Why Corporate Photography Is Important To Your Business?

  • A solid and positive online reputation builds trust with your potential customers. The ORM approach makes those customers choose your services/products. 
  • The online reputation approach helps you address all negative comments about your brand/service in a prompt way. This minimizes the impact of such negative comments. 
  • A successful online management system ensures that you have a significant edge in the market among the competitors.
  • In the digital arena, online reviews and comments can considerably impact consumers’ decisions. ORM company Gurgaon team helps you manage this kind of influence effectively.
  • Monitoring the brand’s online reputation gives valuable insights into your customer’s opinions and areas of improvement.
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What are the types of Online Reputation Management Services?

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SEO-Based ORM 

It is a process of optimizing your web pages for high search engine rankings (SERPs). SEO–based ORM involves using specific keywords, building backlinks, and creating high-quality content. These are done to improve the visibility of a website using all sorts of SEO techniques.

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Content-Based ORM

It involves developing, distributing, and managing all sorts of online content to enhance a brand/individual’s online reputation. Here, the goal is to strengthen the values, ultimately promoting your content to reach your target audience. 

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Social Media ORM

In today’s dynamic world of social media platforms, managing all your social entities is very important. The online reputation management company in Gurgaon, like Brandstory, manages all social media campaigns and also engages your customers through powerful creatives. 

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Review-Based ORM 

The review-based ORM includes managing your brand’s/business reputation on review-giving sites like Google reviews, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. As reviews play an important in any company’s decision-making process for many consumers. At Brandstory, we monitor these reviews and help mitigate the negative comments.

Benefits of Choosing our ORM Company in Gurgaon

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  • Top-notch quality images are a good way to present your company’s name in a positive light. By using such images on your web pages, can help you engage your audience.
  • By proactively managing various online processes, Brandstory online reputation management helps enhance your brand/business reputation. Positive reviews and content help build a strong image for the brand.
  • ORM service in Gurgaon from Brandstory helps businesses create positive content and optimize their websites for search engine rankings. It increases your visibility and credibility.
  • The brandstory ORM approach has the potential to benefit your company’s employee management by promoting positive content about your businesses.
  • ORM  is important for long-term success. Our team proactively manages your online reputation to ensure your digital presence accurately reflects your brand and values. This brings trust and credibility to your brand.

Our Process

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Assessment Stage

Our online reputation marketing company, the Gurgaon team, starts with a complete analysis of your recent online reputation. This stage includes social media sentiment analysis, customer reviews, and search engine results. 

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Setting of Goals

Based on the assessment results, the team sets up certain goals and objectives related to your business for the ORM campaign. It includes boosting positive reviews and addressing negative feedback to improve search engine rankings. 

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Content Duration

After all these preliminary stages, we create optimized content that accurately reflects your brand. It further includes curating engaging blog posts, social media updates, and other content. 

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Review Management

After this, our team actively and regularly monitor online review of your business. We encourage positive reviews and professionally address the negative ones. 

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Reporting and Monitoring

Our team regularly monitors the content updates per the ORM campaign. The team continuously tracks your online reputation on various social media platforms and also presents a detailed report for the ORM process. 

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Monitoring and Tracking

These are essential components employed to observe your brand’s online presence continuously. Our ORM team monitors the metrics of social media conversations, customer reviews, and search engine results in real time. By tracking all these metrics, we swiftly identify any merging issues that allow us to respond proactively to maintain an online reputation.

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Review Management

It is seen that effective online review management is the core of any ORM process. Our expert team carefully assesses and responds to all customer reviews. We manage all reviews, whether it is on Google, Yelp, any other social media platform. By managing all the reviews,  we aim to enhance your audience and build trust. 

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Content Development and Optimization

Content development is essential to our online reputation management (ORM) process. Our expert team develops high-quality, positive content about your brand, products, and services. We ensure that the content is up-to-date and unique in its way.  We create content to showcase your brand/business in a positive light by optimizing the content further. 

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Social Media Management

Our team monitors and manages all our clients’social media profiles to ensure that all content and interactions are in alignment with the brand. It includes maintaining a positive and professional social media presence in digital media. This enhances your online reputation while fostering trust among your audience. 

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Crisis Management

Our Online reputation management service in Gurgaon team works efficiently in the crisis environment. In the condition of negative news or reviews also, with the help of our team’s efforts, your business can address it effectively and mitigate the damage. We ensure that your online presence is handled in the face of crisis. 

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Online Profile Enhancement

Brandstory online reputation management strategy comprises of enhancement of your online profile enhancement to optimize your presence.  We update and optimize content, images, and information on your webpages that align with your current goals and values. Our team aims at strengthening your positive impression in the digital world. 

Why Choose Our Online Reputation Services in Gurgaon?

Hiring us as your ORM partner not only makes us your enhancement agent for ORM but also makes us more accountable for all your social media profiles. We are a team of expert & skilled professionals who deeply understand the market dynamics, based on which we create specific content for you. 

We are committed to delivering real-time results for your business. It could be anything from increasing brand awareness to generating leads for sales. With a solid track record of success & happy clients with ORM campaigns, we ensure your business stands out differently in this digital age. 

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What Our Client Say's

“Hiring Brandstory as our ORM expert led us to a higher rank on Google search. They did everything from scratch and updated our content to boost sales in our business.”


“The Brandstory team, without delay, delivered good results in our ORM journey. They not only addressed our negative comments but also made content positive. Thank you, Brandstory.”


“I found Brandstory work very good. They understood our brand’s objectives well and made a strategy aligned with our product. Their team made our website rank higher on Google search pages. We highly recommend their ORM services.”



Based on the assessment and online reputation parameters, the team curates content for your webpage. It reflects your brand values and voice.