts of processes used can distinguish them from each other. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two of the most commonly interchanged terms in the technical field. But, both are essential for the success of a product.
In the words of professionals-User Experience is the process of development and improvement of quality interaction between a user and all facets of a company. User Interface refers to the aggregation of approaches and elements that allow the user to interact with a system.
Proper knowledge of the UI and UX terminology is the way to facilitate a better approach taken and a better user experience after that.

It is more likely that the feedback a user forms in the head about the experience at website constitutes the UX. Even if the UI is beyond appreciation, if the functionality has lower standards, then the website is hardly in a position to produce a positive feedback.

In layman terms, you can understand UI as something that deals with what users look at. UX, on the other hand, deals with how and what users feel when interacting in virtual space.
Under the gamut of UX is the flow of how a user proceeds on a website, maybe to subscribe or to sign up. Contrary to that, the UI handles the territory where the visual design for the same journey will be prepared to help the user to browse through the web site and navigate as and when required owing to his/her will.

The people or the designers who have hands-on industry experience in this field have different mindsets when working with UI or UX. Their line of thought, perceptions and execution strategies are different from each other yet linked in some or the other way. There is much more than what meets the eye whenever UI and UX are taken together into consideration. The UX ensures a user has an eventful and smooth browsing experience with an expanded knowledge of what the website is trying to convey whereas UI supports UX to cater to the navigation needs of the user.

Hence, the output of both processes is extremely varied. As they are distinguished fields, the skill-set required in both also differs considerably.

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