DevOps Consulting Company in Bangalore

Timely release, seamless service, and continuous innovation are the three main aspects that decide the competitive edge and success of a company in the modern IT business world. Brandstory is recognized as the #1 AWS and DevOps services company in Bangalore. We specialize in ensuring fast-paced application development with quicker time-to-market which will aid in the success of modern IT companies. AWS DevOps services are directed at supporting users with their application delivery while enhancing their operational efficiency greatly.

The post-COVID-19 situation has forced companies to undergo an IT restructuring and Brandstory has actively helped companies in doing that. With a proven record of experience and unparalleled project deliveries, Brandstory has been dominating the AWS services DevOps consultancy market.

DevOps Consulting Company

Services Offered by an AWS DevOps Maintaining Company in Bangalore

When looking for an AWS and DevOps services consultancy company, you need to find a provider that offers an extensive range of services to help you meet your software and application development goals. Brandstory, being the leading AWS DevOps consulting company in Bangalore will not only improve your application's productivity but also boost your time to market. Here are some of the AWS with DevOps services offered by Brandstory –

Static Code Analysis

We offer this service to help you with debugging your applications and software by validating the source code before actually running a program. This assists with highlighting and detecting any bugs or issues in the early development stages enabling your developers to quickly fix them. This will result in a strong codebase.

We also offer build automation services to enable developers to resolve errors quickly that happen while compiling software systems.

Storage of Artifacts

Brandstory offers an artifact repository service to help your AW DevOps developer with software and application development. An artifact repository is usually an application that stores and deploys artifacts for current builds.

Containerization and Kubernetes

Brandstory as the leading AWS and DevOps consultancy service agency offers Containerization and Kubernetes services. This will provide you with a scalable, open-source, and portable platform for regulating containerized workloads as well as facilitating automation and declarative configuration.

Container Orchestration

Container orchestration services are offered by Brandstory to automate several operational tasks associated with running containerized services and workloads.

CD/CI Services

These services range from application development to provisioning to deployment. It will also manage the performance of your DevOps team and enhance the customer experience.

AWS DevOps management services in India

Cloud contracting agreements are not like your usual IT outsourcing agreements. In a cloud service contract, the legal basis is set out upon which a user of a cloud-based service gains access and uses it.

Azure DevOps

This SaaS platform is specifically designed to enable your DevOps team to collaborate better, plan smarter, and ship software solutions quicker than before. With this end-to-end DevOps toolchain, you can develop and deploy software easily.

Cloud Monitoring Services

As the leading company for AWS DevOps management in Bangalore, Brandstory first understands your infrastructure. We will ensure that you have full control over your decisions. We will monitor your cloud applications to facilitate error-free operations.

Other services offered include DevOps planning and assessment, creating pilot frameworks with licensed tools and open frameworks, process implementation, security integration, and automation services.


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