White Label PPC Services by Brandstory

White Label PPC Services

White Label PPC Services by Brandstory

White label PPC is a concept that allows an agency to purchase specialized and time-proven PPC services from an expert White label PPC agency and then sell them under their brand name. This helps them in establishing the desired brand value while managing all the services for their clients. By adopting this approach, several small and mid-sized agencies can save extra money by skipping to hire full-time PPC experts which is an expensive proposition.

The B2B PPC services allow several small and mid-sized agencies as well as freelancers to purchase from an established PPC white label reseller and sell the same to their established client base. This is very helpful for several companies and freelancers who do not want to go through the troubles of running an extensive PPC campaign and require to focus on their tasks related to lead generation. Additionally, they save a lot of money by preventing the need to hire a full-time PPC expert.

About Brandstory White Label PPC Services

At Brandstory, our goal is to provide result-oriented and high-quality white label SEO services to a large base of agencies and freelancers who are in the field of digital marketing. Our team at Brandstory always aspires to keep our clientele happy and delighted. As a leading full-service digital marketing agency, we understand you may not have a dedicated and full-time PPC team in-house always.

If you do not have all the necessary resources and assets, you would surely risk ending up providing poor-quality PPC services to your clients. This would eventually lead your agency to lose clients. With Brandstory white label PPC services, you would surely be able to successfully meet even the highest standards of PPC services for all your clients. Even if you or your agency does not have the required experience in the field of PPC marketing, Brandstory's white label PPC services would surely help you in delivering the desired results by feasible and affordable means.

With the help of our white label PPC services, both your agency as well as your clients will surely become more competitive within the market where you are operating presently. When you partner with Brandstory, you would appear to be more professional and versatile to your existing set of clients, especially all those clients who have high demands in terms of building relevant leads, increasing traffic, and capturing more and more sales quickly.

Major components of white label PPC platform

The major components of the white label PPC platform are
White Label PPC Services

White Label Google Ads Services

With a major influx of several channels in social media,
e-commerce portals, and several other online sites largely engaging billions of users across the globe every day, digital marketers are optimally presented with the right opportunity of strategically promoting the services and products of their clients by wisely tapping the targeted audiences in the various target markets around the world in a matter of just a few seconds.

At Brandstory, we wisely use our expertise, experience, training, and also our vast collection of proven and world-class marketing resources and tools for helping the digital marketing agencies in delivering the best and most compelling outputs to your clients with the help of meticulously implemented our offering and management of white label Google Ads

White Label PPC Services

Our in-house team of expert and experienced graphic designers, copywriters, analysts, and marketing consultants would work directly with the different marketing agencies for optimizing the Google-based campaigns for their clients.

Brandstory's white label Google Ads are also customized as per our clients requirements and our Google Ads management services usually involved customer-focused interfaces for ensuring to meet the desired goals of the clients.

White Label Linkedin Ads Services

Linkedin is the largest network of professionals in the globe. With more than 690 million active professionals using LinkedIn, this is a great platform for sharing information, and needless to say the opportunities and potential are endless

By taking the right advantage of the Linkedin platform, the marketers have witnessed a 2X higher rate of engagements, and the conversion rates are also pretty higher.

At Brandstory, running advertisements on LinkedIn successfully has been a major forte. Also, our team of experts very well knows the art of networking professionally.

White Label PPC Services

Our team specialized team can provide your existing agency with all the key insights to fruitfully target the relevant profiles on LinkedIn based on the campaign and thus you would be able to save a lot of your money and time that you usually spend on middle-men. As far as LinkedIn professionalism and etiquette are concerned, you need to rely on the proven processes suggested by Brandstory team that would add certain positive attributions to your agency as well as to your set of existing and set clients.

No matter whether your goal is to achieve the optimum brand awareness or you need to attain a targeted number of conversions, the Brandstory team surely has the right expertise and tools for ensuring that LinkedIn becomes a key contributor to your agency or your agency's clients.

White Label PPC Services

White Label Facebook Ads Services

A high-performing campaign of Facebook Ads surely adds a lot of mileage to a brand. Facebook has building the largest ever digital communities cross-border and bridging the gaps that exist physically and toppling down the barriers like cultures, demographics, economics, orientations, and beliefs amongst its large base of incredibly varied and diverse users.

If a business owner can successfully tap the potential customers in a faster manner from this large pool of Facebook users, this is nothing less than a mind-blowing idea.

With the help of Facebook, small and medium-sized organizations can feasibly enjoy equal footing with a bigger and more established business when a marketing campaign is launched on Facebook.

White Label PPC Services

With Brandstory's white label Facebook ads, you would be able to maximize the ROI for your clients in just a matter of a few seconds through engaging and informative content tailored to meet the needs of your clients and aligned with the marketing perspectives and strategies of your clients.

What makes us different from the other white label PPC service providers?

Brandstory's expert team, our fool-proof PPC Methodology, and best tools make us different from the several other white label PPC companies. We aspire and always become successful in driving instant traffic and the targeted revenue for all our clients with our offering of white label PPC management.

We are trusted by thousands of our clients and associates for the following reasons:

We offer 100% private label services, all under one brand name.

Our white label PPC services are 100% transparent.

All our projects are completed 100% under the white label program.

We have the proven experience of working with numerous agencies across India, Australia, and the US.

Our team has excellent communication skills that make it easier for our associate agencies to work with us.

We offer customized white label proposals as well as reporting structures to the agencies depending on their requirements.

Our turnaround time is very fast.

We offer flexible pricing models and extend the options of fixed price/hire full-time/hourly pricing models.

We believe in a result-oriented and ethical approach to delivering the white label PPC services to all our associate agencies and freelancers.

We do not bind our partners with a contract. They can work with us as long as they want to.

We do not charge any retainer fee.

We sign an NDA-confidentiality agreement for protecting your sensitive client’s information.

Why should you choose Brandstory as your partner?

Outsource PPC Agency
Inclusive pricing

Brandstory believes in establishing a strong professional relationship with its partner digital marketing agencies by offering flexible and customized packages.

Outsource PPC Agency
Scaling up your business

We customize our white label PPC services to help your agency in boosting sales optimally. We offer some very decent discounts that make our offerings completely affordable and help to grow your business and eventually help you in increasing your profits marginally.

Outsource PPC Agency
Rich experience

When it comes to PPC white label reseller companies, we do have a very vast experience in delivering the best results to all our clients

Outsource PPC Agency
Regular reporting structure

We not only provide white label PPC services to the agencies but also deliver custom reports on agreed formats at weekly and monthly intervals.

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