What is Architectural Photography?

Architectural photography is a genre of photography services that includes capturing photos of buildings and structures. The architectural photographers in Gurgaon will photograph the exteriors and interiors of the buildings per the needs. It could also include capturing various cityscapes, old and ancient structures, and residencies.

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Why choose Brandstory professional architecture photographers?

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Selecting Brandstory for all your architectural photography needs will end your search for commercial architectural photography services in the city. The company has an extensive and professional pool of seasoned photographers who deeply understand the art and science of shooting pictures. With solid years of experience, the photographers deliver top-notch pictures of architectural structures while preserving their aesthetic value.

We bring life to the lifeless structures by capturing their essence in our cameras, careful composition, and light management. Our unwavering commitment to delivering the best pictures makes us preferable in Gurgaon city. When you choose Brandstory Solutions, you opt for exceptional imagery that speaks volumes of our expertise.

How do you create a perfect interior design photograph?

To create good imagery of the interiors, a professional interior photographer in Gurgaon uses various techniques per the element's needs and availability. The professional goes for natural lights whenever possible; it adds an extra dimension to the interior structures. While taking the pictures, the photographers make sure that the camera is settled in a tripod stand and has an aperture between F/9 and F/11 with an ISO as low as possible. Further, to ensure that the professional photographer gets the best pictures, they will keep the verticals straight and shoot a one-point perspective. The blend of all the above elements will help capture the best interior photographs.

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Our commercial photography process?

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Consultation Phase

The team starts its process by understanding the client’s needs, requirements, and objectives. This step helps us make our base plan for meeting all the specific demands of the commercial photography project.

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Site Evaluation

The brandstory team will visit the exact photography site and understand the composition, lighting arrangement, and surroundings to shoot effectively.

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Photoshoot Preparation

Everything requires preparation, and so do professional architectural photography in Gurgaon services. Before the shoot day, our team arranges all the required props and shooting equipment for a good photography session.

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Photography Stage

On the very actual day of photography, our professionals capture the architectural beauty of the client’s buildings. The team focuses extensively on angles, lighting, and composition to get the best pictures.

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Post-production & Delivery

After the photoshoot, our editors and photographers collaborate on the post-processing of images. It includes editing, enhancing pictures, and retouching to achieve the required essence. Then, the final pictures are sent to the clients within the agreed timeframe.

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What are the different types of interior design photography you will provide?


Residential Interior/Exterior Photography

In this type of photography, our team focuses on capturing the interiors of your homes and apartments. It includes photographing the exteriors as well as interiors of the residential spaces. The Brandstory team will showcase the rooms' design, ambiance, and decoration. Further, we will highlight the residences' exterior structures to give them an exceptional halo around them.


Commercial Interior Photography

The professional interior photographers from Brandstory capture the interior spaces of various offices and retail stores. It is done to enhance the marketing campaign of the businesses. Furthermore, commercial photography in Gurgaon aims to display the functionality of these spaces for branding purposes.


Real Estate Interior Photography

It is used for real estate listings in the city. Our photographer captures the interiors of the properties which are listed for sale. It could include apartments, commercial buildings, and houses.


Architectural Detail Photography

This involves photographing specific architectural elements, like distinct staircases, precisely designed structures, and beautiful moldings. Our photographers highlight the fine craftsmanship of the architectural monument.


360-Degree Interior Photography

It is seen that nowadays, 360-degree photography is on the rise. The brandstory team captures the entire room from all the angles possible. This type of photography produces an immersive and interactive experience for the viewers.

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What Our Client Say's

Last year, I wanted to do an architectural photoshoot for my retail shop. Someone from our team suggested Brandstory services, who helped us shoot the best pictures. The photographers were very talented and captured our retail shops’ interiors well. The photographs were used further for branding purposes.

- Twain

Retail Shop Owner

Brandstory did a remarkable job creating the best immersive experience through their 360-degree shooting. The team helped us capture the best videos and extended an extra hand in making the shoot a success through their state-of-art equipments and props.

- Jon


We have built our dream home with great precision and detail. And we wanted someone who could capture the real aesthetics of our home. The Brandstory team stood to our expectations. They clicked some of our home's best pictures, which resonated with our aesthetic requirements.


The Home Owner


The interior design photography pricing depends on the project type and equipment used. For a simple photo shoot, it will be less than a 360-degree photography service.