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The company logo is significant for any brand that wants to be represented for market and sale. If you require creating a logo and looking for logo designers in Noida? BrandStory is the best choice. Get your logo design in Noida from the experts at BrandStory and experience the services of the best logo design company in Noida.

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Why is logo design essential for all corporations' and small enterprises' success?

Corporate and small business success depends on logo design for many reasons. Firstly, a logo acts as a brand's visual identity. It serves as the company's public face and leaves a lasting impact on clients. In addition, a professionally created logo aids in brand awareness and increases credibility. Overall, a professionally created logo is essential for large and small-scale businesses as it helps build brand awareness, communicates the company's identity, and improves consumer perception of the brand. Luring customers, establishing trust, and encouraging brand loyalty are essential, all contributing to the company's success. Apart from these, the logo is essential in many other ways. To comprehend how a logo affects brands, think about the following.

  • The viewer or listener receives a message from logos.
  • Your brand, business, product, or service can all be identified by a logo.
  • Logo design aids in retaining customers for firms.
  • In a competitive marketplace, logos can be utilized to set one company apart from others.
  • A logo helps a business become recognizable and remembered.

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Each logotype has its strengths and suitability based on the brand's objectives, values, and target audience, allowing for a diverse range of options to represent a brand's identity effectively. We provide logo design in Noida with different types and features. This includes the different styles and types of logo formats. Based on the brand identity and market research, we equip the following formats in our logo-making strategies.

Select a style and kick-start your business game with the best logo design company in Noida.

Logo Design is everything that will brighten your brand identity over time.

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Lettermark logos

Lettermark logos focus on using initials or a single letter to represent a brand. These are minimalist and highly typographic, making them effective for brands with long names or those seeking a sleek and memorable visual identity.

Best Logo Design Agency in Kolkata

Wordmark logos

Wordmark logos consist of the brand name spelled in a unique and stylized typography. It is ideal for brands with distinctive names or those seeking strong brand recognition through typography and design.

Best Logo Design Agency in Kolkata

Graphic Logos

Graphic logos employ visually appealing and illustrative elements to represent a brand. We can range from simple and iconic symbols to more complex and detailed illustrations, capturing the brand's essence visually strikingly.

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Abstract logos

Abstract logos utilize non-representational shapes, forms, and patterns to create a unique visual representation of a brand. We can often care open to interpretation, allowing for creativity and flexibility while capturing the brand's essence artistically and symbolically.

Logo Design Company in Kolkata

Mascot logos

Mascot logos feature a character or mascot representing the brand's identity. These logos are highly personable, engaging, and often used by sports teams, educational institutions, or brands targeting a specific demographic, providing a friendly and relatable face to the brand.

Logo Design Company in Kolkata

Combination logos

Combination logos combine text (typically the brand name) and a symbol or graphic element. This type of logo offers versatility and allows for a balanced brand representation by integrating visual and typographic elements.

Logo Design Company in Kolkata

Emblem logos

Emblem logos incorporate text within a symbol or icon, often surrounded by a border or a shield-like shape. We convey a sense of tradition, heritage, and authority, making them suitable for organizations, government agencies, or brands with a rich history.

Our Professional Approach to Logo Design Process

Our logo design company offers different methods to guarantee a productive logo design. We try to study your company, target market, and brand values first. Later post, after the research, our design team compiles the information and provides a tentative design. Finally, armed with this knowledge, we develop a number of distinctive, visually beautiful, and brand-consistent design concepts. We use these in conjunction with the subsequent procedures to engage a particular logo.

Creative Brief Logo Design

The requirements of the client, the target market, and the brand personality are all described in a thorough, creative brief. This aids in giving the logo design process a defined direction.

Research on Logo Branding

Thorough research is conducted to understand the industry, competitors, and current design trends, ensuring that the logo design effectively represents the brand and stands out in the market. This market trend and research gets beneficial in brand positioning and better identity.

Innovative ideas for Logo Design

A team of skilled designers brainstorms and explores various creative concepts. This includes developing innovative and visually captivating logo ideas that align with the client's brand values.


We help represent the idea of logo sketching with illustrators. Using advanced sketching tools, we enable you to look at tentative designs and choose the best for your business.

Logo Maker Executes Digitally

After selecting and finalizing the design sketches, the chosen logo concept is refined and executed digitally. Using professional design software, we ensure precision and scalability while maintaining the integrity of the design.

Presenting the Logo Design

Once our logo designers in Noida complete the strategic logos, we will represent and present them to you. Then, finally, we present the finalized version based on client requirements and give the best.

Previewing & Reforming

After we present the logos, you can decide and review the given logos. We help you reform and preview the logos based on your preferences and customizations. On enhancing the requirements, we provide the best to you on delivery.


We adhere to on-time completion of deadlines. We provided and closed the project on time, as we discussed. In addition, we provide all the necessary changes and required format at the time of delivery.

Logo Design Services in Kolkata

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Why is Brandstory Chosen to be The Best Logo Design Company in Noida?

Brandstory stands out as the best logo design company in Noida for several reasons. Firstly, we excel in delivering prompt recognition through our logo designs. Our team designs are visually captivating and instantly recognizable, helping businesses make a strong impression on the target audience. With expertise in the industry, Brandstory understands the nuances of effective branding. The following features explain why we are Noida's best logo design company.

Delivers Prompt Recognition

Brandstory has a proven track record of creating logo designs that quickly capture attention and leave a lasting impact on viewers. Their designs are distinctive, memorable, and instantly recognizable, ensuring prompt recognition for their client's brands.

Expertise in the industry

With the consistent experience of ten years and a team of talented designers, Brandstory possesses deep expertise in the logo design industry. The team stays updated with the latest design trends, understands market dynamics, and uses its industry knowledge to create logos that align with client's needs and industry standards.

Branding Through Design

Brandstory goes beyond creating visually appealing logos; We focus on branding through design by understanding clients' brand values and target audiences. We also infuse strategic elements into their designs, communicating the brand's personality, values, and unique selling propositions.

Creating the Typography Design at the Best

Brandstory excels in typography design, carefully selecting fonts that complement the logo's overall design and effectively convey the brand's tone and message. Our attention to detail ensures that typography is legible and visually pleasing and enhances the overall logo design.

Representing the Right Tagline, Colour Tone & Font

Brandstory helps in choosing the right tagline, color tone, and font for a logo. We provide these elements to align and reflect the brand's identity and create a visual representation. Using persuasive consideration of taglines, color palettes, and fonts, we create logos that effectively communicate the brand's essence.

Brandstory Provides Top Logo Design in Noida for Below Industries

Brandstory is a leading provider of logo design companies in Noida, catering to various industries. We excel in creating logos for technology and IT companies, capturing the essence of innovation and modernity. So, stop the search for a logo maker near me here and get the benefit. Brandstory crafts logos that convey trust and professionalism, reflecting the care-oriented nature of the industry. We also extend its expertise to other sectors as the following:

  • Text Logo Design
  • 3D Logo Design
  • Team Logo Design
  • Company Logo Design
  • Food Logo Design
  • Shield Logo Design
  • Travel Logo Design
  • Fitness Logo Design
  • Wedding Logo Design
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Animation Logo Design
  • Photography Logo Design
  • Brand Logo Design
  • Vintage Logo Design
  • Diamond Logo Design
  • Bakery Logo Design
  • Café Logo Design
  • Healthcare Logo Design
  • Children Logo Design
  • Education Logo Design
  • Boutique Logo Design

Measure the Brand Awareness With KPIs and ROI Metrics

Measuring brand awareness requires using key performance indicators (KPIs) and return on investment (ROI) metrics. KPI surveys and brand recall tests can also gauge brand recognition and recall. ROI metrics, on the other hand, assess the financial impact of brand awareness efforts by analyzing metrics like sales growth, customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value. By tracking these KPIs and ROI metrics, businesses can effectively measure the effectiveness of their brand awareness campaigns and make informed decisions to optimize their branding strategies. The following are the metrics that help in performance and growth.

1. Direct traffic

This indicates the count of people that are aware of a specific company or brand. It helps us see how many individuals manually enter the URL into search engines or utilize bookmarks to visit it is important information to have.

2. Search volumes

Calculating the volume of internet searches for specific brand-related keywords using search volume is a handy technique. Greater brand awareness is shown by higher search volumes since more individuals are actively looking for information or merchandise associated with the brand.

3. Social engagement

Social engagement measures interactions and engagements on social media platforms. These include likes, comments, shares, and mentions. In addition, it serves as a KPI for brand awareness, as higher social engagement indicates a larger audience engaging with and spreading awareness of the brand.

4. Surveys

Surveys can be conducted to gauge brand awareness by asking respondents about their familiarity with the brand, its products or services, and their perceptions. Surveys provide valuable insights into the level of brand recognition and recall among the target audience.

5. Conversions

Conversions track the number of desired actions users take, such as purchasing, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter. An increase in conversions can indicate improved brand awareness, as more people are aware of the brand and taking desired actions.

6. Customer lifetime value

CLV is a metric that estimates the total value a customer brings to a business over their entire relationship. Higher CLV indicates stronger brand awareness and loyalty as customers continue to engage with and make repeat purchases from the brand over an extended period.

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10 Days

  • Duration: 10 days
  • 2 Logo Ideas
  • 2 revisions on the concept
  • Project Files (Ai)
  • Logo Files: PNG
  • Any 1 social media coverage
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Future Support


20 Days

  • Duration: 20 Days
  • 3 Logo Ideas
  • 3 revisions on the concept
  • Project Files (Ai)
  • Logo Files: PNG
  • Any 1 social media coverage
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Future Support


As in required

  • Duration: As in required
  • 4 Logo Ideas
  • 4 revisions on the concept
  • Project Files (Ai, svg, eps)
  • Logo Files: PNG, JPG
  • Any 2 social media coverage
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Future Support

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