Best SEO Company in Faridabad

A good market presence is an absolute necessity for the success of any business. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO can help build your brand value by gaining you better visibility on the internet. SEO specifically works on improving the ranking of your webpage when anybody searches for products or services related to the ones your company offers. If you are looking for a reputed SEO company Faridabad, Brandstory is your one-stop destination. We specialize in effective digital marketing solutions and our results speak for our expertise.

Best SEO Company in Faridabad

Why Choose SEO Services for Your Growing Business?

1. Brand Awareness

If your company is one of the top results whenever an individual searches for products related to what you offer, your brand automatically becomes more profitable. SEO helps to increase awareness regarding your company online.

2. Organic Traffic

The best way to improve your company’s customer funnel is to generate more authentic and organic traffic on your website. With the use of the right keywords and other SEO services in Faridabad, you can easily multiply the footfall on your website.

3. Long Term Result

One of the biggest advantages of using SEO is that the benefits generated by these techniques are never-ending. By optimizing your website with the right SEO techniques, your brand can attract a higher influx of business for years to come.

4. Lead Generation

Customers are the main contributors to the profitability of a business. SEO efforts help you generate a substantial number of credible and convertible leads. An increased count of leads translates to higher sales, leading your brand to the peak of success.

5. Increase Sales

SEO concentrates on perfecting your online footprint by using the right content, keywords, and website appearance tools. This impacts your product and service sales positively. It influences the customer buying cycles and promotes your brand credibility, thereby improving sales.

Our SEO process

As one of the leading SEO service providers in Faridabad, Brandstory is constantly devising fault-free and effective SEO strategies. Our process ensures SEO offerings are suited to your company and customer base.

a. SEO Audit

Our SEO audit includes an exhaustive check of your website’s content and presentation. We dissect every aspect of your current online presence. With the help of the insights derived, we narrow down the problematic aspects which are causing your website to return poor rankings on leading search engines.

b. Competitor Analysis

Our SEO agency in Faridabad understands the importance of competitive advantage. To make sure that you are way ahead of all your competitors, our experts carry out a thorough competitor analysis. We analyze the keywords and content style used by leading firms in your industry to understand what works and what does not.

c. SEO Strategy Planning

Once the research stage of the SEO process is over, we move ahead to designing the best fit of SEO strategies for your brand. We take into account your company’s domain, background, and target audience. Accordingly, we come up with the right SEO strategies.

d. On-page optimization

We make sure to optimize your website using the latest techniques in the market. By incorporating the right keywords, cleaning up your site content, and updating meta descriptions, we ensure your website is in top condition.

e. Off-Page optimization

It is important to concentrate on off-page efforts to maximize your website’s visibility. Our team works on creating value-added backlinks and shareable website content that helps to improve the search rankings of your site.

f. Technical Optimization

Our leading SEO company Faridabad ensures there are no stones unturned when it comes to your webpage’s technical optimization. We work on improving site speed, index content, and use XML sitemaps to give your website a fresh look

g.Voice Search Optimization

Customers today often choose to use the voice search feature to look for products online. We work on fine-tuning your website content to make it more voice-search friendly. We incorporate conversational keywords and FAQs to this effect.

h. Landing Page Optimization

At Brandstory, we believe in a clean and simple approach when it comes to landing page optimization. We beautify the design of your page, streamline the contact information of your company, and use cutting-edge design tools to optimize your company’s landing page.

i. UI UX Optimization

As your SEO expert in Faridabad, we focus on building a reactive and dynamic website for better UI/UX features. With improved customer experience and interaction, your business gains the traction it deserves.

j. Conversion Optimization

Once your website’s lead generation is amplified, it is also important to convert these leads to confirmed buyers. For this purpose, our experts run multiple SEO tests on your webpage to ensure the best conversion rates.

k. Server-Side Optimization

By taking care of the server-side optimization, we ensure that your website is performing to the best of its ability. Our focus primarily lies in optimizing database queries to increase server responsiveness to requests.

l. Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Since the entire world is connected on a mobile device in today’s world, Brandstory understands the importance of efficient mobile-friendly optimization. We make use of responsive plugins and dynamic content to ensure your website runs smoothly on any handheld device.

Search Engine Optimization Types

As with any digital marketing tool, SEO is a multi-purpose technique that can be modified as per the customer’s needs. Brandstory offers a wide range of Search Engine Optimization tools and techniques.

1. Global SEO

Global SEO helps your brand attract a worldwide audience. This type of SEO designs your online content in a way that people all over the globe can connect to your brand, thereby boosting your international salability.

2. E-Commerce SEO

If your company has an online store, the right SEO in Faridabad can help your brand get better visibility. With better search rankings for your products and services, your sales and profits immediately get a well-deserved boost.

3. Local SEO

With our local SEO strategies, you can rest assured to get your services across to the largest possible customer base in and around you. Thanks to our extensive geotagging efforts, your website is sure to be a hit among customers in your locality.

4. Online Reputation Management

Reviews and feedback could be a make or break for any online business presence. Our online reputation management tools ensure that you get meaningful insights into what the customers like and dislike about your brand, giving you the scope to improve and adapt.

5. App Store Optimization

App store search rankings for your company application can help you get more hits with your target audience. Our app store optimization helps you strategize and put your app higher on customer search lists.

Why should you work with Brandstory SEO companies in Jaipur?

As with any digital marketing tool, SEO is a multi-purpose technique that can be modified as per the customer’s needs. Brandstory offers a wide range of Search Engine Optimization tools and techniques.

1. SEO Experts Team

with the best SEO company Once associated with Brandstory, you know that you are working in Faridabad. Our team of experts is the very best in the industry, providing you with effective and technically sound SEO tools.

2. Custom Solutions

Our company works hand in hand with your company to design relevant SEO solutions. We customize each offering as per our client’s needs and demands.

3. ROI Focused

We understand the importance of visible and tangible results. Hence, our SEO tools are designed to provide you with scalable ROI and increased profitability.

4. Dedicated Account Manager

At Brandstory, we pay heed to the unique needs of each customer. Hence, we provide a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact between you and our team of experts, to ensure the best results.

5. Reports

We provide consistent and easily understandable dashboards of website performance to help you understand the changes being brought into effect by our SEO tools.

5. Custom Pricing

Our service offerings are priced as per our customer requirements. With us, you can be sure of receiving the best SEO support at incomparably cheap prices.



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