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Along with making sure that your website is universally compatible and user friendly, an exclusive expert team of designers and developers are you assigned to to ensure that not only the plan goes according to a timeline but also that your approval is taken at every step. We will work closely with you to make sure that your website is just as you had dreamt and better. Keeping in mind that the main purpose of a website is to increase your visibility, your website is made search-engine friendly. Your brand identity and core value is prominently flown into the screens and pages of your website with ease.


A set process is followed for good quality website development, and strictly, come what may.The project will be divided into different stages, and a report is sent to you on the completion of every stage to get your approval. This ranges from discussions, approvals, feedbacks, incorporating your vision for your website, lining the same flow of images, vectors and text to go in with your company goals and values. What we strive to do when we build you a website is to turn the website visitor into a buyer of your product or client of your service; and the content, look and feel is thereby infused into the theme.

There are six ways in which we develop your website:

  • PHP Application Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Joomla Development
  • PHP CodeIgniter Development
  • HTML5 Development
  • Open Source Customizatio


An open source programming language, PHP is a user-friendly and feature-friendly application, and an inclusive coding language for developing web application. It is believed to be the best platform to develop websites.

Why we recommend applications developed on PHP platforms is because with them there is so much you can customize including blog developments, online trading portals and directories, bulletin boards, CRM application development, CMS development, Ecommerce website development, business applications development, social networking portals and forum development.

We develop the best of PHP applications through our team that stays up to date in PHP application development tools and technologies to customize it to suit your needs. A committed team of experts adhere to deadlines, provide technical support even after development, design applications that adhere to your business objectives, provide quality work of the quantity you require is charged up with the tools and techniques required to develop great applications.


The most flexible platform available is WordPress, and every developer would agree with that. Theme changing, interactive blog management, installing plugins, adding pages and creating a user friendly website are the strong features of WordPress. WordPress is the best CMS there is, in terms of functionality, feature addition, and performance orientation. An open source that is taking over the blog world, globally, WordPress includes the ultimate flexibility of evolving itself into any kind of website.

Why we recommend WordPress is because it facilitates you with powerful SEO features, larger user community, easy maintenance, easy installation, customizable WordPress code, faster than any other, no inclusion of advertisements,

Our web developers are specially qualified to undertake WordPress developments, along with professional designers with a good amount of experience in this platform. When it comes to wordpress plug-in development, customization is our strength, and as we say perfection comes only with practice and that is something we don’t miss out on. The UI design is first developed by our designers and then after approval, converted to WordPress, giving you a great user friendly experience.


Joomla is a perfect CMS for developing websites that are interactive and responsive, if we’re looking to write web and command line applications in PHP and load it with exceptional features and extensions that allow us to customize to the maximum. The more you want to attract visitors the more attractive your website has to be. Joomla is perfect for these needs. The tools that assist in creating some of the most interactive websites are all available in Joomla, along with having a simplified user interface and a unified installer. Menu items can be added and removed with ease, detail-viewing and error-handling systems are the easiest with Joomla.

Joomla’s state of art tools, open source development are made easy. We, at BrandStory use Joomla to produce high quality work within a short span of time with perfect implementation of Joomla services that in turn help you attain your business objectives, keeping easy user interface as high priority. Irrespective of the tools used, we make sure they are employed to deliver the best quality of website to you on the timelines that are previously fixed and carried over.


As the name goes, CodeIgniter is a dynamic website, that is increasing it’s popularity quotient day by day. It is an open source PHP code frame that is equipped to build compelling websites.

What makes it easier with CodeIgniter is its inhouse feature that features a built-in set of codes that make going through the website development process faster and easier.

The main reason for CodeIgniter’s popularity of being the simplest web application development platform is that it doesn’t require any command line and projects no compatibility issues. It is responsive design oriented, system oriented workflow and is well supported by this PHP coder.

At BrandStory, we implement the best use of the CodeIgniter tools to materialize the website of your requirement. By using the proper coding of this platform’s PHP framework, we build websites that display on mobiles just the way they are, without any breaking up or dividing. Integrating of social networks becomes a smooth task in the development process with CodeIgniter. Website maintenance, upgrading and continuous assistance technically post development, is also easier with CodeIgniter PHP Platform.


If there’s something better than HTML and XHTML, it’s HTML5 development since it overcomes any limitation. Without installing any extra plug-ins, a multitude of interactive features can be added on with this development. It is a platform that is independent of the browser. Any and all needs of extensive coding are removed in this process with a bonus of drag-and-drop option and inclusion of heavy animation and graphic files is made easier by the HTML5 development’s built-in canvas. Being extremely compatible with a lots of mobile and desktop browsers including the geo-tagging features makes it a one-in-all package platform.

Our developers prefer HTML5 when you require a website to be customized from scratch, allowing the features to be highlighted as they should, if you’re looking to completely own the competitive edge.


When it comes to developing a website, it is always easier to customize the already existing code according to your requirements than to create a new code altogether. Though it may seem easier, using the open source development to create a useful product is a skill that not many possess. The go-to platforms we use when we require a website with heavy customizations are:

  • CodeIgniter: Rather than writing complete code of web development from scratch, this CMS allows you to create flexible and reliable web application framework to build dynamic websites.
  • WordPress: To get the best feel for your website with extravagant themes, WordPress is the best open source CMS to enhance your development of web apps and websites.
  • Joomla: While materializing your project, Joomla offers best solutions for your customized web applications development to enhance your website.
  • HTML5: The most prolific open source language for your World Wide Web development which also allows working on various design aspects of the website.

Our developers provide you with more than satisfactory results of interactive development with a quicker turn around time, including heavy customization of integrate modules to suit your needs.



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