Our Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services

The PPC campaign management team oversees the entire PPC Ad, budget and strategy. The services provided are:

Keyword Research

Researching and identifying the keywords that your potential customers are looking for.

Marketing Channels
Selection of Marketing Channels

We narrow down the social media and other channels that are going to be used for marketing such as Google Ads and social media networks.

PPC Monitoring

PPC management is never a onetime fix. Our team performs continuous monitoring of the campaign to ensure its effectiveness and ability to generate a higher ROI.

Analysis of Competition

We believe that being abreast with the top competitors’ strategies is one of the main aspects of PPC campaign management. The business must know what keywords they are targeting, what ad creatives they are adopting and so on.

Optimization of Campaign

PPC campaigns are optimized by continuous monitoring and analyzing top ranking keywords. Our solutions focus mainly on the top performing keywords to bring in maximum traffic to your page.

Periodic Testing

Continuous testing and experimentation is a vital feature of our PPC campaign management process. Response and feedback on new ads are analysed, landing pages are tested and regular experiments are conducted on all parts of the PPC campaign.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Campaign Management Services can help you

Realistic Goals

Our team sets a clear roadmap for all your PPC campaigns. Your business will know where you are headed to even before you begin. A few possible goals can be:

Increase purchases

Increasing number of purchases will be the first goal of any ecommerce or sales website.

Lead Generation

If you are a B2B service provider, lead generation will be your first priority. We will generate PPC campaigns that can convert your visitors into clients.

Improve Brand Awareness

This is crucial if you are a new business. We can help you stay on top of your game through PPC management.

Google Ads Campaign Management

Customized Google Ads Campaign Management Structure

We ensure that only Google is not a part of your PPC campaigns. We slow down the pace for our PPC management services for new businesses and discover ways and means to optimize every element of your campaign. These are the few elements we optimize:

Keywords Strategy

If you are a new business, you have the liberty to experiment with your bucket of keywords to see what works and what doesn’t. But if you are already running campaigns for a while, you must stick to using only those ad groups that target only specific keywords.

Campaign management
Specific Campaigns

Your campaigns must be tailor made and directed towards the specific service or product your business is trying to sell. For instance, you can run a campaign for product categories, one for specific brands and one for competitor items.

Adword Campaign management

Our Adwords campaign management services comprise of creating ad groups for each level. This way, ads of similar nature can be grouped together and be served with their relevant keywords.

Our Google adwords campaign management team works with you to come up with the most optimized ads. We ensure that ads that feature in the landing pages have all ingredients to catch the attention of the customer. We include USP of the product, benefits and the element of persuasion to make them take action right away.

Competitor Analysis
Specific Landing Pages

We ensure that all PPC campaigns of our clients point to landing pages. Landing page bridges the gap between customer query and conversion. These pages help to understand the potential customer’s need and intent.


We examine and analyse each and every step of our PPC management service solution. WE use metrics to measure what ads, keywords and landing pages are generating more traffic. The business can rightly allocate their budget to these areas and bump up their ROI.

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Why Brandstory

Our customers love us for the reasons below:

  • We provide quicker results with custom landing pages
  • We work out a winning combination of higher conversion rate with PPC campaign management leading to quicker profitable campaigns.
  • We don’t force our clients into long term contracts. We let the results do the talking.
  • We like to diversify our services for your all round benefit. Along with PPC management, we also look at related business areas that we can improve upon.


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