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Portrait photography in Delhi has become really popular in recent times and a lot of people are opting for this kind of photography in order to give themselves a really beautiful look. Portrait photography can be used in multiple places. You can use them for decorating your home or office. Apart from that, there are various other purposes for clicking portrait photographs as well. Portrait photography should also be of top-notch quality and for that, you need to get the services from a reputed company that will click your photograph in the best possible way. One such company that has been ruling the photography industry for quite a while now is BrandStory. The company is known for its creative portrait photography Delhi.

Portrait Photography

Create the right impression with professional portrait photography delhi

If you want to create an excellent impression for yourself with our photography skills, then portrait photographers in Delhi can be a perfect option for you. By taking the help of portrait photography, you will be able to change the way your photograph looks. You will also be able to create a mark for yourself. However, for that, you need to ensure that the photographs are of really good quality and signify a particular meaning. The best portrait photographers should also portray your expressions and emotions in an outstanding way. The team of professionals at BrandStory are also really good at the job that they do and they will click your photographs in a highly unique and outstanding way.

Why makes Brandstory from other best portrait photographers in Delhi NCR?

BrandStory has been ruling the world of photography for quite a while now. The photographers at BrandStory are extremely experienced at the job that they do. They will click your photographs in a really perfect way. They will also take all your requirements into account and get your photographs clicked in a unique way. The photographers at BrandStory make use of some of the best tools and technologies in clicking photographs for the customer. They also take the requirements of the customers into account and click their photographs on the basis of that. So, if you are looking for portrait photography near me, BrandStory is the name for you.

Types of creative portrait photography

Traditional portraits

In case of traditional portrait photography, the photographs are taken in a completely additional setup. You are dressed in a traditional way. The background has also got a completely traditional vibe to it.

Family and group portraits

Family and group photo portraits are mainly taken in various special family occasions. You can also use these family and group photos to decorate your house. In these photographs, all the family members are captured together in a beautiful frame.

Formal portraits

Formal portraits are mainly used for official purposes. In these photographs, you need to be dressed in a formal way. The background has also got a formal look to it.

Lifestyle portraits

Lifestyle portraits throw light on your daily schedule and your overall lifestyle. The portraits reflect who you are as a person and what your emotions actually portray.

Conceptual portraits

Conceptual portraits focus on a particular concept. These are theme-based photographs and are based on a particular theme.

Environmental portraits

Environmental portraits cover the different aspects of the environment. These kinds of portraits are mostly taken outdoors in a completely natural background.

Candid portraits

Candid portraits have become really popular nowadays and a lot of people are opting for these portraits. These photographs can capture all your candid moments in a beautiful way.

Glamour portraits

Glamour portraits capture the glamour of the moment. Here you are dressed in an extremely stylish way. The background will also emphasize your glamorous look.

Surreal portraits

You can make surreal portraits for a wide variety of purposes. They are clicked on a surreal background and have a completely different vibe.

Abstract portraits

Abstract portraits have also been in trend for quite a while now. Here, the photographs are clicked in a complete abstract way. They also add a special meaning to the photograph.

Hire us for top portrait photography prices

If you want to go for top-notch professional portrait photography at affordable prices, then you must get in touch with us. We have been offering the best quality portrait photography sessions to our customers for quite a while now. Our prices are also quite affordable. You will also get a huge variety of packages available. You can get to know more about the packages by visiting our website itself.

Get yourself professional by choosing the top portrait photography near me

We have been offering the best quality portrait photoshoot for quite a while now. Our professional photographers are highly trained in the job that they do. They know what exactly the customers expect from them and on the basis of that, they take the photographs. We also make use of some of the best tools and equipment in taking the photographs. If you have any queries in your mind, then you should definitely reach out to us and we will help you out in resolving all your queries. Our portrait photography prices are also quite affordable.

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You can put an enquiry about your requirement from our website itself and we will get back to you.

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You can get all the required details about our portrait photoshoot sessions from our website itself.

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You can book your schedule depending on the time and date of your event and we will arrive accordingly to offer you the required service.

Right KPIs For Your Photo Business

Cycle Time and SLA

The cycle time is really crucial for a photography business. It can be used to determine the success of the business.

Image Coverage/In Stock

Image coverage determines to what extent an event will be covered. This is another key factor for choosing your photography service provider.


The productivity of the photography service provider will also have to be taken into account while you choose the right photography service provider.

Re-shoot rate

The re-shoot rate determines how many times the photoshoot will be done before getting the final content.


You should also consider the utilization rate and then choose your photography service provider accordingly.


The throughput is basically the net output of a photography session. The throughput in turn reflects the efficiency of the company.

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