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Welcome to Brandstory, where we provide top-of-the-line machine learning solutions to enhance your business operations. As one of the top AI and ML development companies in Bangalore, we understand the importance of optimizing your performance and staying ahead of the curve. Our deep learning services are state-of-the-art and can significantly improve the efficacy of your forecasting, decision-making, and other crucial operations. 

Our team of experts will provide you with the advanced tools and techniques needed to optimize your performance and help you gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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Our Machine Learning Services 


Deep Learning 

Enhance the efficacy of your forecasting, decision-making, and other crucial operations with the help of our state-of-the-art deep learning services. Our effective solutions are designed to provide you with the advanced tools and techniques needed to optimize your performance, helping you stay ahead of the curve in your industry.


ML Model Development 

Our AI and ML development team thoroughly analyzes your business case to create a precise algorithm that aligns with your specific requirements. Our next step involves training the machine learning models with either your real data or mock data to obtain optimal results. Rest assured that our expert team will deliver a fully developed, implementable solution immediately.


Data Analysis

Leverage the power of machine learning to optimize your database inputs and extract valuable insights that can help you comprehend customer needs and forecast market trends. It helps in making precise predictions about pricing and competition. To obtain the best services and gain a competitive edge in your industry, look no further than Brandstory, a good provider of ML solutions. Our team of experienced individuals can assist you in transforming your data into actionable insights, allowing you to make informed business decisions.


Natural Language Processing 

Our experienced ML team specializes in offering top-notch services that help our esteemed clients fully comprehend and decipher the intricate aspects of human language. With our help, applications such as chatbots and sentiment analysis function flawlessly and seamlessly with unparalleled accuracy. We provide customized services to suit business professionals' specific needs looking for a sophisticated and practical approach to language interpretation.

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Tailored ML Solutions 

To optimize your business processes, improve customer experience, and accelerate innovation, it's essential to address common business problems. With our AI and ML services, you have the option to utilize ready-made, purpose-built AI services or even your models. By taking advantage of these offerings, you can streamline your operations, save time, and ultimately make better, data-driven decisions. 


Acceleration of Time To Value 

We specialize in providing rapid, customized model ML services to our clients using familiar frameworks. Our system is backed by flexible, powerful AI infrastructure to ensure you receive the best results. Brandstory Machine Learning services are designed to cater to your unique needs, so we take the to listen to your expectations first, to deliver a customized and satisfactory solution. 


Proper Addition to Your Business Applications

Our team offers purpose-built AI services developed by our team of expert developers for speech, vision, and document processing. Our solutions are designed specifically to meet all of your business needs. With our services, you can easily incorporate ML features into your existing applications. We provide a seamless user experience, allowing you to focus on your business goals.


Managed ML Services 

Experience end-to-end deep-learning lifecycle and model management seamlessly with our built-in MLOps capabilities. With enterprise-grade security measures in place, it is possible to execute machine learning tasks from any location safely. Additionally, our AI and ML  development company in Bangalore offers a robust AI dashboard, which enables you to mitigate model biases and evaluate your models to ensure they comply with ethical standards. 

Why Choose Us as Your Machine Learning Service Provider? 

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Expert Team of Developers

The Brandstory team comprises highly skilled engineers with exemplary proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. Our expertise enables us to provide valuable insights on the optimal methods to incorporate machine learning solutions into your business operations. Our team’s vast knowledge and technical expertise help drive your business growth and maximize your returns.

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Flexible Solutions

Experience the versatility of our cutting-edge machine learning services, which are combined to meet your unique business needs. Our flexible and adaptive approach allows seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a customized and scalable machine learning experience. Whether you choose our cloud-based models or on-premises solutions, our flexible options are designed to meet your specific requirements.

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On-site Support Model

Our on-site delivery model is developed to address your specific needs, ensuring continuous support while you focus on your core processes and business operations. Whether you require help with legacy system migration or on-premises support, our advanced on-site services guarantee reliable business growth and seamless operations.

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Scalable ML & AI Solutions 

Machine learning is an impactful tool that can efficiently handle massive amounts of data and solve intricate problems, making it a valuable asset in various industries. Our expert team capitalizes on this feature of ML to offer resilient solutions that deliver exceptional outcomes. As one of the top AI and ML Development Companies in Bangalore, we understand that data handling for any business is vital, and we strive to deliver robust solutions to our clients. 

How Can AI & Machine Learning Help Your Business?

Automation of Your Business Process

With the implementation of high-quality machine learning models, tedious and manual tasks can be eliminated, allowing one to concentrate on assignments of greater strategic significance. This technology redefines and optimizes workflow processes, inherently enhancing productivity and proficiency. 

Boosting of Customer Satisfaction

When the information provided by traditional monitoring tools is insufficient for evaluating your clients' level of satisfaction, it may be appropriate to develop a smart machine learning (ML) solution. By using advanced data science software, you will be able to monitor your performance more effectively and thereby improve customer retention.

Usage of Predictive Analysis

To optimize your competitive edge, our team of top-tier machine learning engineers and developers always stays one step ahead of the competition. With our expertise, you will undoubtedly achieve unparalleled success in your industry. 

Improves Client Segmentation

Experience a deeper understanding of your customers through ML cutting-edge algorithms, crafted by expert data science team. Our advanced technology offers precise analysis of your clients' preferences, needs, and habits, providing valuable insights to help you enhance your performance and drive sales. 



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Client Testimonials

“As a tech startup, we were struggling with data analysis and extracting valuable insights from our databases. That's when we turned to Brandstory's machine learning services for help. Their team of experienced professionals assisted us in transforming our data into actionable insights, enabling us to make informed business decisions. We highly recommend Brandstory for their outstanding services which helped us gain a competitive edge in our industry.”


CTO of OII Tech Solutions 

“The on-site ML model development provided by Brandstory was nothing short of exceptional. Their development team took the time to conduct a thorough analysis of our business case, creating a precise algorithm that perfectly aligned with our specific requirements. Through training our machine learning models using real data, we were able to achieve optimal results that have greatly impacted our success. We would certainly recommend Brandstory to anyone looking for fully developed, implementable solutions.”

Sahil S

Tech Head in C-Mo Enterprises

“I have been using Brandstory's deep learning services for a few months now and I have seen a significant improvement in my business operations. The advanced tools and techniques they are very scalable and exceptional and have helped me stay ahead of the curve in my industry. I highly recommend their services.”

Agrasen T

Head of Operations of Voqq Technologies

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Our data analysis services leverage the power of machine learning (Ml) and AI to optimize your database inputs and extract valuable insights that can help you comprehend customer needs and forecast market trends. It can help in making precise predictions about pricing and competition and make informed business decisions.