Need Marketing Automation? Here's how you'll know

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Marketers have a lot of work to juggle with and it becomes almost impossible to keep track of all of your communications without some degree of automation. Thats why the use of marketing automation tools is on the rise.

Too often, marketers are turned off by the term "automation" because it seems cold. But if done right, marketing automation can streamline your advertising efforts, nurture unengaged leads, and provide critical information about your sales cycle.

Here are five signals your company could reap the benefits of marketing automation:

1) Your advertising efforts arent working as well as youd like

Without marketing automation, it may be difficult to get the information you need to discover just how well your advertising efforts are working.

Most marketing automation applications have reporting tools that make it simple to see how successful your campaign is. A Return on Investment report usually supplies Chances and leads that are created often. Have campaigns which have a direct effect on sales.

2) Your sales cycle is long

Typical sales buyers these days have already determined what theyd like to purchase and from whom. Which will make your cycle frustrating and long, but you still have control over the procedure.

Lead scoring is an important part of shortening a long sales cycle. Only qualified leads whore prepared to purchase get passed along to the sales staff if you score your leads. Which means your sales staff can concentrate on closing deals.

3) You dont have adequate data to section your leads

Its not easy to filter your list if you have not sectioned your list. You can break up your lists with marketing automation applications.

Segmenting your leads and using marketing automation may have an important impact. Companies which use automation will usually see an increased rate of conversion to competent lead from advertising reply.

4) You see lots of leads falling through the cracks

Without automation, its challenging to nurture leads that are unengaged. Your opponents will step in if you cant remain in front of those leads. If, and on the other hand, you nurture your leads, both conversions and sales may raise. With the appropriate tools, you can deliver content that is useful based on how your leads socialize with social network pages, your website, or advertising emails. Theres a message looking forward to them when leads are eventually prepared to buy.

5) Your list is too little

Even the most proficient marketers cant go without letting things slip throughout the cracks over a few dozen leads. And youll want more than the usual few dozen contacts to help keep your business growing and profitable.

Once you put in place a marketing automation system, you start transferring more buyers throughout the pipeline, segment your list, target your messaging, and can get more leads through your website.

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