What are the types of cloud computing services that we are providing?

We provide services that integrate the four main types of cloud computing: public clouds, hybrid clouds, multi-cloud, and private clouds. Cloud services are platforms, software, or infrastructure that are usually hosted by third-party providers and users get access to them through the Internet. Cloud services will promote the flow of user data through the internet from front-end clients to the systems of the cloud service providers.

At Brandstory, we provide three main types of cloud computing services

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IaaS relates to a cloud service provider who manages the infrastructure (the actual servers, data storage, network, and visualization for you through an Internet connection. You will have access through a dashboard or an API by renting the infrastructure. We will take care of the networking, hardware, hard drives, servers, and data storage while you will manage things like middleware, apps, and operating systems. We will also take care of hardware issues, repairs, and outages.

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PaaS relates to application software and hardware platforms that will be provided and managed by us. You, as a user, will be required to handle only the apps running on the platform and the related data.

Our DevOps managed services usually provide programmers and developers with a shared cloud platform for DevOps without the need for building and maintaining an infrastructure required for the process.

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Brandstory as a leading cloud DevOps company provides users with a software application. SaaS apps are mobile apps or web applications that users can access through a web browser. We will take care of the bug fixes, general software maintenance and software updates for you and connect you to the cloud applications through an API or dashboard.SaaS also removes the requirement of having an app locally installed on the individual computer of the users.

What are the features of a cloud computing company in Bangalore India?

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  • When looking for a good cloud management company India, you should opt for companies offering more than just your basic support services.

  • Why choose a company if they are not offering something more than the others? Cloud DevOps consulting firms have different credentials, capabilities, and service offerings.

  • A key feature of a good DevOps cloud computing company is that they will offer comprehensive assessment and consulting services besides your regular inspect-install-manage models

  • Brandstory offers end-to-end analytics strategy, accurate mapping of users, infrastructure, and applications, closed-loop cloud computing consulting services, and deployment of industrygrade IT practices

  • Our range of services is at par with other best cloud DevOps services in India.

Our cloud computing process

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Audit System Backups

We audit the backups timely to facilitate restoring of haphazardly selected files of users. We will let you know if we have encrypted the data and provide you with the locations if the backup was taken at multiple locations.

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Data Flow of the System

We will create a diagram to illustrate the detailed provide flow which will describe the data movement of your company throughout the cloud solution.

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Vendor Lock-in Awareness

We will update you on the procedures to seamlessly exit from our services. This will enable you to export data of your company when you shift to a different provider.

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Scaling Capabilities

We will meet the finite capacity requirement for your business and constantly update you on our scaling capabilities

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Solution Testing

We will test the process before handing it to you to ensure that the system is reliable, robust, and error-free.

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Why Choose Brandstory for cloud data management services in Bangalore India?

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Enterprise cloud computing

Our services will help you build dynamic performance-oriented, secure, and scalable systems for cloud computing. We can also assist you with migrating your database, application, operation, storage, and networking to the cloud.

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Cloud management services

We will provide cloud-managed services like Google, Amazon, and MS Azure. You will also benefit fromc

  • Dedicated HA, infrastructure, and VPS on cloud
  • High-Performance cloud computing management
  • Monitoring, alerting and updating
  • Analysis and reporting of performance
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Cloud application development

Our experts will build reliable cloud applications by designing the architecture, integrating third-party resources, and cloud resource mapping.



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What are the benefits of hiring cloud computing company in bangalore India?

The shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced almost all businesses to reset their business operations and prepare for a new normal. Brandstory was one of the first DevOps cloud computing companies to help with remote work. We have armed companies to serve customers effectively even when operating remotely.

When you work with Brandstory you will get the following benefits.

  • Hands-on familiarity with the regional ecosystem

  • Hands-on familiarity with the regional ecosystem

  • Expertise in the regional business culture

  • Easy and quick access to the right technology and tools

  • International-grade OEM technology solutions

  • All these will bring a distinct and powerful blend of cloud and DevOps services to your table.

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