Website Maintenance Services in Bangalore to Keep Your Site Upgraded

If you have a website and wish to know if it is doing well or not, then you will have to hire a website maintenance company for the task. For the uninitiated, website maintenance can be defined as the operation that ascertains whether a website is healthy and has been running well or not. This process also deals with the security up-gradation, content, and traffic growth of a website.

Therefore, if you are looking for a website maintenance company in Bangalore, then Brandstory is your ideal option. The scale of your website, i.e., big or small, does not matter; you will have to go for website maintenance anyhow as it plays a crucial role in the growth and retention of visitors, boosting ranking on Google besides strengthening your SEO.

In simple words, just the way a machine requires regular maintenance, a website also requires maintenance. Nothing is ever-efficient. A timely inspection and fixing are required to ensure smooth functioning and efficiency.

Signs That Your Website Needs Maintenance Services:

These are some potential signs which indicate that you need website upgrade and maintenance services in Bangalore.

  • In case your website lengthens the time to load, then you need website servicing.
  • If your website statistics are uneven and full of glitches.
  • If your local search visibility is low.
  • If you find broken links on your website.

Website Maintenance: Time Frame

As the best website maintenance company in Bangalore, our services can be categorized into three distinctive categories, which are as follows:

  • Short-Term Maintenance: Checking for any 404 errors and fixing them, updating website software, fixing broken links, etc. It can be checked after every week wise.
  • Mid-Term Maintenance: This includes a review of website graphics and photos, checking meta descriptions, meta tags, updating pop-ups, and checking the performance of marketing and advertising campaigns. These can be done on a quarterly basis.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: These maintenance activities can be done on a monthly basis. Some of the main actions include renewal of the website domain, upgrading site design, content review, and updating blogs.

Benefits Of Selecting Brandstory For Your Website Maintenance Services in Bangalore:

Listed below are some of the reasons as to why you should select Brandstory as your website maintenance company in bangalore.

Amazing Customer Experience: As the best website maintenance company in Bangalore, we will eradicate all glitches and transform your website into a professionally maintained site. Our regular site maintenance will enhance your visibility and lead to a positive customer experience.

Cost Saving: If websites suffer from improper and irregular maintenance, then it will lead to loss of business. But using our services, you can ensure a healthy and error-free website. Your business will improve without you running into an exorbitant bill.

Exceptional SEO maintenance: Improving SEO mechanisms is part of our website maintenance services in Bangalore, and through our efforts, we will ensure that valid, organic traffic is driven to your website through SEO tools.

Expert Team: The team at Brandstory possesses the requisite knowledge to fix your site problems in no time. Trust us for all your website solutions, and we assure you that our efficient team of professionals will attend to all of your issues and deliver desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the core benefits of website maintenance services?

Some of the main advantages of website maintenance services include brand protection, being up-to-date in terms of site structure, increased focus on core business, and prevention of revenue loss.

Q2. Are the types of maintenance services provided by Brandstory ?

The maintenance services are of different types, and they come in packages depending on short-term, mid-term, or long-term requirements.

Q3. Is it indispensable to opt for website maintenance services?

Yes. Website maintenance is the only way to increase traffic flow on the website, grow your business and avoid loss of revenue owing to site glitches.

Q4. Are the site maintenance services of Brandstory affordable?

Yes, absolutely. We provide the best, high-quality services at the cheapest possible charges.

Q5. What should we do if we wish to avail the services of Brandstory for our website maintenance?

You can simply contact us over call and speak to our representative, who will provide you with further instructions.