Features of WordPress Website

  • It is seen in the digital media that WordPress provides a robust, intuitive, easy-to-use content management system. It makes it easy for the users to operate it with varying technical expertise.
  • The website of WordPress has built-in tools and plugins to improve your website’s search engine optimization. This helps in ranking your website
  • With the help of a WordPress dashboard feature, you can easily manage and organize your text, images, and other multimedia features.
  • WordPress websites can help you assign various roles and permissions for users, making them suitable for multi-author blogs and collaborative websites.
  • With a WordPress website, you get extensive customization in the form of your business specifications.
  • The website continuously releases updates that can improve your website’s performance, features, and security.
  • WordPress is known as the most secure website present in digital media.  Your files and other things will be secured here.
Our approach

Our Process

Our approach

Understanding Your Business

Our team sits with you to learn about your business's requirements and objectives. This marks the starting  point for our WordPress development process.

Our approach


After knowing what you want to showcase on your website, our WordPress Website Development Company in Gurgaon team conducts extensive research. The research is conducted to understand the market trends, competitors, and other ideas for website development.

Our approach


Once the team knows the relevant WordPress website,  we head towards the planning stage.  In this stage, we work on the various designs and how to make them more engaging type parameters.

Our approach

UI UX Design

The designing part is crucial for website development. In this stage, our designers design the user interface using the best visual elements. This is done to make your website more creative and ultimately drives engagement.

Our approach

Website Content Development

To back up the intuitive design of the WordPress website,  our content team adds impactful words to it. It makes a user's journey across the website more smooth and informative.

Our approach

Website Development

The developers create a WordPress website using Javascript, Python, and other coding tools. We meticulously make every website equipped with smooth operations on the webpage.

Our approach

Server-Side Optimization

Our wordpress development services in Gurgaon team are committed to boosting the optimal performance and efficiency of your website. The team works around all technical aspects of your server infrastructure, which results in faster loading times and seamless user experiences.

Our approach


After the website development, we test it to check its efficiency and performance. The team runs the webpage and lets it open in different browsers to check its smooth loading and performance.

Our approach

Delivery and Maintenance

This stage of WordPress website development is designed to provide suitable support for ensuring continued access to the webpage. We offer our clients post-launch maintenance and technical assistance to ensure the website is in optimal condition.

Our Range of WordPress Development Services in Gurgaon

Our approach

WordPress Installation & Configuration

Brandstory WordPress installation services ensure a hassle-free setup for your website. We take care of everything, from installation to configuring settings and plugins. With our expertise, you can have an optimal WordPress website for your business.

Our approach

WordPress Website Development

We develop responsive and user-friendly websites that perform optimally across every device. Our team focuses on user-friendly features and functionality for the websites. The developers create WordPress websites that can be easily managed, edited, and scaled up.

Our approach

WordPress Theme Development

Our WordPress development team specializes in creating custom themes that match your brand identity.  The themes are visually appealing and optimized for better performance and user experience.

Our approach

WordPress Plugin Development

The expert team at Brandstory develops everything for you, from custom plugins to new features. All are tailored to your needs. Our team ensures that the WordPress plugins offer the best experience to your users.

Our approach

WordPress Migration

At Brandstory WordPress development company, our team makes the process more hassle-free. Our team handles all aspects, including data backup and transfer of the webpages to new locations.

Our approach

WordPress Maintenance And Support Services

We not only develop the best WordPress websites but also help you maintain your websites.  We keep an eye on the webpage, as it operates on different devices. The team also helps in providing all support for better maintenance.

Our approach

WordPress SEO

Our team specializes in the WordPress SEO process, which can help your website rank higher & gain organic traffic. With our SEO-based WordPress process, your website performs exceptionally well in the digital landscape.

Our approach

WordPress Digital Marketing

The best WordPress development services in Gurgaon, like Brandstory carve out Digital Marketing strategies, including SEO techniques and email marketing. It boosts your online presence and drives traffic to your website.

Our approach

WordPress Ecommerce Solutions

The WordPress development team creates and customizes WordPress e-commerce websites per your needs. We help you establish a robust retail store that would help you manage your sales, track them, and provide you with a seamless experience.

Our approach

Payment Gateway Integration

Our team works on payment gateway integration for your website. With robust tools and techniques, we added the payment feature to the webpage for a smooth transition for payment facilitation.

Our approach

CDN Integration

Brandstory team understands the significance of delivering high-quality content to your users in an efficient manner. We integrate static files, like scripts, images, and stylesheets, all distributed across global servers.

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Industries we served



WordPress websites help medical clinics and healthcare providers to inform and connect with patients.  We devise informative dashboards for more detailed information.


Food & Beverages

Restaurants, food blogs, and beverage companies frequently choose WordPress for their online presence. It helps them stand out from the crowd.



Hotels, restaurants, and tourism businesses rely on WordPress to establish their online presence. It helps in getting more traction for their websites.



WordPress makes educational websites for schools,  universities, and other related facilities. It can be a good source of information.



Financial institutions rely on WordPress for their informational websites and content publishing. With its simplicity and informative approach, WordPress proves to be the go-to platform for these institutions.



ordPress with plugins like WooCommerce is a highly favored option for online stores and e-commerce businesses. Its simplicity and informative features make it an ideal platform choice.



Why Choose Brandstory WordPress Website Development Company in Gurgaon for Your Projects? 

Our approach

Instinctive Admin Panel

With intuitive controls and a simple layout, our administrators can efficiently manage and update website content. We also monitor user activity and make adjustments without any extensive technical expertise.

Our approach

Experienced Developers

With great years of experience in WordPress websites, we possess the expertise to create the best and most personalized solutions that can troubleshoot complex problems. We implement cutting-edge techniques to transform your ideas into reality.

Our approach

Lighting Fast Pages

We optimize every aspect of your WordPress site to ensure peak performance. With our commitment to speed, your visitors will enjoy a seamless browsing experience, leading to increased user engagement and enhanced search engine visibility.

Our approach

SEO-friendly Websites

At our company, we recognize the significance of SEO in generating organic traffic for your website. We prioritize mobile responsiveness to align with Google's emphasis on mobile-friendly websites when determining search rankings.


What Our Client Say's

“We wanted a fast and optimized WordPress website. Brandstory WordPress design and development agency in Gurgaon did a fabulous job in developing it. Our website ranked  very well.”


“For our restaurant services, we wanted to mention the catalogs of our dishes. We approached Brandstory WordPress services, which helped us engage  with our audience.”


“Our team wanted great support and management services on the website. The brandstory team not only updated our website with impactful content but also used support techniques for more optimized websites. Thank you, Brandstory.”



WordPress websites can help medical clinics and healthcare providers inform and connect with patients. It offers informative dashboards for more detailed information.