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Online marketing or internet marketing is a form of online advertising that utilises several strategies, tools and methods to make the company name popular in the public domain with subtle messages as opposed to direct advertising. As a complement to sales generation from websites and mail, online marketing uses the web and fresh new content to generate revenue. Online marketing is the need of the hour because it helps to establish an online presence which is imperative to grow your business.

What comprises of Online/Internet Marketing?

  • Determining the market and identifying primary online competitors
  • Determining the buyer persona
  • Interpreting the data collected
  • Developing an online marketing strategy
  • Creating online marketing campaigns and constantly tracking their performance

With so much work cut out, managing a full- fledged business and having a rigorous online marketing strategy is difficult. This is where Bangalore based Internet marketing company Brandstory comes to the rescue.

As an online marketing company in Bangalore, with over three years of experience in the field of digital marketing and more than 180 clients, Brandstory guarantees to fulfil your marketing goals with the help of their expert team of online marketers.

Within their bouquet of digital services, this leading online marketing company in Bangalore provides services like Online Presence Creation and Online Reputation Management.

An online presence is created after conducting a thorough research to determine buyer persona, their interest areas as well as what captures their attention. This is a crucial activity that needs to be performed to ensure that online marketing efforts are being made in the right direction.

Unabashed marketing of products and services and direct advertising are archaic approaches that seldom lead to actual sales generation. There is a need for subtle marketing through content creation and as an expert online marketing company in Bangalore, Brandstory acknowledges this need and works towards creating an engaging online presence through visually appealing, well researched and eloquently expressed content that compels your target audience to stay longer on the website due to the easy to understand and intriguing content.

An online presence, when created, also needs to be maintained with constant effort. As an expert online marketing company in Bangalore, recurring efforts are made to manage the business’s brand value across every online rating and review platform and social media platforms. These efforts go a long way to ensure positive growth of the company.

Why is there a need for Online Reputation Management?

  • Internet marketing efforts provide valuable information about customer expectations through feedback.
  • It helps companies to reach out to their clients through prompt responses and thereby establish a personal emotional connection which greatly aids to lend credibility and trust in the brand.
  • Internet marketing provides companies with the opportunity to be proactive, take control and generate customer awareness through disseminating information about their organisation, latest developments and new products and services being offered.

As an expert online marketing company in Bangalore, Brandstory works towards providing an end to end solution in the field of digital marketing. Their team of expert professionals have innate knowledge of internet marketing and have created digital marketing strategy and social media marketing campaigns for fortune 500 companies, government organizations, corporations and prominent SME’s. Indisputably, with such a vast body of work, Brandstory is one of the top internet marketing companies in Bangalore.

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We are group of passionate digital marketing experts; industry thought leaders and creative designers coming together to produce stunning ROI lead digital marketing campaigns for brands. We are a social media marketing agency based in Bangalore, India providing digital marketing campaign management support to brands across the globe.

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Transparent Real Time Tracking Business Strategy Support
You Get Full Admin Control 100% Licensed Content Support
24/7 Customer Services Marketing Information System (MIS)



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