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In today's rapidly changing market, software product companies should keep up with evolving customer expectations. To achieve this, they need to continuously update their portfolio and ecosystem while keeping an eye on upcoming trends and changing requirements.

We provide software product engineering services that assist businesses in succeeding on this front by implementing innovation, accelerating product development, and helping them venture into new markets. Our services are designed to cater to product startups and enterprises, helping them become more agile and responsive to market mapping through our unique approach. 

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Our Product Engineering Services Backed By Innovation


Product Development 

Our expert team offers a comprehensive product cycle covering all phases, from conceptualization to documenting its specifications and requirements. This allows us to create engineering designs for further improvement and proceed with the development of the product using the most relevant technologies available. We aim to maintain a robust development process that enables us to bring your product to life.


Product Engineering Consulting 

At Brandstory, we understand the significance of selecting the right technology stack for your business. Our tech consultants specialize in product architecture reviews, modernization options, and innovative solutions to provide you with a clear roadmap to success. With our powerful tech consulting services like IoT and Machine Learning, we provide an end-to-end evaluation to ensure your business is operating at its optimum level. 


Product Testing Service 

We conduct a comprehensive range of in-depth tests, including functional (manual/automated), integration, performance, mobile app, compatibility, security, and graphic user interface (GUI) testing, prior to product launch. This ensures the highest level of quality and reliability for our customers. Get the most reliable and powerful product for your business.


Embedded Systems Architecture & Design 

Brandstory team specializes in crafting top-notch modern architecture patterns that integrate cutting-edge, industry-proven technologies to create designs that are both robust and scalable. Our solutions are crafted to be reliable, secure, and highly efficient, delivering exceptional results every time. As the team of the best product engineering company in Bangalore, we're equipped to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your project. 


Product Modernization 

We employ state-of-the-art technology to re-engineer and revive existing portfolios, helping business professionals and organizations stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly advancing digital world. Our team of developers is dedicated to modernizing software and platforms, offering enhanced digital experiences through technology upgrades, UX rejuvenation, architecture modernization, analytics enablement, and more. 


Product Support & Maintenance 

Our product engineering company in Bangalore offers expert maintenance services to rejuvenate portfolios and maximize efficiency. Our maintenance services include Product Support Services, Product Sustenance Engineering, and Product Rationalization. These services are designed to maintain the software environment, user experience, revenue, and efficiency of your portfolio. As a professional seeking professional software maintenance services, you can trust us to provide top-quality support that is tailored to meet your distinct needs.

Brandstory’s Key Differentiators in Product Engineering 


Flexible Engineering Options 

We offer relevant, flexible engagement plans that are tailored to meet your small or large requirements. The team curates its services which are 100% scalable. All our leading-edge solutions are designed to fit your niche, ensuring optimal results. As a reliable service provider, we understand your need for precision, which is why our approach is flexible and accurate. 


Comprehensive Full Stack Development 

To effectively expedite the software development process, we employ cross-functional resources with extensive expertise across a range of robust technologies. Our team is committed to delivering optimal results and reducing time to market. Our proficiency in various development tools facilitates a streamlined and efficient development cycle. 


Consistent Client Assistance 

We understand that our clients have busy work schedules, which is why our team is available to assist you in your own time preference. Additionally, we provide post-deployment support to ensure that your project continues to meet your expectations. Our dedicated project manager will work with you every step to ensure that your business needs are met professionally.


Industry-Specific Expertise 

With several years of experience in providing custom-made IT services and solutions to various industries and businesses, we have honed our expertise to cater to your specific needs. Our efficient team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality services that exceed your expectations. We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional IT solutions that ensure your business runs smoothly. 

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Agile Product Development 

Our expert professional team is dedicated to delivering your projects quickly while ensuring seamless communication among all stakeholders. Furthermore, we provide top-notch training and support documentation, ensuring you can rely on us even after the project is completed. Our dedication to your satisfaction matches our commitment to efficiency and streamlined communication. 

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Proper Consulting & Implementation of Solutions 

Refine your product's life cycle with our consulting and implementation approach. Our experienced team collaborates with you during every phase of your product's journey. We provide consultation services that aim to enhance your product life cycle. Our team's expertise and collaborative approach ensure that every phase - from ideation to implementation - is delivered promptly. 

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On-time Turn Key Projects Delivery 

With our turn-key projects delivered both onsite and offshore, we aim to help companies achieve their business goals. Our team leverages next-generation technology to improve their time-to-market. We deliver all turn key projects on time to our clients. Our solutions are designed to ensure success is achieved within the shortest possible timeframe, all in a bid to achieve a leading place in the market.

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100% Scalable Solutions 

Experience exceptional business growth with our state-of-the-art product engineering solution's remarkable scalability functionality. Our scalable architecture is specifically designed to integrate with ever-increasing demands effortlessly. The solutions we deliver are highly scalable that can seamlessly accommodate expanding functionalities and surging user numbers without sacrificing operational efficiency. 

Modernize Your Business Offerings with Our Powerful Product Engineering Solutions

Improves Productivity

To achieve a high degree of automation in business operations & improve efficiency, implementing advanced technological solutions can help in a good way. By streamlining your processes and eliminating manual tasks, you can save time and company resources that can be allocated towards more critical business functions. 

Better Time -to Market

To effectively and efficiently introduce new products with enhanced features and functionalities in the market, we offer a swift deployment process. Our aim is to ensure that your products are up and running as soon as possible, without any delay. We specialize in deploying cutting-edge products and functionalities that keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of the market. 

Increases Cost-efficiency

Our Product Engineering solutions offer an effective option for cutting your costs of new tech stack. The portfolio upgradation services allow you to improve the quality of your portfolio without having to upgrade your internal engineering team. Our team of experts harnesses the latest technologies and design trends to enhance your portfolio to meet the highest industry standards. 

Adoption to New Opportunities

In order to fully capitalize on emerging opportunities, it is important to adopt current trends and cutting-edge technologies. As a professional seeking to stay ahead of the game, it is important to remain open to exploring new venues and approaches. Embracing these innovative strategies can prove to be immensely beneficial in this fast-moving world.



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Client Testimonials

“Brandstory's product testing services are exceptional. Their complete range of in-depth tests, including functional, ensures that our designed products meet and exceed industry standards. Their attention to detail and dedication to quality is unmatched, and I would highly recommend their testing services to anyone in need.”

Bineshwar T

“The consulting services offered by Brandstory are a game changer for our company. Their tech consultants are knowledgeable and innovative and have a wealth of experience in product architecture reviews and modernization options. They provide clear and concise roadmaps to success, ensuring that our business operates optimally.”

Sanskruti L

“Working with Brandstory's product development team is a boon for our business. From start to finish, they provided good service and expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and developing our product. The team responded to our needs and provided valuable insights throughout the process. Thanks to their agile product cycle process, we now have a high-quality product that meets the needs of our customers. Highly recommend!”

Om Kirloskar

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The following steps are included in a typical product engineering workflow:

  • Ideas, Feasibility Studies, and Product Planning
  • Manufacturing/Production Maintenance Design
  • Development, and
  • Quality Assurance Prototyping