SEO Services for Manufacturing Companies

SEO Services for Manufacturing Companies

SEO Services for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies are not just an integral part of the economy, but they are also a pillar in our society. Manufacturing is what drives the economy and it's what drives innovation. The more we look to advance manufacturing, the more we will see growth within all sectors of our country.

Manufacturing companies need an online presence for their own business needs and for the advancement of this industry as a whole. Online presence is essential because it can make or break your company's success today with customers searching on Google (or any other search engine) before making purchasing decisions, or even considering you as an option at all.

There are many benefits that come from having an online presence; one of which is branding yourself to get exposure among potential clients who may be searching for your products or services. You can't afford to not have an online presence, and you definitely cannot afford to not be seen on the first page of search engine results.

The problem is that many manufacturers seem to know about SEO services, but they aren't really sure how it affects their company's bottom line. That being said, more and more companies are seeing the importance of SEO for manufacturing, and therefore SEO services for manufacturers, but they don't know where to turn

This is why we're here – we're an SEO company focused on manufacturing and industrial companies – and we offer end-to-end SEO services and management to help your business grow.

Our Effective SEO Process for Manufacturing Companies

Our SEO process for manufacturing companies is innovative and end-to-end. We assess your company's needs and implement a custom SEO strategy that works best for your business needs and your budget.

SEO Audit

Our SEO team will conduct an audit of your current rank on search engines and provide recommendations for potential problem areas. We can assess how you compare with your competitors, including their keywords and the link profile (backlinks) to determine which keywords you should target first.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Our SEO specialist will conduct a thorough analysis of your manufacturing business and industry to establish which keywords you should be targeting. We choose these keywords with your potential customers and search engines in mind. We also want to know how much competition your keywords have so we can choose the best ones to target.

Our SEO specialist will also conduct in-depth analysis on your competitors and find keywords they rank for that you don't have a chance at ranking for, but should. Then we'll evaluate which keywords your firm may be able to rank for based on our study.

Link Building

One of the main objectives of link building is to increase the flow of organic traffic from your website. Successful link-building campaigns can bring you several benefits such as higher visibility, increased brand awareness, better SEO score, and enhanced online reputation. We ensure that all links are placed on relevant websites both internally and on external pages. The anchor text plays an important role when it comes to link building so we only use relevant keywords.

Local SEO

Local SEO is extremely important for companies that have a geographical presence in different cities. If you have a physical location then you need to take advantage of local search results to get more business from people who are close by. Our SEO experts know how to get more traffic by using location-based SEO optimization. The right Local SEO approach can make your company much more visible in search engine results in the locations that matter.

Social Media Marketing

We create engaging social media content that helps drive more traffic to your website. We use various online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+, LinkedIn to help you connect with the world. These services require time and commitment to do right. Our team of SMM experts can help you establish an active presence so that you can build relationships with customers and establish your authority in the industry.

Content Creation and Marketing

Our SEO services for manufacturing companies involve creating high-quality content. We follow the latest trends, design principles, and SEO best practices to help you achieve better visibility on search engines with the help of relevant and personalized content. We can produce a variety of content including blog posts, videos, press releases, webpages, etc. Our experts can craft engaging content that will be shared by others, which will bring you more organic traffic.

Website Development and Design

We work with responsive designers who understand the latest SEO trends and design principles. We create a custom website that is not only beautiful but also follows Google guidelines for optimal user experience. The goal of our web development process is to increase your company's online presence and build authority in your field.

Why Some SEO Agencies Fail to Deliver Results

The biggest challenge for SEO agencies is that many variables must align together to see success. The following is what factors into a successful SEO campaign where there are different types of products or services being offered:

  • The website needs to be mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized. This includes using SSL certificates on all pages, which establishes trust with the search engines and visitors.
  • Any updates to products or services must be included on the website so that users can see this information.
  • Google Analytics needs to be integrated with the website for tracking and monitoring purposes. This tracking needs to include goals so that the SEO team can understand how users interact with the website. Tracking all digital marketing efforts is essential for uncovering trends and opportunities.
  • SEO companies must work hard to create quality backlinks to their client's websites. This requires a detailed link building plan and strategy. They need to be aware of anything that could potentially harm the site, such as low-quality links or keyword stuffing.
  • A sitemap, which shows all pages of the website, needs to be generated and submitted to search engines so they can crawl the site more effectively.
  • The SEO team should constantly brainstorm and test keywords to present new content ideas for users. These pages need to be included in the sitemap and submitted to search engines for more traffic opportunities.
  • A blog section needs to be established that acts as a source of industry information and contains regular updates with new content. This gives visitors a reason to return and provides fresh resources on the website.

The above points are just a few things that need to be considered when going through the SEO process for industrial companies. It is important to stay up-to-date on industry changes so that you can effectively compete for users. Do not wait to take action now, as there are many opportunities available through digital marketing campaigns.

Why Work With Brandstory For SEO Services

SEO Reporting and Analytics

We provide accurate monthly reports to show our progress and give you actionable insights. We don't use misleading data and we never inflate results to make our clients look better than they are. Our reporting includes recommendations on how to improve current campaigns or create new ones that are optimized for SEO success.

Transparent Communication

The SEO process is a long journey, especially when you are working with top search engines. There will be some changes that come up along the way and they need to be handled immediately in order to see success. We keep our clients informed throughout the entire campaign by providing prompt updates on all industry changes (and their impact).

Expertise in the Industrial Marketing Field

Brandstory has an established team of SEO experts who have worked on multiple industrial marketing campaigns. We understand what needs to be done in order to see success and we have the skills to create a custom strategy that will be beneficial for your company. We are familiar with the trends and changes that happen in this industry, helping us maintain a competitive advantage.

Professional Integrity

We have been in business for many years because we produce quality services that keep customers returning for more. Industrial companies looking to take advantage of the opportunities that online marketing has to offer to need a reliable partner to handle their SEO needs. This is why you should choose an experienced company like Brandstory. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with our services. Our reputation is everything and we want you to be confident in your choice when choosing us as your digital marketing agency partner.

Data-driven SEO

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our digital marketing strategies. We use the latest data and industry insights to make informed decisions on where we should focus our efforts first. This allows us to not waste time on certain efforts that may not be as profitable as other options available. We also monitor all of your competitors so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Benefits of SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies looking to improve their online presence need SEO strategy and management services. We focus on getting results that are measurable and relevant to your industry. Our SEO packages include custom content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC management, link building, technical SEO, website optimization, and much more.

  • SEO can drive more traffic to your website. This will ultimately lead to more leads and sales for your company.
  • The online presence of industrial companies is constantly evolving as search engines continue to update their algorithms. Our SEO services can help you succeed in building a brand of good reputation.
  • SEO can help increase your ROI and gain a greater market share.
  • Industrial companies need to rank higher in local search results to beat the competition in their respective fields. We focus on driving relevant, high-quality traffic to your website from organic search.
  • SEO is a measurable and transparent online marketing solution.

The above points are just a few things that need to be considered when going through the SEO process for industrial companies. It is important to stay up-to-date on industry changes so that you can effectively compete for users. Do not wait to take action now, as there are many opportunities available through digital marketing campaigns.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Local SEO important for an industrial marketing strategy?

  • Yes, local SEO is a great way to expand your market share and improve your relationship with your customers. Local SEO is vital for your business because you are targeting a specific area. Local SEO's focus is on providing customers with the most accurate and relevant information for their search queries. This helps your business rank higher in local searches, which ultimately leads to more customers.

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