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Email marketing is a viable and relevant marketing tool for businesses, brands, and marketers alike. Email marketing campaigns are driven by multifarious business strategies. In order to succeed, you must have your own checklist while planning your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing mistakes have been aplenty, even in the case of seasoned marketers. Ask them and you’ll find horrifying anecdotes about wrong senders, continual email bombarding to the wrong target group, missing out on key details, bad links or poor images, typos’ in content, and lots more! Avoid such situations and get your email marketing campaign right with the right checklist.

Subject Matter

  • Relevancy of Subject Line to the Database is the most important factor to account for. Craft subject lines relevant to your business goals or current marketing objectives. Do not waste the time of your customers
  • Instead of bombarding readers with multiple products and services, you should choose the ones which are currently being highlighted by the company or the flagship offerings.
  • Check for a personal touch throughout the mailer that has a relaxed and user-friendly tone while encouraging a call to action or comment.
  • The email marketing campaign should have a clearly defined goal/subject
  • There should be a subject line which attracts people to click on it.
  • The names of the sender and the brand should be clear along with the return email address.
  • There should be replacements for the default images and text in the email marketing template.
  • There should be working links which have been embedded into logos, images, and other links/buttons.
  • The call to action should be clear there and should be in sync with what you are trying to get your readers to do.
  • Make sure that you have proofread your content and that there are no typos or spelling/grammatical mistakes.
  • Short sentences should be used in order to make the message clearer and complicated industry jargons should be avoided.
  • The preview text should be optimized properly.

Technical Aspects

  • Check for permissions and send to double opt-in or opt-in contacts only.
  • Have an unsubscribe or opt-out option that can be easily availed by readers.
  • Check whether you have segmented your contact list on the basis of their requirements and other interests. Email marketing list segmentation is really crucial in this regard in order to target the right audience.
  • Make sure that the preview functions properly on tablets, mobile phones, and desktops/laptops.
  • Always have test mails dispatched to a testing list across multiple email clients.
  • The preview should be functioning for multiple email clients as well.
  • The pre-header should be suitably made as well.
  • Rendering has to be suitably done for dynamic text/images.

Time Management

  • The email marketing campaign should be scheduled properly in terms of time and date.
  • Make sure that special occasions or events are properly highlighted in your campaigns if relevant at the right time without being overtly late.

Following these steps ensure an optimal result in the consumer front, and makes your marketing campaign stand out from your competitors.

Email marketing campaigns have to be absolutely impeccable since reports state that a large majority of potential customers will naturally hit the unsubscribe button since they get fed up with a deluge of emails from one brand. Agreed, email marketing offers great returns, but only if done right. The above-mentioned checklist will help you navigate email marketing campaigns with care while ensuring that you increase and retain your customer base without putting them off.

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