What Do We Accomplish as Database Providers in Noida?

The database services open up the gates for direct interaction with the audience and business executives, allowing you to serve your customers more efficiently. We are the database providers in Noida. As such, the team can give you a specialized database of firms in Noida composed of precise contacts of clients, IT specialists, C-level executives, and managers.

All this information will be the most important factor in determining the success or failure of your new company if you decide to go ahead with the launch. We are the best B2B database providers in Noida and offer individualized email database lists for our clients. These lists assist you in achieving your marketing objectives and increasing the amount of money you make from sales.

Email databases

A B2B email database in Noida from BrandStory is a list or collection of the names and email addresses of current and potential customers of your business. It can be made by collecting the email addresses of people who are interested in your business or products or buying things from you.

By staying in touch with the people on your list regularly, you're more likely to keep them as customers. Repeat business from loyal customers gives your business a steady stream of ongoing income instead of short-term sales from impulse purchases.

Mobile number databases

BrandStory professionals help businesses reach their goals and maintain their mobile number database. Using bulk WhatsApp, SMS, and messaging to attract customers helps businesses launch new products and services in their city or nationwide.

Our mobile number database lets you send promotional codes, phone customers to explain product schemes, promote via mobile app, and send SMS.

Location Specific Databases

Information regarding a person's or object's geographical position is referred to as "location data." Marketers and retailers use it to implement location-based marketing and retail store location strategies. You can find the top location data firms, databases, and APIs with the assistance of the BrandStory database service providers in Noida.

WhatsApp databases

The WhatsApp Marketing Database is quickly becoming one of the most popular and cutting-edge databases in the advertising and marketing industry. It is one of the best sources for India's many startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and other providers of goods and services all over India. One company can connect with another with the assistance of the BrandStory database service providers in Noida. This medium is the only way for clients to learn about one another's and other businesses' goods and services.

HNI databases

HNI Database Marketing can help you reach your target customer by giving you access to good databases that work well. BrandStory marketing team has the most up-to-date, original, and creative Indian email and mobile database lists that can only be used for marketing to promote both new and old brands.

Our process

Target Data Phase:

Personalized company information is processed after you request the database service provider.

Sales Process:

The marketing team is solely devoted to specific profiling of the client company. Furthermore, consider exclusion lists so that the relevant database can be created.

Pricing Process:

A comprehensive selection of plans can be altered to the user's specifications based on their data needs. The prices are displayed in the plans so that you can get the most specific plans for your marketing campaign.

Data Maintenance Phase:

You can correct or update the previously acquired data for a much lower cost than purchasing brand-new data.

How do we differ from other Database Companies in Noida?

As one of the best database providers in Noida, we make sure that our lists have the following things.

  • The B2B database list is well-segmented and tailored to make it easy for users to use.
  • All database lists are updated, tested, and often checked to ensure users get accurate information.
  • Provides maximum conversion tracking rate
  • Increases sales effectively through the database
  • The database list is guaranteed to be correct 95% of the time so that users can be happy with it.
  • All types of lists from the BrandStory team have the fastest downloading speed with an understandable format.

Why Choose Us for B2B Email Database Noida?

BrandStory is one of the best companies in Noida that offers database services and works with Database vendors to help you reach your business goals. Our strong database services team uses cutting-edge software and has a lot of experience, which makes us stand out.

We also have the best marketing team, which helps you implement the best marketing strategy so you can reach the most people. This, in turn, helps to make more money from sales. So, use our services to your advantage to reach new business goals.


  • Business Database
  • Automotive Database
  • Financial Database
  • Banking Database
  • Media & Publishing Database
  • Information Technology Database
  • Construction Database
  • Consumer Goods Database
  • Manufacturing Database
  • Medium & Large Business Database
  • Government Database
  • Education Database
  • HNI Database
  • Healthcare Database
  • Hospitality Database
  • Travel Database
  • Human Resources Database
  • Industrial Automation Database
  • Insurance Database

Benefits Of Choosing Bulk Data Provider


Cost saving


More precise data


Faster to market


Accuracy increase


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We are Noida's most reliable database service provider, offering the most genuine b2b email list. This list is highly individualized, and it contains data that is both accurate and up to date. This list ensures that none of your vendors will receive unwanted spam. This, in turn, contributes to your revenue growth and accomplishing your goals.