7 tested techniques to improvise your competitor analysis here

Recommended Tools for Competitor Analysis:

Similar Web

Similar web is a website that is designed with the sole purpose to ro understand your competitor and compare your stand with respect to them.It gives an insight about the digital space and coves all the parameters disccused earlier. No wonder it an a prime tool with very essential outcome that eases our job to collect statistics for future analysis.

Google Analytics

Google analytics allows the business professional to track their website traffic and identify its sources in the form of statistical analysis. Bases on the report generated by Google Analytics one can make the necessary alterations in the website content and design to generate more visits and effectively lead to higher conversion rate.

Simply measure

Wondering how to evaluate your competitor social media reach, simply measure is the answer. This tools helps to generate valuable data relevant to social media to better understand competitors social media presence and strategies. It also helps to distinguish between the different social media platform and study about the most effective social media platform for the industry. Social analytics provided by this website is an end to end solution for competitors social media assessment.  

The overall analysis and in-depth research gives a clear advantage and helps in assessment of your competitors. These are only a few tools available that provides relevant data to benchmark the industry. To study the report and develop a strategy contact BrandStory, our expert team is dedicated for the purpose and master is drawing out the most prominent conclusions from these report that would help your company stay ahead in the race and win the market.

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