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With giant leaps in technology, how people use their devices to search for information online is undergoing a rapid change. There is prominent use of voice search across multiple forums like Siri in Apple Devices, Google Voice Search on Android and Cortana in Windows. Hence, it is essential for businesses to look at content differently and optimize it for voice search and assistants.

It is essential for companies to note that voice search is not merely a fad and here are some statistics to prove the same:

Voice Search stands at the third position on the list ofSEO Trends for 2017 and beyond, and one example is the fact that one-fifth of Google’s searches are voice-based queries. This new technology of voice search has made it very easy for a user to gain information from their device on a question-answer basis. It allows interaction with the machine to be performed naturally and conversationally. One can use a simple voice command to get information on the weather, play music, turn on lights, order products or check the weather forecast.

Now that we know voice search is a crucial SEO tool, the question is how to optimize data for voice search. Historically, people typed relevant keywords on a search engine to find what they were looking for. The first thing to remember in voice search optimization is that unlike keyword phrases in a search engine, voice search is more conversational and natural. It is also flexible and focused. In a nutshell, voice search queries are more prolonged than text questions.

Here’s a set of advice from experts related to voice search optimization:

1. Increase the speed of your page

Though there is no direct link between speed and voice search optimization, fast loading sites have higher a search engine ranking which in turn impacts voice rankings.

2. Use Normal Speech

Digital assistants are engineered to process conversational and straightforward language. Google Data of 2017 shows that 70% of all voice searches on Google use a natural flow of language. This indicates a need for a shift from traditional keyword terminology; if you’re looking for an automobile repair shop use key-phrases like “Where is the nearest automobile repair shop”?

3.Use Long-Tail Keywords

As mentioned before, voice search queries are longer than text queries because they are specific. These specific keywords provide an opportunity, even for smaller companies to rank high on Google Search results. For example, a brand that sells antique bronze jewelry and artifacts is more likely to be viewed in a search for “antique bronze jewelry” rather than “jewelry“ as larger companies will dominate the latter.

4. Use Location to your benefit

Since most of the voice-based searches are to find information about services ‘nearby’, use the location of your business in all your features.

Voice search optimization is a trend that grows beyond the abrupt keywords of yesterday’s search engine trends, and a planned and effective use of this strategy can prove to be an immense contribution to the growth of your brand.

Evolving trends can be quite unnerving especially when they require changes to design and code. Approaching digital consultants, like BrandStory for example, will make the process much simpler. If you’re looking for the Best SEO agency in Bangalore, you have arrived at the right place.

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