Engage in Valuable Interactions and Build Stronger Relationships through Event Marketing

Studies prove that event marketing is one of the most effective ways to deepen relationships, accelerate opportunities and create brand awareness. Partner with Brandstory, one of the best Event Marketing companies in Bangalore, to find out how event marketing can actualize business goals and build many associations in a short time.

Event Marketing

Connect your consumers to your events now

Discover how face-to-face conversations can overcome complex business challenges, boost overall marketing efforts and generate revenue. Our event marketing services in Bangalore, provide a unique setting where the key decision makers get to meet and share knowledge which is an invaluable resource for B2B marketing. Whether you are launching a new product, or entering a market, events are the perfect platform to create a huge impact on your target audience. With top influencers under one roof, leverage the opportunity to create transformative experiences for your attendees.

Offline Event Marketing

Join hands with BrandStory, one of the finest Offline event marketing Agencies in Bangalore & let’s together conduct trade shows, roadshows, conferences, presentations and take in customer forums. Demonstrate your products, search for potential partners, exchange experience to make your event a success.

Event Marketing
Event Marketing

Online Event Marketing

Online events connect participants through web apps where we will conduct webinars, virtual events and live streaming events to enable individuals from different locations to participate to discuss, ask questions, collect and share materials. Build a effective strategy to drive traffic with BrandStory, one of the leading online event marketing companies in Bangalore

Event Marketing

Webinar Marketing

BrandStory delivers spectacular Webinar marketing services in Bangalore as we work towards understanding your stakeholders and personalising materials for every attendee’s journey with process mapping along with major and minor points.

Event Marketing
Event Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Create a B2B event marketing plan on Linkedin with BrandStory, one of the best event marketing companies in Bangalore and effectively segment the target audience based on the platform filters. Share the event through content, groups, updates, sponsored updates, linkedIn ads, linkedIn lead forms on LinkedIn to reach a larger audience:

Event Marketing

Community Management

Let’s generate target audience interest through Whatsapp, Linkedin and Facebook groups and nurture the group to build a valuable relationship with your audience. BrandStory’s Event marketers in Bangalore will create a private list on every available platform to help you keep track of only your most engaged followers and help you share good, relevant, quality content to the community.

Event Marketing



With our skillfully designed newsletters, you can effortlessly engage your audience with captivating and informative material that is targeted to your company.

Corporate Brochure

Our well-crafted corporate brochures will wow prospective customers with an overview of your company's history, core beliefs, and products and services.

Flyers & Take Away

Get people to remember your brand wherever they go by handing out attention-grabbing flyers and other take-away items that convey your message clearly but concisely.

Product Package Design and Printing

Innovative package design and high-quality printing services may boost your product's visual appeal and brand identification, leading to increased consumer attention and loyalty.

Conducting and Organizing Marketing Events

Allow us to plan and execute flawless marketing events that will raise awareness of your brand, create lasting impressions, and strengthen your position in the market.

Corporate Audio/Visuals

Our professionally created corporate audio and images will transport your audience to a whole new world while powerfully communicating your message.

Radio Jingles & Contests

Use interactive competitions and memorable radio jingles to spread the word about your company and attract new customers.

Outdoor Ads: Hoardings/Banners/Signboards

Make sure your brand reaches more people by making use of effective outdoor advertising alternatives, such as banners, signboards, and hoardings.

SMS Campaigns

Reach your customers instantaneously and promote your products or services efficiently with tailored SMS campaigns, harnessing the power of direct contact.

Exhibitions & Trade Fairs Stall

We offer professional stall design and setup services to help you showcase your business at trade fairs and exhibits in a way that impresses potential clients.


Make a lasting impression on clients, partners, and stakeholders with captivating presentations that capture your audience and successfully deliver your critical points.

Television Advertisement

Advertise your company to a wide audience with our powerful television ads that blend imaginative storytelling with eye-catching visuals.

Our Branding Process


We gather and analyze data about your company, industry, rivals, target market, and current branding and design. As part of this process, we will listen to your company's difficulties, do in-depth desk and field research, and interview you to understand your goals and objectives better.


The results of the brand study form the basis of the brand strategy. This is the stage when we concentrate and solidify our values, company goals, and future vision, in contrast to the exploratory nature of the research phase. At the strategy stage, we lay out your vision for the company and its future, which will serve as a compass for your team as they work to achieve it.


Delivering the strategy is impossible without design. An effective visual brand identity, for example, is born out of the design process, which is responsible for translating brand ideals into tangible solutions. Although it frequently extends beyond that, the primary responsibility of design in the branding process is to develop the visual identity. You can enhance your company's services, products, and processes in several ways by implementing design thinking.


Your new brand identity is unveiled to the public during the execution stage. The first step is to map out the roll-out or the release of certain elements of your brand across different platforms and the timing of their introduction. A website, a series of product videos, or even just a few business cards can all be considered implementation types. Depending on your company's specific situation, we might brief or extend over several months.



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Event Marketing

Event Based Marketing

A step by step process

Event Marketing


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Event Marketing

FAQ’S on Event Marketing

What is B2B event marketing?

  • B2B event marketing is an offline marketing channel that aims at promoting a brand, product or service through direct interaction with the stakeholders. The goals of B2B event marketing are actualization of business values, increased revenue, customer retention, sales promotion, brand awareness and improved business relationships. B2B event marketing is done via online modes in the form of webinars and video conferences.

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What are the benefits of Offline Marketing?

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