User-Centric Innovation as a DNA: Our Approach to Design Thinking Workshops

Our Design Thinking approach at Brandstory Solutions goes beyond conventional methodologies, emphasizing a collaborative and iterative process that puts users at the center of every decision. A well-designed app is not merely a collection of features but a solution tailored to address specific needs and challenges.



Design thinking workshops

Our services' core is the strategic definition of product goals and business outcomes. We ensure that every design element serves a purpose and aligns seamlessly with the project's objectives. In a world where user expectations are ever-evolving, our Design Thinking Workshop acts as a compass, guiding your mobile app project toward not just meeting but exceeding user expectations. By fostering a culture of innovation and empathy, we bring a fresh perspective to problem-solving, resulting in solutions that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

How We Approach Design Thinking


Product Strategy

Define benchmarks for success, painpoint your target audience, and craft a distinctive value proposition for your digital product.


User Research

Guide product decisions through a comprehensive understanding of your target audience's demographics, interests, digital behaviors, goals, challenges, and motivators.


Mapping the User Journey

Create a seamless end-to-end web or mobile app experience aligned with success criteria, minimizing friction and accomplishing user goals.


Prioritizing Features

Optimize costs and expedite time-to-market by prioritizing features that balance user value and business impact.


Product Roadmap

Set a clear long-term vision for growth, ensuring a competitive edge and fostering user retention.


Rapid Prototyping

Efficiently build clickable prototypes to gather feedback and promptly refine the user experience. Our expertise is trusted by globally recognized brands.

Stages of Design Thinking


Foster Empathy

Develop a deep understanding of your users and cultivate empathy in your approach.



Generate a diverse range of potential solutions for the identified problem.


Goal Orientation

Shift your focus from existing constraints to envisioning the ultimate outcomes.



Utilize prototypes as a means to explore and visualize potential solutions.


Iterative Testing

Iteratively test solutions, analyze results and make refinements in a continuous loop.

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Beyond uncovering the latent needs of end users, businesses can employ Design Thinking principles to create cost-effective, functional prototypes for these needs, testing them in real-time. By embracing a more innovative culture, a company can effectively manage both its top and bottom lines. The potential advantages encompass:

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Cost-Effective Early Error Detection

Identifying mistakes at an early stage proves to be more economical.

Silo Disintegration through Service Design

Breaking down organizational barriers through the application of service design.

Improved Customer Experience via Service Design

Service design contributes to an enhanced overall customer experience.

Value Delivery Enriches Business and Customer Relationships

Enhancing your business and delighting customers by delivering substantial value.

Positive Customer Experiences

Companies leveraging service design consistently provide positive customer experiences.

Augmented Agile Thinking Workflows

Enhancing existing agile thinking workflows with increased potential value.

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What Sets Us Apart as a Leading Design Thinking Company?

Brandstory, recognized as the premier design thinking services company in the USA and India, extends a diverse range of design capabilities, development solutions, deployment strategies, and adoption services on a global scale. Our comprehensive offerings include:

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Enabling Design Thinking

Structured advisory, co-creation, and enablement interventions form the core of Brandstory's Design Thinking enablement services. Tailored to industries, functions, and roles, our interventions foster the development and deployment of design thinking capabilities. Our services encompass:

  • Customized design thinking workshops for clients
  • Industry/domain-specific solutions promoting design thinking principles
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Designing Digital Experiences (UI/UX)

Our digital experience design services embody human-centered design principles with a focus on enhancing user experiences. We offer:

  • UI/UX design thinking
  • Product design services
Social Media Designs

Designing Products and Services

As a leading product and service design company, Brandstory aids organizations in identifying challenges, co-creating solutions (products, services, experiences), and collaborating on design/innovation projects. Our services include:

  • Designing new or redesigned products
  • Packaging design
  • Concept development
  • Service design
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Research for Design

Customer experience research, such as design research, is instrumental in developing products, services, and experiences that address human needs. We analyze user data to uncover underlying patterns of behavior and experiences, enabling businesses to differentiate and innovate. Our services encompass:

  • Analysis of ethnographic data
  • Insight into empathy
  • Consumer behavior studies
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Design Office

Our embedded design office approach ingrains design and innovation into an organization's DNA by democratizing human-centered innovation and fostering collaboration across silos. Services include:

Roadmap for Innovation

  • Canvases for customer value propositions
  • Business model design


Application of Design Thinking

  • Aligning product purpose with overarching business objectives.
  • Gauging market viability through comprehensive competitive research.
  • Crafting detailed user personas via extensive user research.
  • Utilizing user journeys, wireframes, and mockups as essential communication tools for validating a product's concept.
  • Engaging with clickable prototypes to interact with the preliminary version of the product.
  • Formulating scalable product roadmaps for strategic development.
  • Identifying business outcomes through the prioritization of features.
  • Swiftly entering the market, focusing on the most valuable and impactful features.



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Client Testimonials

““Brandstory brought a transformative approach to our project with their design thinking services. Their workshops were not only insightful but also tailored to our industry needs. The impact on our product design and user experience has been phenomenal.””

“Working with Brandstory on our design thinking workshop was a game-changer. They provided a fresh perspective on problem-solving, and their commitment to understanding our users was evident in every step. The results speak for themselves – a more intuitive and user-friendly product!”

“Brandstory's design thinking consultants were instrumental in aligning our team's mindset towards user-centric solutions. The hands-on approach and industry-specific insights they shared made the sessions highly valuable. We look forward to continuing our collaboration for future projects.”

Experience actionable strategies. Customizable to fit your goals.




Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that emphasizes understanding user needs, ideation, and rapid prototyping. We leverage design thinking to bring innovative solutions tailored to your business challenges, fostering user-centric products and services.