Creative Services Agencies are opening new business opportunities for software companies

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There is a whole spectrum of software companies who rely on creative services such as digital marketing and outreach, design, and also cutting-edge campaign, for scaling up their overall customer base and tap prospective audiences.

B2B and B2C entities have varying creative service requirements when it comes to marketing, development, and dissemination, and both of them utilize the social platform in their own ways.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and automation are steadily becoming imperative for driving new age marketing and advertising campaigns backed by innovations such as Martech and Fintech.

Creative services need to be delineated in brief. The creative sector usually offers services that can be classified into categories like technology, strategy, advertising, and design.

A strategy is representative of aspects like research, consulting and planning based services while design covers the UX, visual, video and photography services component.

Technology covers data, engineering, and systems while advertising covers PR, promotional and marketing services. Creative service agencies emphasize on the development of new platforms and other products along with enhancing client relationships and implementing digital strategies.

Design is a key focus of these creative service agencies and they also handle overall branding and design for products, websites, advertising campaigns, and marketing material.

Development involves the creation of web projects and experiences that use a mixture of new-age technologies, multimedia and compelling content fused with attractive design.

Key takeaways for software companies

  • User experience
  • New-age tech backed products/campaigns including VR, AI, automation and others
  • Design solutions inclusive of testing, iterative approaches, pair programming and continuous deployment/iteration
  • User interviews
  • Segmentation of target audiences and mapping
  • Ethnographic studies and research
  • Definition of personas and creation of prototypes
  • Product management
  • Definition of the minimum viable product or service
  • Identification and testing of assumptions/strategies
  • Experimentation and decision making are driven by data
  • Customer data insights and data strategies for facilitating analysis via technology and campaign rollouts
  • SEM, SEO, data gathering and programmatic
  • ROI from campaigns and models based on performance for software companies
  • Identification of market gaps with insights

As can be seen, creative and digital service agencies play a disruptive role in the software landscape with innovative and out of the box solutions which are driven by agile and flexible strategies, digital expertise, leveraging of new technologies for creating customer experiences, innovative designs and superb user experiences and development of models, campaigns, products and services that are tailored to provide higher returns on investment for these companies.

This is how creative services agencies can actually play a vital role in software companies in a bid to identify, capture, understand and leverage target audiences for future gains.

Ultimately, creative services agencies are now marrying innovation and creative ideas with technology and strategy in order to come up with the full picture, something that can add more muscle to a software company’s marketing based on the targeted domains, audiences, and industries in question.

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