Our Approach

Brandstory lead generation services in Gurgaon are based on effective strategy,  results, and precision. Our team starts by researching the target audience and identifying all key decision-makers. Further, our team also recognizes the customers' pain points and gives solutions for them. With this knowledge, the B2B leads generation team crafts customized campaigns by leveraging technology and data insights. Further, our team employs multi-channel strategies, like social media outreach, email marketing, and telemarketing.

After the execution of lead campaigns, we monitor and refine our tactics, ensuring you get the highest quality results. 

Our approach

What We Do?

Our approach

At Brandstory, a lead generation company in Gurgaon, we design well-suited performance marketing campaigns that ensure you get qualified leads. Our team strategizes on content building that increases your customer base. The B2B lead generation experts also help you target and dominate the right audience to gain market share. 

Furthermore, our team helps you communicate with your audience through automated messages via emails, social media, and text platforms. 

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Our approach
  • B2B lead generation companies in Gurgaon, like Brandstory, specialize in finding and preserving potential customers. This benefits the businesses in every field. When you hire a lead generation company, it helps your in-house teams to concentrate on the core businesses. 
  • To provide you with good performance campaigns, we strategize for the lead generation ads. Further, agencies like Brandstory can help you scale up your efforts as per your business needs, providing great flexibility and agility. The team helps you meet your targets faster. 
  • The lead generation company helps you get the most qualified leads for your businesses/brands.
  • The companies are equipped with relevant tools and technology to gain leads effectively.  All this saves you the costs of acquiring and maintaining such resources. 
  • A good lead generation company in Gurgaon builds visibility and credibility for your brand/business.
  • Further, it can help you drive traffic from high-quality prospects through compelling campaigns.

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Our approach

Enrichment of Data and scaling up

With our lead generation company’s tools and technologies, you can enrich massive amounts of contacts with the latest and fresh data. This also helps scale your sales. 

Reduce the prospecting time

As you have hired our company,  you need to worry about finding the right prospects for your business. It helps in maximizing your productivity.

Smooth CRM integration

With the help of our tools and technologies, the team can automate the process to boost the leads. We seamlessly help you accelerate your lead generation process. 

B2B targeting profile

Brandstory is an effective lead generation company that can identify the right profiles needed for your business. This helps you target the right TG and gain market insights. 

Building of brand with good promotion angle

As we have a track record of great experience, we know that an effective strategy can really help you promote your brand/business. 

Our approach

Our Process

Our approach

Understanding of Ideal Customer

The lead generation process starts with an understanding of the target/relevant audience. Our team researches the relevant industries, job roles, and demographics our client is looking for. 

Our approach

Curation of Targeted Content

Once we have researched the competitors, our team heads up to curate content that aligns with our clients. It may include blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, ebooks, etc. 

Our approach

Distribution and Promotion

After the creation of content, our team promotes and distributes it across different channels, including social media and paid advertising. 

Our approach

Leads Capturing

Once your content successfully influences your leads,r complete the form on your landing page. The information will be recorded, which is known as lead capturing. 

Our approach

Analysis and Optimsation

After all the above steps, we continuously monitor and analyze the lead generation process, improving conversion rates and achieving a higher ROI. 

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Why Choose us

At Brandstory, we understand the significance of personalised lead generation strategies. Our team  develop  best suited approaches for you that perfectly align with the business goals and target audience.  Our company uses various range of lead generation channels, that includes content marketing and email marketing channels. It ensures that we execute our B2B leads project in a personalised way. 

Our approach


What Our Client Say's

“Employing Brandstory as our lead generation company was our best decision. Their team’s good understanding of market dynamics help us create more tailored campaigns. Because of this, our company gained a lot of quality leads. We are happy for the services of B2B lead generation agency in Gurgaon.”

- Terence

“We struggled to make any new leads for our business until we found a Brandstory lead generation company. The team’s approach and precision helped us generate quality leads, producing good results. We highly recommend Brandstory services for lead generation.”

- Tam

“The team’s deep understanding led to us for very good quality leads in our industry. With Brandstory precise approach, we were able to get the right leads. If you are looking for an effective B2B lead generation company, Brandstory is the perfect choice."

- Sam

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Yes, the lead generation team also provide content creation services to our clients.