Panoramic Business Understanding for Effective Strategic Choices Enterprise Application Integration

Organizations often acquire diverse software solutions to meet their specific needs. While these solutions may function effectively on an individual computer or within a team, they swiftly give rise to isolated pockets of information. This process proves cumbersome, hinders productivity by fostering redundant data, and necessitates manual updates. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) represents an approach or a set of techniques designed to establish interoperability among different systems within an enterprise infrastructure.



Enterprise application integration

EAI serves as the conduit for enterprises to seamlessly integrate legacy applications, hardware systems, business processes, and contemporary technologies like Virtualization and Cloud. Drawing on extensive cross-industry experience and domain expertise, Brandstory specializes in constructing highly scalable enterprise-grade API development solutions in Bangalore. Brandstory's Enterprise Application Integration services encompass web service integration, data integration solutions, service-oriented architecture solutions, digital system integration, content integration, and business process solutions tailored to diverse industries.

Enterprise Application Integration relies on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), a framework of standards-based interfaces to business functions. This approach harnesses open standards, accommodating both legacy and modern systems. EAI, built upon SOA, empowers enterprises to fashion reusable, integrated business process models using various graphical tools.

How We Work?

At Brandstory, our operational methodology revolves around seamlessly integrating both legacy and cutting-edge cloud solutions using API development. This approach in constructing enterprise solutions not only provides organizations and executives with a comprehensive overview of business processes but also eliminates the need to spend countless hours deciphering reports. We go beyond by crafting data-rich dashboards that facilitate swift drill-downs into specific data points, ensuring effortless micro and macro-level analyses.


Solutions By Industry

Customized Healthcare Features



Streamlining the prescription process, electronic prescriptions seamlessly transmit from healthcare units directly to pharmacies.


SMS Gateway Integration

Enhancing communication, SMS gateway integration enables clinicians to send automated messages to patients, keeping them informed about upcoming appointments or providing invoice details.


Patient Portal

 Facilitating quick and accessible interactions between patients and clinicians, a dedicated patient portal ensures seamless communication. 


Clinic Portal

Covering clinic management, patient scheduling, and doctor availability, the clinic portal centralizes key aspects of healthcare administration.


Insurance Claim Automation

Integrating insurance details with patient information streamlines documentation, simplifying the claims processing for a smoother experience.


Electronic Medical Record

Featuring easy search options and a user-friendly interface, comprehensive computerized medical records enhance accessibility and efficiency.


Electronic Appointment Reminder

Patients receive automatic reminders 24 hours before their appointments, ensuring timely follow-ups and improved appointment adherence.


Advanced Scheduling

Simplifying tasks like creating patient lists, scheduling multiple appointments, and tracking patient flow, this feature enhances overall efficiency.


Inventory Management

 Efficiently managing stock levels and dispensing items to patients, this feature triggers alerts when stocks reach adjustable minimum levels.

Industries We Serve



Tailored healthcare solutions by Brandstory encompass innovative patient management systems, electronic health records (EHR), and telehealth platforms. Our technology streamlines healthcare processes, enhances patient care, and ensures compliance with industry standards.



Our eLearning solutions transform education through interactive platforms, learning management systems (LMS), and customized content delivery systems. We empower educational institutions and businesses to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences.



In the legal sector, we offer cutting-edge LegalTech solutions, including case management systems, document automation, and e-discovery platforms. Our technology optimizes legal workflows, enhances collaboration, and ensures secure information management.



Our fintech solutions revolutionize financial services with robust payment gateways, mobile banking apps, and blockchain technology. We empower financial institutions to stay competitive in the digital age while ensuring security and compliance.



For the manufacturing industry, we provide Industry 4.0 solutions, including IoT integration, predictive maintenance, and smart manufacturing platforms. Our technology optimizes production processes, reduces downtime, and enhances overall efficiency.


Retail and Ecommerce

As an application integration company in Bangalore, our solutions for retail and ecommerce include scalable e-commerce platforms, inventory management systems, and personalized customer experiences. We help businesses create a strong online presence, optimize operations, and drive customer engagement. 


Travel and Hospitality

In the travel and hospitality sector, we deliver advanced booking systems, property management solutions, and guest experience platforms. Our technology enhances efficiency, improves guest satisfaction, and ensures seamless operations.


Industry 4.0 / IoT

Our Industry 4.0 solutions leverage IoT, AI, and data analytics technologies to drive automation, connectivity, and smart decision-making. We assist industries in embracing the fourth industrial revolution for enhanced productivity and competitiveness.

Brandstory's Unique Approach


Streamlined Integration: Swiftly integrate existing business processes into the new system.

Process-Centric Development: Employ a development strategy centered around processes.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Ensure continuous support for the solutions developed.

Expert and Diverse Workforce: Leverage the skills of an experienced and diverse team.

In-House DevOps Culture: Foster a DevOps culture in-house to expedite turnaround times.

Business Advantages

  • Accelerated Business Integration
  • Real-time and Efficient Information Access
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership
  • Multi-platform Interoperability for Seamless Data and Information Flow

Custom ERP Solutions and Integrations

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, coupled with the integration of WEB 2.0 and enhanced mobility, it is imperative for ERP solutions to adapt to the changing needs of organizations dynamically. We assist enterprises by offering ERP Solutions that leverage contemporary business computing paradigms, seamlessly integrating IT processes across various divisions and departments. Our comprehensive ERP business solutions ensure the full integration of capabilities, empowering you to manage a diverse range of functions throughout your enterprise efficiently.

Our ERP Solutions

  • Management of Sales
  • Order Processing
  • Team Administration
  • Inventory Control
  • Efficient Supply Chain Oversight
  • Production Planning
  • Project Oversight
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management (CRM)
  • Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping Data Analysis and Workflow Streamlining
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting (MIS)
  • Document and Workflow Administration
  • Development of Hosting Control Panels
  • We employ highly skilled software developers dedicated to tailoring control panels to meet the unique requirements of each client.
  • Our Control Panels operate through a user-friendly web automation interface, maximizing navigational efficiency to easily access the desired functionality at any given moment.
  • Our Control Panels are designed to swiftly empower you, allowing you to focus on delivering outstanding service to your customers



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Client Testimonials

“As a tech startup, we faced significant challenges integrating our various applications and systems. Brandstory's team not only provided expert guidance but also executed a seamless API integration process that has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency.”


“The professionalism and expertise of their team were evident from the start. They delivered a solution that was not only effective but also scalable, helped us saving plenty of time and effort. The Enterprise Application integration has streamlined our operations, reduced errors, and improved customer satisfaction. Their ongoing support and expertise have been invaluable to our business.”

Tarak. M

“This company has played a critical role in transforming our healthcare services through its application integration expertise. We were struggling with disparate systems that hindered our ability to provide efficient patient care. The solution provided by Brandstory has unified our systems, enabling better data flow and improved patient management.”


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What industries does Brandstory cater to with its enterprise application integration services in Bangalore?

  • We cater to a diverse range of industries as a part of application integration services in Bangalore, including but not limited to healthcare, finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, and more. Our application integration services are customizable to suit the unique needs of businesses across various sectors in Bangalore.

Can Brandstory provide ongoing support after the application integration is complete?

Can Brandstory handle both on-premise and cloud-based application development and integration in Bangalore?

How does Brandstory approach the application integration process?

What types of APIs can be integrated by Brandstory in Bangalore?