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Push messages are sent to users when the app is not being used by them with the hopes of persuading them to return. On the other hand, in-app messages have proven to be an excellent way to improve a users experience while they may be actively utilizing the app. Individualization means choosing messages beyond personalization, that was more focused on using fundamental user info such as first name or language setting into a new land.

Apps using in-app messaging gain in two significant ways: higher retention and higher participation. Apps have taken the initiative to improve the user experience with in-app messaging to see that it will pay off with both of these essential metrics. Apps have to take a much more granular strategy, although using in-app messaging is an excellent start.

Presenting an in-app message away from an event is more innovative and powerful strategy while these kinds of in-app messages can be successful. This enables an application to participate with users based on the activities they send and take more messages that are useful to them.

Take it one step further - section messages with the crowd.

It is also essential to take the segmentation one step farther and show appropriate audiences messages based on unique profile info, while it is significant to activate from an event within in-app messages. That is where a completely round approach that is personal comes in. This means first choosing an activity for the in-app message to be activated away from, but additionally revealing an audience that meets specific criteria.

Apps across vertical sectors that are different experience raises that are distinct in participation when they contain profile characteristics and activate their in-app messages off of an event. Retail apps over double their speeds that are clicked when they have an audience compared to a note revealed at the beginning of a session and in-app messages activated by an event. Each time a user adds specific merchandise to their favourites, list or checks in a shop in a place that is particular, they have been reinforcing their profile, which the apps subsequently profit from.

Another time a user is in the app, if they go to click a promotion they might be met with a note describing the promotion for their favourite products in the store, they formerly have seen. The skill to give this kind of message that is unique based on the advice related to that user that is precise is why so much success has been found by these apps. The success translates to nearly two times as many clicks through conversions of those messages being revealed as compared to messages seen at the beginning of a session within the first 24 hours.


In-app is emerging as a force to be reckoned with regards to app users that are participating. And given the present app market that is hyper-competitive, marketers need every tool possible to distinguish themselves from the mess. Additionally, marketers need to use the data all available on their users to deliver really personalized messages at their fingertips.

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