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Accelerate your Marketing Transformation with On Demand CMO in Kolkata.

Digital sales and customer experiences, whether online, in-app, or on social media platforms, have become top priorities for chief marketing officers worldwide. And even though many businesses have been changing digitally for decades, the coronavirus pandemic sped up the pace of change, making it much more important for their marketing leaders.
Even though organizations are flexible in dealing with uncertainty, changes in the habits of business clients and consumers, as well as new ways of working that are more efficient, have proven to be very long-lasting. To give the best marketing experiences, on demand CMO in Kolkata have to deal with several works which lead to profits.

CMO On Demand in Kolkata Performs the Best Strategic Marketing Plan

Due to the ever-changing scenario in the digital marketing space, the rise for CMO on demand in Kolkata has also risen. To give all types of companies the perfect CMO service, BrandStory Digital offers the CMO On Demand consulting service, a monthly consulting engagement with a set price designed to give clients.
The clients get on-demand access to world-class strategic marketing, branding, and communications expertise, advice, and counsel.

CMO On Demand in Kolkata Performs the Best Strategic Marketing Plan

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Planning and framework

Your marketing framework is the blueprint of your marketing strategy. And it should be done very carefully. The on-demand chief marketing officer team makes it more effective and impactful, fetching great leads.
A marketing framework aims to help your marketing team work at its best. Creating a marketing framework has several benefits.


When developing a digital campaign, you first need to set clear goals for your company, which are to be assessed by the CMO team of the BrandStory. The CMO in marketing is like a compass to you, guiding you throughout the campaign and helping you measure its performance. In this phase, the evaluation of each and every parameter of the client company is done during the creation process.

Our approach
Our approach


There are methods and ways to market your product or service, but they all need the same thing: a plan for how to do it. The CMO team will execute a marketing implementation plan to do this. It lists the steps and resources your company needs to market your product. Like any other project plan, a marketing implementation plan spells out the campaign's goals and what needs to be done to reach them. You use it to determine the scope and what must be done.


This phase of a digital campaign encompasses figuring out how well your marketing or advertising efforts helped you reach your campaign goals. In addition, it means looking at your campaign's KPIs and determining if they're good enough to help you reach your goals.

Our approach
Our approach

Competitor Analysis

The on-demand CMO services in Kolkata, while formulating a relevant digital campaign do an extensive research and analysis of the competitors. This step is important for curating the unique digital strategy for the required marketing plan. Competitor analysis is also helpful in knowing all weaknesses and strengths of your company, which could be included in the marketing strategy.

Why Choose Brandstory for The Best Chief Marketing Officer Consultant?

Excellent in the Promotion of Brand : It is seen that CMOs who are in charge of the company's mission, values, and culture are more than twice as likely to have an impact on strategic decisions, get the support of their C-suite peers, and help steer the business in the right direction.

Develop the brand while ensuring its safety : Handling the risks connected with the privacy and protection of customer data and the reputational risk the organization faces ensures that customers will continue to have faith in the brand. The on-demand CMO team shields all this.

Champion on behalf of the consumer : To provide customers with more "human" experiences, chief marketing officers consider how they might incorporate the consumer into the business conversation and internal decision-making. BrandStory CMOs are uniquely positioned to advocate for customers because 55 percent say there needs to be a consistent understanding of their consumers across the company.

CMO in Marketing Formulates KPIs and Metrics

The primary responsibility of a chief marketing officer (CMO) is to find comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by the client’s company's customers. A CMO dashboard by the best chief marketing officer can help you achieve this objective more efficiently and effectively. An efficient chief marketing officer (CMO) dashboard incorporates metrics from every service or platform that the customer uses and concentrates on the particulars of the customer's company.

  • Conversion rate
  • Churn
  • Customer acquisition cost(CPC)
  • Marketing influence
  • Customer value metrics
  • Generated revenue
  • Marketing return on investment
  • Marketing-originated customer percentage
  • Sales qualified leads
  • Organic reach rate
  • Pipeline contribution (per channel)
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Returning Visitors
  • Revenue
  • ROAS
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Share of Voice

Create a Unique Marketing Leadership with On Demand CMO Services in Hyderabad

A CMO on Demand is an experienced marketing manager who can assist in creating and managing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Regardless of the position that may or may not exist within your organization, if you're seeking growth, it's likely that you'll find considerable benefit in hiring BrandStory On-Demand CMO for your business. As part of this procedure, we will provide counsel and guidance to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan for the company's products and services. In addition, our On-Demand CMO will oversee the company's overall marketing strategy, initiatives, programs, and techniques in collaboration with your existing team.

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CMO On Demand Consulting Service Includes

BrandStory, we provide our consulting services to every type of company. Depending on your marketing needs, we provide our CMO services, which include:

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Fractional CMO

Businesses can use fractional CMO services of BrandStory as they don't need a full-time CMO but still need expert strategy and leadership. They also like the flexibility that a fractional CMO gives them. These types of CMOs work part-time and give effective results. Some of the duties of a Fractional CMO are:

  • Creating a marketing plan that works both in the short and long term.
  • Selecting and sticking to the best marketing strategies for your business, like SEO, content marketing, paid ads, a podcast, etc.
  • Problems in marketing will come up and need to be fixed quickly.
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Virtual CMO

A virtual chief marketing officer, or vCMO, from our company, does the same job as a CMO but does it online. A vCMO can help your business's marketing grow from an outsider's point of view.

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Outsourced CMO

Hiring someone else to be your chief marketing officer can be very exciting for your business, especially for other people in the C-suite. The outsourced CMO may also be called a fractional CMO since a few marketing agencies and consulting firms take on this increasingly popular role. Both traditional marketing and digital marketing work well with this role.
The outsourced CMO has a lot of responsibilities, but one of the most common is coming up with a marketing plan that fits your company's message and core values.

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Methodology in Digital Marketing Landscape

The BrandStory CMO team will help you develop the best way to market your business to generate more revenues. This lets you make marketing materials that appeal to your potential customers the most and show how your business differs from others because of its special skills.

• Marketing Strategy

When you make a relevant marketing strategy, you'll learn more about your potential clients' priorities and expectations, how they look for information, and what might stop them from buying. The BrandStory CMO team will help you create the best marketing strategy for generating more revenues.
This lets you make the marketing content that will resonate most with your potential clients and show how your business differs from others because of its unique skills.

• Branding and Awareness

Brand awareness spreads through several avenues, such as public relations, referrals, social media platforms, news, etc. It has enormous potential for increasing client trust and loyalty. When you see individuals interacting successfully with a brand and having a great experience, you tend to like that brand whether you have tried it.
The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is critical in generating growth, developing brand equity, and cultivating client loyalty. CMOs are responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies that resonate with their target consumers and produce measurable outcomes.

• Marketing Communications & Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the process of providing sales teams with the resources they need to win more deals. It covers content, tech, training, data, and much more.
The CMOs help enhance marketing communications to enable great sales enablements in your company.

• Marketing Systems, Infrastructure & Tools

BrandStory, the CMO team has grouped the different components of a Marketing Infrastructure into the following categories :

  • People and Resources
  • Database and Audience Data
  • Technology and Online Tools, and
  • Marketing Assets and Processes

At BrandStory, the team seizes the tools and takes the initiative in creating marketing masterpieces for our clients. The on demand CMO in Kolkata enjoys combining various assets that work together to result in the strategic execution of successful marketing campaigns.

• Integrated Marketing Planning, Budget Development & Media Plans

The process through which marketers decide how, when, and where a target audience will be exposed to a particular advertising message is known as media planning. The team integrates all budget developments and other media plans into one.

• Provisions in IPO

When a company goes from private to public, it can be important for private investors to get the most out of their investments.
The CMO team helps in obtaining the IPO accreditation for your company.

• Digital & Search Marketing

You need both of these things to be successful with search marketing. An SEO content specialist with the on demand CMO is required if you have a requirement to generate link assets or obtain additional backlinks. Search marketing makes use of sponsored and unpaid strategies to boost the visibility of a company's brand or product across the Internet.



CMO On Demand will work with your business to find and fix any internal problems or marketing problems. Using the CMO services lets you work more efficiently and focus on the most important things.
When working with a CMO On Demand, you want to make sure that they will take time to:

  • Learn as much as possible about your target customers and specific market, then develop a strategy that fits your goals.
  • Stay around to make sure that plan is followed.
  • Focus on setting priorities and ensuring your business grows as it should.

Advantages of outsourced CMOs:

  • Save Valuable Time
  • Get Results You Can See.
  • See a lot of growth in business.
  • Count on Expertise and Quality
  • Make people aware of your brand.

Here are some benefits of hiring a CMO for digital transformation:

  1. Increases Customer Satisfaction in the company
  2. Drives quality data-based insights
  3. Encourages collaboration and communication
  4. Increases Agility

Following are the ways by which on demand CMO can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing:

  • Building capabilities for the workforce
  • Transform customer experience
  • Great marketing strategies
  • Updates on skills and knowledge
  • Consolidates process and operations

You just have to contact our team and let us know your objectives and missions in your marketing journey. Our team will assist you in finding the best possible way of marketing your products and services to your target audience.