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When you are looking for quality services and Digital marketing assistance, we have the best tools and software for you. Digital marketing has been a game-changer in the online business market and we recommend the best solutions at your disposal. We offer strategies that can help you utilize digital marketing software for conversion and to drive audiences to the business.

IT Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Our Expertise

Our IT digital marketing company in Bangalore India provides you with assistance and help to achieve long term projects and delivers on time as well. We ensure that you have fully understood the use of software and the real requirements. The three kinds of companies that we contribute to are:

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

Service based IT companies

Services based IT companies basically focus on intangible product, they provide software solutions to other companies. We serve and provide our services to IT companies all over the world.

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

Product based IT companies

We cater to almost all product base IT companies and from all over the globe. Our IT SEO company in Bangalore India caters to all needs and specialize in providing the essential software support to these companies.

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

Start-up IT companies

As we know this is the day and age of start-up companies, we understand that the need for essential software back up for start-up companies. Our goal as the best IT digital marketing agency in Bangalore is to push and boost your company with software support. We do it for you from start to end.

Our Services


Our Bangalore IT SEO Company specializes in all aspects of digital marketing and will certainly benefit your software business. Our IT SEO agency in Bangalore India offers wholesome solutions to your software business. Our teams use effective and up-to date techniques and methods encompassing all the relevant requirements just to deliver the best. Our dynamic ways of work will identify the accurate approaches to meet with your expectations.

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

IT Company website design

Making sure that your website is easy to use, we optimize by adding essential content that make searches more user-friendly for the customers, keeping in mind all our client’s expectations. We are capable of building a performance ready and authentic website for you.

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

IT Company SEO services

Search engine optimization is simply the key to expanding your business because this is the most effective way to highlight all your services with keyword to put you on top of the Google search

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

IT Company social media marketing

Marketing your IT business and services online with attractive approach can connect your brand to potential audiences on social media platforms can and pave your path to success. Useful strategies that we provide will increase your visibility on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

IT Company PPC services

Just like the SEO services that to reach your audience, Pay per click services leverage your advertising and help in maximizing your sales effortlessly.

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

IT Company email marketing

It is a necessary step to connect and convey to your customers and clients for a long term business relationship. We help you turn initial buyers into loyal all time customers.

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

IT Company lead generation

We help identify the most valuable clients for your software business to thrive. The right leads will improve your sales through both outbound and inbound marketing.

How our entire digital marketing process works for Software Companies

Backed by our skillful IT SEO experts, Brandstory is one of the premium IT digital marketing companies in Bangalore that empowers brands by increasing keyword visibility in search engines and thereby outsmarts your key competitors in the target market. At our IT SEO agency in Bangalore, we offer digital marketing services and strategies to create a robust digital brand presence organically to generate leads.

Competitive Analysis

Our valuable research will identify the key competitors in the target market and so you can learn about their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you bring together solid strategies and planning for your company/brand to eventually improve.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Our impeccable strategies will provide fundamental support to your company/brand to increase sales and attract newer audience to your business. One can have their website on top of the Google search list with proper Keyword strategies and research through optimization.

On Page SEO

OIn order to achieve better ranking and stay on top of the search list, our expert services will ensure that your website content is optimized and you have and strong appeal the drive the attention of your audience.

Link building

It is necessary to build a fruitful relationship with clients and drive more audience taking steps towards success of your software business. We have the right tools with us to build links and expand your backlink profile.

Technical SEO

To have a strong presence on the online market, your IT website needs to have be optimized and tuned well. Therefore, with technical requirements one can have better organic ranks with rendering, indexing and crawling.

Software Local SEO

Local SEO drives your brand and its business to the closest that are near you. It is a great way to initiate relationship and to target all local leads even from the mobile users. Local SEO is of great use when it comes to digital marketing for IT

Content Writing

An integral part of marketing and advertising your product is how one is pitching the idea of the product to the reader. We are entirely dependent on information on the internet and the trick is to attract an audience with flawless written content.

Content Marketing

It is important that we also market our content that we create because the better you market your content, the faster you will stand out from your competitors. This surely improves the reputation of your brand

Conversion Optimization

This can benefit your website by gaining new visitors and by increasing revenue to grow your business exponentially. A research is conducted to study the kinds of visitors and their use of the website advantageously.

List of Verticals we serve

  • Accounting/Finance software companies
  • Performance and Analytics software
  • Application Integration software
  • Plug-in Companies and Browser software
  • Conferencing software companies
  • Connectivity Software companies
  • Content management software
  • Customer relationship management
  • Engineering software companies
  • Gaming companies
  • Workforce and HR Software Companies
  • Legal Software companies
  • Logistics software companies
  • Medical software companies
  • Security and Monitoring software
  • Graphics and multimedia companies
  • Video and music streaming Software companies
  • Operating systems(OS) developing software companies
  • Marketing and Sales software companies
  • Scientific Software companies
  • Storage management software
  • Systems management software

Why choose us for IT digital marketing services?

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

We are creative in our way

If there is one inbred trait for logo designers that is creativity. The Brandstory Logo Designers are creative with uncompromised authenticity.Our designers look at things in a better way – with a strong imagination. What matters the most to our creators is keeping the design simple. Hence, every design from our house is bound to catch the eye.

IT SEO Company in Bangalore

Better Portfolio

When you work with the prestigious logo design company in Bangalore, you get to understand how they imagine a simple idea to be. A simple way to explore their vision is by investigating their portfolio. Our logo designers have a considerable amount of time to display their work. The portfolio of our logo designers not only highlights their interests and work, but you will also get a fair idea of our work style and preferences.

IT Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

How are we different from others?

Software support and expertise play a very important role in both service provider and product IT companies. We maintain a reputation among clients from all over the world and have kept our tradition of delivering every project on time. Our clients can hundred percent rely on us and we are flexible with our rates and prices. Also, we have exciting offers for you that you will be interested in. Our team of experts will reach out to you even on odd hours and whenever you need them. Our IT company social media agency in Bangalore belongs to the top of the list of software companies as it has maintained its quality of services and provided what was committed to the clients.


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