Five Mobile Friendly features for web designs

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It has become a small world, indeed. But how did this transformation happen in the first place? The advent of information technology began with computers and laptops; however, today it has a taken a new turn, getting a boost with the increasing production and sales of smartphones. Be it searching for an address on Google maps or internet banking, people today prefer using their smartphones for fulfilling almost every task.

Hence, businesses today must tap into the potential of such consumer behaviour and make the most of it. Websites today must be attractive, interactive and user-friendly, and must be easy to view and use on all kinds of mobile phones- be it android or i-phone.

Five Mobile Friendly features for web designs

  1. The convenience of navigation
  2. Background
  3. Colors
  4. Animations
  5. Touch ID

The following is a list of five most important mobile-friendly features one must keep in mind while designing a website-

1. The convenience of navigation- Earlier, navigation points on the website were kept hidden until it was required by the user. However, today, the scenario has changed. A simple and clear icon layout is all that the customer looks for since it will help him or her to go through the site in lesser time which will enhance the consumer experience.

2. Background- All websites have a particular theme which their customers are familiar with. Hence, it is important that the images and backgrounds of the website are either blurred or diffused in order to maintain the familiarity with the users and at the same time, also make the interface mobile friendly.

3. Colors- Aesthetics of the website is what the user will first notice, so it has to be attractive and catchy. However, while developing a site for mobile phones, it is important to incorporate enough white spaces since users tend to go through sites more quickly when they are on their mobile phones. Hence, don’t overuse colors but place them wherever necessary.

4. Animations- Adding functional animations to websites makes them more interactive, user-friendly and proper usage of good animations can really help users get a more enriched experience with better visualizations and communication.

5. Touch ID- This is a new trend. This is basically a technology to ensure security. Many websites, today, are incorporating Touch ID into their design for mobile websites. This will help increase user experience and trust since security is an issue of extreme importance for most cautious customers. This will definitely help them trust your website, and hence they will be able to rely on your services, even when it comes to payments and transactions.

Besides these most important points, it is also necessary to understand that things such as creating an intuitive interface, ensuring wearable technology, good swiping functionality and provision of location services also matters and can affect consumer experience immensely. Also, companies must keep updating their websites to keep up the pace with the latest trends. They must continue creating interesting web interfaces and content for mobile phones as more and more people today have access to phones and use it for the majority of purposes as it offers them both speed and convenience. It is becoming a responsibility for businesses to ensure enhanced consumer experience by making a good website which must be mobile friendly.

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