White Label SEO Reseller Program by Brandstory

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White Label SEO Reseller Program by Brandstory

Do you run a digital agency? Then here is an opportunity of becoming a profitable SEO Reseller of the best and leading Digital Marketing Agency Brandstory that always makes it a point to maintain quality standards and also charges 60%-80% lesser than the other operating SEO agencies that are operating worldwide.
When you opt to work with Brandstory Solutions, you will never be concerned regarding SEO project management or any of the deliverables. All your agency needs to do is to focus on reselling the SEO packages and their marketing while we at Brandstory take the complete onus of delivering the best results as your highly competent and efficient outsource SEO Company.
So, the crux of the entire proposition is that we work under your brand name and your logo and provide periodic reports that you can brand by your agency's name and present it to your clients.

Why should you choose Brandstory for White Label SEO Reseller Program?

There are several good reasons for choosing Brandstory for White Label SEO Reseller Programs. They are as follows:

1. No need to spend on the setup fees

When you opt for our outsource SEO services, you would enjoy free access to our advanced and high-level SEO tools. We only charge you for those specific SEO packages that you can choose for your clients. Some of the paid tools that we opt to use are:

  • SEMrush for competition analysis
  • Majestic for effective backlink analysis
  • AHREFS for backlink analysis
  • Raven Tools for conducting onsite analysis as well as reporting
  • SEO Site Checkup for onsite audit and reporting
  • SERPBOOK.com for fetching weekly ranking reports
2. Best-in-class project management system

We believe that our associate agencies deserve the best of the best results. So, we always make it a point to assign a very dedicated and dynamic digital marketing manager for your account management. He would take up all the responsibilities of handling all the SEO projects for all your clients and always would keep you updated regarding the progress with the help of Basecamp, a flawless web-based tool for project management.

3. Customized SEO proposals for your agency’s clients and SEO audit reports at no extra cost

Every SEO project usually starts with a free-of-cost SEO proposal and a website audit report with your agency's name and logo on the same when you associate with Brandstory opting for their white label SEO Reseller program.

This report is furnished with the SEO score for your client’s website and also covers all the necessary aspects that our SEO process provides with from website analysis and keyword research to on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO and also content creation.

The activities of keyword research and computer analysis are usually done using the SEO tools like SerpBook, SEMrush, Google Analytics, Moz, AHREFS, and Webmaster.

4. White Label Monthly/Weekly SEO Reports

Reporting is undeniably one of the most important aspects of every successful SEO campaign. We at Brandstory provide a monthly or weekly report as per your agency's requirements and cover all the major aspects that are part of the concerned SEO campaign. So, your team would always stay updated regarding the undertaken SEO campaign's progress. All the reports are created under your agency’s brand name as per the norms set for our white label SEO reseller program.

5. Client Ownership with a formal signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

As a digital agency owner, you can outsource your SEO project to Brandstory and we agree to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that clearly states that we would be working under your agency’s name and would never reveal our professional identity to any of your clients under any circumstances. We would also never claim any credits for the results that have been generated for your set of clients.

Our SEO Process

SEO campaigns at affordable prices do not happen by chance. This involves a long-term strategy for fetching the best and desired results and the process is usually ongoing to cope with the changes that evolve with the metrics of the search engines. When you are working with Brandstory's SEO professionals with its offerings of outsourcing SEO services, then you would surely receive the best results. This is a complicated process and just not about the placement of the keywords in the content page or just the web users able to find your site on the net. The major objective is to make the traffic to your website relevant to what you are doing. Here are some of the SEO strategies that we undertake to fetch the best and desired results.

White Label SEO
1. On-Page SEO

The strategy of on-page SEO helps in website optimization to a great extent. When we are working on a website, firstly we ensure that we take a full audit of the complete website and also review the content and keywords used in the website. Not only that, but we also completely ensure that the concerned site have all the on-site parameters like a proper Title, needed Headings, URL structure, Page Speed, Schema, and many more parameters. We always work towards ensuring that all the works are done correctly and we ensure that the website would perform well across Google and all other major Search Engines. Thus, keeping up with all the SEO developments that take place from time to time is a very important part of any offering of expert SEO services.

White Label SEO
2. Keywords research

This is very necessary to use the best and relevant keywords for your website. As far as the research for the keywords is concerned, this is an integral part that plays a major role in growing your traffic. Knowing the particular terms that are being used for searching your product on the web, you can better target the keywords for bringing ineffective traffic to your website. For the local and small businesses, this is specifically critical when it comes to keyword research as you are targeting a categorically smaller target audience. The Brandstory team helps your business in building an effective keyword strategy, no matter whatever is the size of the business.

White Label SEO
3. Link building

Link building is one of the proven SEO techniques which is considered as an organic SEO service practice that encourages several other websites as well as individuals to link to the contents on your website, blog, podcast, or vlog. This usually indicates that you are a trusted source for information or services and goods. The higher the quality of the content on your site, the better are your chances for developing relevant links. The more links that direct people to the contents on your website, the more influence you do have in their purchasing decisions. We would ensure that the links that we use on your website are of high quality and are genuine. For ensuring the same, we use several specialized methods. Some of the most prevalent methods are guest posts, blog commenting, questioning and answering, forum, broken link building, social media, and promotions.

White Label SEO
4. Conducting competitive analysis for outplaying the competitors

Everyone in the market has competitors, so it is very necessary to have experts who can make a proper analysis of the competitors. Our specialized team usually goes through the top competitors' pages in your industry and then figures out what is their secret for getting good traffic. We have a thorough look at the keywords that they have been using and how they are achieving good search engine rankings. This usually means that we would be able to see what the best strategy to beat the competition is.

Why us?

If your website's rankings have continually been dropping, then that indicates that the present SEO strategies that have been implemented are completely outdated. The predominant search engine is Google and the changes in their search algorithms are also referred to as search bots or web crawlers. The work of these algorithms is to search for a favor of the various kinds of page contents. If you have not been updating the SEO strategy for your website at regular intervals, then you are surely missing out on a lot of things. You can opt for the outsource SEO services of Brandstory and keep the SEO strategies for your website up today.

The reasons why you should opt for Brandstory's outsource SEO services are as follows:


More profiles

When more and more users continually hit your landing page, then you would want to bring them into the funnel. Our team would optimize your web page to generate more and more leads by bringing in the searchers.


Easy and user-friendly CRM tools

Our team use the best CRM tools for helping to build as well as manage the relationships with all our partnered agencies and clients by giving an update on the daily tasks. This tool is very simple and can be used by everyone without any special knowledge and training.


Organic traffic

This terminology refers to the obtained results from the various searches and not the paid ads. Your page would very well show up on the results that appear on the first page that would get you the optimum click-through.


Online recognition

Online visibility is all about getting your presence as well as a brand recognized. This effectively means that the concerned web page authority moves up over time and is visible to the users online. Our team implements all the strategies over time for fetching the best results.


Higher sales

Our team operates the SEO duties in such a manner that they bring optimum traffic as well as sales conversion.


Assigning a dedicated project manager

Brandstory understands the significance of proper communication, transparency, and effective reporting. For this, we assign a dedicated account manager for all our partnered agencies for proper coordination and communication.


Faster growth

When you have your site's SEO optimized, you will witness considerable increases in the relevant searches as well as an increase in traffic that would generate more and more sales as well as faster growth.


Performance tracking

Brandstory has defined the KPIs for its teams and we have proper tools for quantitatively measuring the SEO campaign's impact and true success that is achieved in the particular campaign. This would facilitate you in justifying the investment and measuring the positive ROI.

The features of SEO outsourcing

The major features of SEO outsourcing are:

White Label SEO

Fetching the top SERPs for the website

Once you have decided to outsource your SEO projects to a trusted SEO outsourcing company like us, then you would surely have more time for accentuating your business gains as well as ensuring higher client acquisition. In the meanwhile, our team would work in gaining the top search engine page ranking for your website.

White Label SEO

Transparent services

Our team always keeps you well-informed of the latest developments and progress of the undertaken SEO projects, whether this is related to website optimization, keyword performance, or maybe page rankings.

White Label SEO
White Label SEO

Reliable experts

Brandstory's team consists of the most experienced and seasoned SEO professionals who hold the dexterity of optimizing your website for the top and best performance on Google or maybe some other leading search engine. You can completely rely on us as far as the SEO services outsourcing is concerned.

White Label SEO

Usage of the most advanced techniques and tools

We leverage the most advanced techniques and tools for keyword research as well as website optimization like Buzzsumo, Google Analytics, AHREFS, SEMrush, Raven Tools, etc.

White Label SEO

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