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It’s time we face the reality, the web is a huge part of our culture. Due to this, we see our fair share of grammatical mistakes throughout the internet. Are you the one perplexing between than and then? The fact remains, grammar may be beguiling, errors occur, but how does the grammar matter to readers and search engines?

Based on a Global study, it matters to a great deal. Content marketing, advertising changes not only a Search Engine Optimization degree, but a reader's degree as well. Sloppy use of grammar might result in the lack of search spots, bad user experience, and lowers credibility.


Lousy grammar can smudge the credibility of eBooks websites, case studies, as well as other digital marketing resources. This damaged credibility impact your bottom line directly, and may lead to the loss in prospective customers which is imperative to the online success of any company. Actually, the results of a global study shows that 59 percent of UK adults wouldn't purchase from a site due to poor grammar or spelling mistakes since they would not be capable to trust the quality of the service of the firm.

User Experience

Improperly built sentences generally take more time to interpret completely, and many readers will just give up in the center of an awkwardly organized sentence. Appropriate grammar is an intrinsic part of the readability of an article, an element which will be important to get optimistic user experience. In a recent study, an opinion poll was conducted in which 59 percent of the American adults interviewed said that incorrect grammar is what worries them most about the English language.

Consequently, a grammatical mistake can certainly result in a loss in interest for the reader, which hinders the potency of the content. The research also suggested that respondents between 18-34 years have considerably higher standards, when it comes to spelling mistakes on social network than any age group, despite being more used to contemporary abbreviations. What this means is that the utilization of appropriate grammar is only getting more essential for the user experience, not just in content advertising, but the social network as well.


Despite the fact that grammar can damage a bit of the credibility and user experience of content, the first thing to think about is, does this article have spelling, stylistic, or factual mistakes? Grammar is a vital part of content advertising and needs to be studied seriously as the improper usage of a word or run-on sentence may endanger the operation of any content that is specified. Even when you are sure it is mistake-free and proofread something hundreds of times, there still might be a couple of mistakes concealed from you or a grammatical blunder.

Luckily, you will find resources to assist you. To ensure all content is free from grammatical mistakes before publishing, use these free and helpful tools.

Grammarly Chrome Expansion:

A free extension that tests spelling and grammar immediately on almost any online resource, Gmail, WordPress, or social networks. Find out more about Grammarly here.

Hemingway App:

An online and desktop computer tool which assesses the readability of the content and emphasizes any words, phrases, or sentences which are difficult to read and needs to be edited or removed.

The Old fashioned second pair of eyes:

A trustworthy co-worker's clean pair of eyes will soon be in a position to indicate the errors you have gone blind to so that you can be rest assured that high quality content is being pushed out by you.

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