of the companies use email marketing as prominent method to generate leads as part of the lead generation methods.
was the average increase in total sales of our customers who opted in for B2B email marketing as a method of lead generation.

Think of your email marketing strategy as a way of adding an extra motor to your sales vehicle to help it increase its speed. Email marketing for B2B can be really powerful; It simply gets the conversation started.

BrandStory’s email marketing services for B2B

Social Strategizing
Campaign Emails – (One Time, Scheduled, Drip Automation)
Social Media Platform Selection & Development
Lead Cultivate and Automated Marketing
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Product Activation/ Usage Reminder Email Campaign

SEO Services in Bangalore
Announcement Email – Updates/Launches/Milestones/Recognitions
Community Management
Research Reports/White Paper/Case Study – Email Campaign with Free Downloads
Social Media Monitoring and Analytics
Business event, conference, webinars, forums – Email Ad Campaigns/Invites/RSVPs to Spread the word and Increase footfalls

SEO Services in Bangalore
Demo/Free Trials – Email based product promotions
Community Management
Custom Email Templates (All Use cases)
Social Media Monitoring and Analytics
Subscription-Based List Building

How do we boost your sales process?

Our Assurance

We think “Data Privacy” and “Data Protection” is very paramount to Individual and for Businesses these are very sensitive. Brandstory has always been, is currently and will always be ethical and sincere towards Data Acquisition and Usage practices.

We adhere to all federal privacy policies and regulations.

  • We comply to GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) - Followed in European Union and British States
  • We comply to PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) - Followed in UK
  • We comply to CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) - Followed in the state of California and Britain

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We are official partners with Google, so you know that you are in the hands of a trusted and promising company.

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