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What can be the best solution for Digital Currency than Digital Crypto Marketing? There are very few Crypto marketing agencies in India. Moreover, these agencies are mostly focused on one aspect of Crypto.

Who we are

Who we are

Brandstory is the new all-in-one Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency handling Crypto advertising, ICO promotion, ICO advertising, NFT marketing, etc. Brandstory is a Digital advertising company based in Bangalore. It has more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing with more than 500 completed projects. With a team of more than 50 experts, Brandstory works to deliver beyond customer satisfaction.

Who we are

What we do

With an optimized blockchain and crypto marketing strategy, Brandstory offers customers a robust and transparent solution. In addition, Brandstory offers full transparency to the user by letting the user perceive the performance of the ads.

Our Blockchain and ICO Marketing Strategy

We have given you the best support from all around. We are the popular SEO Consultant Norwich that targets a lot of stuff to improve your online presence. Here are they:

ICO is the Initial Coin Offering of a Cryptocurrency which is equivalent to an IPO of the shares. ICO is a way for the Cryptocurrency developer to raise funds to create a new coin, app, or service.

Blockchains are decentralized ledger technology that offers cost-saving, transparent and real-time data about the Crypto. It is the underlying technology of almost all Cryptocurrencies.

Social media Blockchains are the new trend where people interact and share technology with end-to-end encryptions. Brandstory, a Blockchain advertising agency, utilizes the benefit of the Blockchain Social Media network to promote ICO.

Brandstory is a professional ICO marketing company in Bangalore, India. It offers ICO marketing solutions and ICO promotion services using the following key strategies.

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Understanding the Business

Cryptocurrencies are divided into coins and tokens based on their application, where they function on their blockchains or work on the existing blockchains. Brandstory understands that each Cryptocurrency is unique and has to be promoted as per the developer's vision of its application. So Brandstory's team of experts works closely with the developer to thoroughly understand the developer's concept and the Cryptocurrency.

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Campaign Planning

Once the experts have an idea of the business, they plan the campaign so that it reaches the targeted audience. The campaign includes promoting the ICO, blockchain digital advertising, promoting the application, creating confidence about the Crypto among the audience by creating whitepapers, and bringing out the uniqueness of the product.

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Budget Analysis

Brandstory is a crypto marketing company and what makes it different from the rest of the crypto advertising agencies is that it brings transparency to the customer. The expert team works around the developer's budget and suggests the best strategic plan accordingly. The expert team carries out the budget analysis, and the allotment of the budget is put forward to the customer for approval.

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Channel Selection

With the rise of social media, many options are available for promoting Cryptocurrency. But each option requires some monetary expenditure. Hence, it is crucial to select the proper channel so that the promotion doesn't become redundant. Brandstory, with more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing, has proper expertise in selecting the channel for ICO and blockchain promotion.

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Optimizing for Target Audience

Once the channel selection is done, the advertisement needs to reach the targeted audience. With extensive data analysis, Brandstory brings out a strategy by optimizing the SEO and SMM to target a specific audience. The search engine ad service provider provides a limited number of clicks for the package opted. Hence, optimizing the advertisement to target only the relevant audience is important to make the project cost-effective.

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ROI Measurement and Optimization

Brandstory is one the most transparent cryptocurrency advertising agencies in India. With aggressive real-time data analysis, Brandstory measures the advertisement's performance and the performance and reach from other invested sources like social media influencers. Based on the feedback and data, the experts re-analyze their strategy to optimize the reach of the product.

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With constant feedback and real-time data analysis, Brandstory provides a report on the performance of the ICO advertisement. The customer can opt for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly reporting about the product. Brandstory can also provide custom reporting as per the customer's requirement.

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ICO Marketing Services in Bangalore India

Brandstory provides the following ICO marketing services in Bangalore.

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Crypto Paid Marketing

Crypto paid marketing platform allows the client to market the product using content marketing, ad-marketing, or banner marketing.

Brandstory offers an optimized solution to deliver ICO's result-oriented and data-driven marketing strategy.

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ICO Influencer Marketing

Brandstory has a collaboration with verified and famous social media influencers for Cryptocurrency.

Brandstory checks the background and past contents and verifies no bot followers' presence before entering an agreement with the influencer.

Brandstory collaborates with various influencers around the globe so that the ICO doesn't get restricted to any geographical condition.

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Blockchain Social Media Marketing

Blockchain is the new generation of decentralized social media networks.

Brandstory, being aware of this new trending market, is one of the few blockchain marketing agencies in Bangalore, India.

Blockchain social media allows people to share smart contacts and project development with end-to-end encryptions for every interaction.

Blockchain marketing has inherent benefits like in-platform transactions and crowdfunding, which is very important for an ICO to succeed.

Brandstory has a presence over the crypto blockchain social media and can utilize them for marketing the ICO.

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Crypto PR Promotion

Brandstory, as in the name, understands the importance of the Brand.

Brandstory promotes the ICO through streamlined announcements and strives to establish awareness and goodwill about the ICO brand.

Brandstory, though it is an ICO marketing agency in India, has a reach worldwide. With its PR promotion strategy, Brandstory aims to bring out all the technical positives and advantages of the Crypto and tries to generate curiosity about its ICO.

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Crypto Community Management

The Discord and Telegram community has seen rapid growth in these years.

Brandstory researches the audience that suits the Crypto's application and develops an engaging and active community for this audience.

The ICO brand is discussed actively in these communities, thus increasing the followers and investors for Crypto.

Developing the user's trust and understanding of the benefits of the ICO creates a strong audience base in the overall market.

Brandstory manages such communities actively and encourages participants to share their views to better the brand.

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Crypto Search Engine Optimization

In today's competitive world, it's difficult to maintain the edge without search engine optimization as innumerable parameters might clash with the brand.

SEO Crypto is crucial for increasing the brand value of the ICO. Brandstory helps the client with extensive data-based research for the ICO and getting the right keywords for optimizing the search engine.

Brandstory also optimizes the content to create more appealing meta titles to attract the audience.

Brandstory shares the performance data of the search engine weekly or fortnightly as per the customer request and uses the feedback to optimize the search engine further.

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Crypto Content Writing

There is no better advertisement than a well-documented and technically crips blog for ICO promotion.

Well written content bridges the gap between the brand and the audience.

Brandstory provides experts to write attractive and detailed content for the ICO, making the brand more renowned to the targeted audience.

All the blogs are SEO-optimized for better reach.

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Crypto Video Marketing

A simplified visual explanation of the ICO and its application engages the audience who are newer to Crypto.

Brandstory has professional vloggers who create high-quality crypto-related videos to explain in detail and in simpler language the type of Crypto and its advantages.

Brandstory makes sure to share the videos on the relevant social media where they can be reshared, thus increasing the audience's chain.

Some social media platforms provide paid sponsored video options that can target the audience whose data is managed by the platform.



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Why Choose Branstory As Your ICO Marketing Partners in India

Brandstory is one of the best crypto promotion agencies in India. With over 500 successful projects and more than 50 expert teams, Brandstory offers the edge over other crypto promotion companies

With over 8 years of experience, Brandstory provides a one-stop blockchain and ICO marketing solution. It is also an NFT marketing company in Bangalore, India, thus making it a go-to marketing agency for all Crypto needs.

Who we are
Brandstory as a Blockchain and ICO Marketing Partners

Brandstory has a team of experts who handle the latest trends and technology for marketing. Brandstory is active on blockchain social media and growing community platforms like discord and telegrams.

From the initial support before the ICO to the promotion after the listing, Brandstory provides complete customer satisfaction. Outlining the budget, constant checks on performance, brand development, increasing confidence and awareness of the product in the audience, and constantly optimizing the targeted audience and the SEO as per feedback provides a great and transparent client-product ecosystem.

Constant real-time data processing and constant check on performances ensure that the budget is utilized to the fullest without any over-expenditure with a guaranteed return on investment.

Who we are
Packages and Reporting of SEO Services

A Top SEO Agency In Norwich understands your need and care for your investment. Also, timing is a major thing to deal with. We have some best packages and reporting schedules that will help you out: