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When it comes to promoting your outstanding brand or product in the digital space, there are many aspects to consider. And media buying is one such aspect of it. It helps to maximize your reach and visibility. This is where a reliable media buying agency in Coimbatore, like BrandStory, comes in handy. It is a one-time shop for all advertising needs on various platforms. The company’s team focuses on the nitty-gritty details of the media buying process allowing the business to focus on creative and overarching goals.

Our Services

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

BrandStory marketing experts specialize in competitor analysis to ensure your newspaper ad stands out. In addition, we provide end-to-end assistance and complete media transparency as we turn your vision into reality.

Further, the team also helps in closing deals with competitive rates.

Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising

The top media buying agencies in Coimbatore, like BrandStory, offer comprehensive on-screen/ cinema advertising strategies, including branding, activation, and innovative solutions. It is designed to help companies succeed. The team has its network with top multiplex chains such as PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas, and many others. As a result, we deliver results that will take your advertising objectives to the next level.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Elevate your brand’s online presence with our industry-leading media buying services. Our experts help you dominate the digital landscape and achieve maximum visibility. You can stay ahead of the competitive crowd and attract more customers with our best services & strategies. Choose our online services and experience the difference!

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising(SMA)

Social media advertising can be a complex and challenging task. But, it is simple with BrandStory social media advertising services. BrandStory's team has been helping local businesses, companies with more than one site, and franchises with their social media advertising needs, which generates more ROI.

Magazine Advertising

Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising is an impactful tool to help you achieve your goals. By placing your message in front of specialized audiences, magazine ads curated by the BrandStory team effectively promote your brand and communicate product-specific messages. Connect with your target audience. Invest in magazine advertising today with us.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

At BrandStory, one of the best media planning agencies in Coimbatore, the team develops and executes influencer marketing strategies on a global scale to help businesses. We shape your strategy based on our client’s brand goals. This includes connecting you with the best social media influencers, content creators, and vloggers to help you engage your target audiences.

Airport Advertising

Airport Advertising

Our teams provide strategic placement options and transparent execution of campaigns for a seamless experience under its airport advertising services. From conventional static to interactive high-tech, we provide innumerable advertising options for airport advertising. Ensure you get the most lead-generated ads with Brandstory services.

Google AdWords Advertising

Bing / Google AdWords Advertising

Increase your customer base and online revenue using targeted Bing/ Google ads that direct potential customers to your website. From boosting online sales to increasing bookings, our advertising solutions can help you easily achieve your goals. With our expertise in advertising marketing, we can help you create interactive ads that resonate with your target audience.

Television Advertising

Television Advertising

At BrandStory, among the best media planning agencies in Coimbatore, we have a team of young & skilled professionals committed to designing successful TV promotion campaigns. It captures the user's attention and engagement, which helps businesses to generate more leads.

Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

We specialize in optimizing the impact of your ad messages on your customers by tailoring our radio advertising solutions to their listening habits. We help your business select the perfect time band for your FM radio advertisements, ensuring that your message is heard loud and precise by your target audience. Our range of options maintains continuity in your campaigns to maximize ROI.

Non-Traditional Advertising

Non-Traditional Advertising

Innovative marketing techniques & strategies from BrandStory involve non-traditional approaches that capture the interest of your potential customers. It includes eye-catching street art, good marketing ways, and product placement on popular social media like Facebook or Instagram. Create an impacting impression on the target audience.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

BrandStory media buying agency uses a great combination of real-time and historical regional data for all suitable outdoor advertising sites. The team also optimizes ad display times, achieving maximum audience reach with each exposure in the outdoor advertising campaigns.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

With BrandStory’s strategic & lead-generative youTube Advertising campaigns, business people will have a powerful platform to promote their brands, products, and services. Media buying companies in Coimbatore, like BrandStory Digital, can do this by creating impactful videos for airing on YouTube. You can access a vast audience, and sophisticated targeting options based on lifestyle and interest criteria ensure your ads reach the right people.

How Our Media Buying Agency Works

As one of the best media buying agencies in Coimbatore, we work with clients to identify their target audience/ customer base and develop a media strategy to reach them effectively. After this, we negotiate media rates and placements on behalf of our different clients to ensure the best possible ROI under the media buying agencies. Our team uses data analysis and creative thinking to optimize campaigns and drive results. Further, our team provide regular reporting and insights to our clients to keep them informed and help them make relevant decisions about their media spend. We also help our customers to execute all types of media buying agencies.

  • Strategy
  • Market Insights
  • Channels
  • Platform analysis
  • Price negotiation
  • Content & Creative Support
  • Reporting & analysis
Our Process
Media Planning

Why Brandstory is chosen as one of the best media-buying agencies in Coimbatore?

Brandstory is an esteemed media buying agency located in Coimbatore that specializes in assisting businesses in achieving their advertising objectives and reaching their target customer base. Our team of expert & skilled media-buying professionals has extensive experience working with various industries, enabling us to understand the Kochi media landscape deeply. We can help you in generating the best results for your advertising efforts and help with execution.

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What Our Client Says

Hire our Expert Media Buying and Planners for Business Needs

We provide high-quality media buying services to help you reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals. With BrandStory media buying services, get up to 15 times more attention with creative ads. The advertisements are highly engaging, dynamic, and interactive as our professionals use custom creatives. We help our client’s brands reach a maximum number of people in less time.

  • Lead Generation
  • Brand/Rebranding Visibility
  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Conversion Optimization
Buying Process


The qualified media buyers, like BrandStory, are better positioned to negotiate with media owners to ensure marketers get the best results for their marketing goals. It is important in the following ways:

  • Helps target your potential customers at the right time at the right platform. In this way, the clients get the most out of their campaigns for the least amount.
  • The media buying agency helps in placing your brand’ ads as per your customer base demands in a distinct way to make you stand out.
  • The clients get "value-added" impressions for free to make their campaign more effective.

A media buy is an order made with a media company for ad space requirements. Media buying is a simple term for buying and managing ads on various platforms to maximize the reach of the audience. At BrandStory, we buy both standard advertising and online advertising with traditional advertising for our various clients.

The prices depend on the type of services and the time period. It may be more for cinema ads and airport ads than newspaper advertising options.

When you hire a media buying agency for your brand’s ad recognition, they work skillfully in this regard. A Media Buyer agency helps marketing professionals and business owners decide how to spend their advertising cash.

When you buy ads through BrandStory media buying services, you get better exposure and lower prices than when you buy ads directly.

Media planners/ strategists and buyers work together to make the media action plan, laying out your campaign's goals and objectives. Media agents from BrandStory also negotiate with media outlets or advertising channels to get placements at the right time and number of times while staying within the clients’ campaign budget.

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