Why UX Designers Need UI Skills

Difference between UX designer and UI designer-

Notwithstanding both UX designer and UI designer are very similar as both have a responsibility of online success of a company. However, there are certain differences between both.

  1. Object-
    UX designer- a User experience
    UI designer- Graphic designing for better interface
  2. Using tools-
    UX designer- Sketch app
    UI designer- Sticky notes
  3. Expertise-
    UX designer- Great technical knowledge and research
    UI designer- color knowledge, graphics knowledge, typography, etc.

UX designers need UI skills to better user experience

UX design without UI is like painting without color; nowadays industries need UX designers who understand UI skills. As per recent studies, many companies waste their most time in a confusion of the functions of UX/UI. If a freelance UX designer knows UI skills, then it will be helpful for him to give best services to the client.

UX designers need to care these points-

UX designers directly deal with user experience; therefore he needs to understand some user interface work that he can use for the betterment of website.

  • Upgrade option he needs to check whether there is any interface issue in improving account while changing the scheme or not.
  • Whether the designs are appropriate as per brand principals or not.
  • Feedback option is essential as one can get a review of their clients. Hence one needs to check whether this option is provided appropriately or not.

UX designer should know these basics of providing transcendent services.

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