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A perfect enterprise SEO strategy campaign is established based on quality of its content, design, keywords and links, we take care of all the aspects and tune them for the anticipated outcome. Brandstory makes it a mandate to answer all the below questions

  • How to be noticed hugely on Internet
  • How to get indexed in search engines
  • How to be above competitors
  • How to achieve the expected ROI goals

End of the day the purpose of SEO is your prospective business customers throw many questions on the internet; we simply equip your digital portfolio to give answers and therefore generate leads.

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1. What are the trends in Enterprise Digital Marketing management in 2020?

Artificial Intelligence will, for sure, be the future of marketing in 2020. With the advancement in AI, almost 50% of the companies have an artificial intelligence strategy in place. It will improve all aspects of marketing. Programmatic advertising, chatbot improvements, personalization, and tailored marketing campaigns would be the hot trends in 2020.

2. What does an Enterprise sale mean?

Transactional sales are the everyday buying and selling of goods or services. On the contrary, enterprise sales involve a longer sales cycle with months of communication before finalizing the deal. It also involves many stakeholders with high risk and a huge investment on the line. Therefore, before the sale contract is signed, many decisions have to be made, and queries are to be answered. That is why enterprise sales are also called complex sales.

3. How do brands succeed in enterprise sales?

Enterprise sales are more consulting today rather than sales. The successful sales teams at enterprise businesses are extremely good at solving problems that enterprise needs, and they have effective marketing methodology to express their problem-solving ability to businesses.

The main points to be followed to ensure success in enterprise sales are as follows:

  • Before giving a sales pitch, make sure both the company's interests align and see if you can give a good satisfied solution.
  • Build a good relationship with the decision-maker of the sale. Relationships go hand in hand with credibility.
  • Stick around after a sale to make sure the customer understands the value you have offered after-sale rapport goes a long way.

4. Can I get good ROI in Enterprise Marketing?

Mapping the cost of investment on tools, assets (website & marketing collaterals), and human resources who work with the marketing, presales & sales teams against the yearly revenue would get the ROI performance of the enterprise marketing efforts. Usually, the enterprise sales are driven by either volume of the products/services or by the value of the product/services. So, the ROI for your enterprise marketing strategies and implementation is better calculated quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly.

5. What are all the enterprise marketing plans available?

The marketing plans for enterprise could be either packaged or customized. Multiple channels, like Google, LinkedIn, and other third parties programmatic buying can be activated together or individually based on marketing approach or plans that an enterprise chooses.

6. How do you target enterprise clients?

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is the way to go. ABM is a marketing approach that directs the promotions at a specific target group of accounts. Exclusive content, case studies, white papers, SEO processes, and email drip marketing are the methodologies to approach and prospect enterprise customers.

7. What is enterprise marketing automation?

Drip email or marketing automation is often called drip campaigns. The concept is to send out promotional marketing emails to customers automatically once every few days or twice a week at a certain time for better brand recall and building up the brand image. Some popular marketing automation tools include Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Userfox.

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