Online brand management is a critical aspect of digital marketing and it acts as the focal point for all marketers. The success or failure of most businesses are guided by the management of the brand across the online platform and it gives a guided perspective on customers’ decision-making process. So, what exactly is Online brand management? It is all about establishing yourself as a credible, authoritative and relevant resource across the digital arena. It involves monitoring and guiding the digital presence to carefully project only the necessary and positive aspects of the brand across the online platform.

It’s all-encompassing – including any and all avenues for public perception, such as your website, social reach, third-party articles, online reviews, search engine results and anywhere you can find online conversations.

Because there are so many factors in play, managing your online brand is extremely important. A study by the market research firm Ipsos found that 78% of consumers are influenced by online research. Get a handle on how your audience perceives your brand, products and services. By managing your online brand, you can leave a positive lasting impression and drive brand growth and customer reach.

BrandStory believes in making a strong connect with the customers and business networks and forge a bond through clear and precise communication about the company, their brand, corporate culture, strong corporate ethics and values, corporate social responsibility towards a good cause and for the betterment of the community.

We do an in-depth study on the brand’s attributes like its theme, concept, about the company, its functions, target audience, how it can be achieved and much more. As per the client’s requirement, we prepare a strategy to re-invent, innovate and propagate the brand. We plan competitive positioning of the brand and develop testimonials. Content is created for media publicity, tie-ups, digital branding, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Creating an identity of the brand is the integral aspect and it’s majorly done through a unique logo with a different color palette, font, layout and a slogan. We help the client in conceptualizing and propagating the identity of the company or the brand by making an appropriate plan for the visual promotion of their logo and slogan.

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Our services

  • Brand Identity
  • Investor Communications
  • Incentive Programs
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Event Branding
  • Presentations
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Product Launch
  • Newsletters
  • Explainer Videos
  • Outdoor Promotions
  • Corporate Communications
  • Annual & Sustainability Reports
  • Tradeshow exhibits

Visibility and Strategy

Every brand has a uniqueness, so from discovery stage to establishing stage, every step has to be customized for your brand and we help you identify all the potential opportunities through which you can project yourself meaningfully into the market. What we do for you here is: Brand Planning, Research & Insights, Naming & Transformation, Communications Architecture and messaging framework.

Media and Technology

Integrating your brand identity to the platforms where it will be seen, heard and experienced at every turning. How we get you through with this is by integrating your brand name to relevant print and digital media channels, lead generation channels, paid search methods, media planning, SEO, SEM, technology lead marketing programs etc.

Creatives and Digital

Target messaging with creatives and content to keep your brand relevant and garden-fresh. Our aim is to leave a lasting impression on your customers on a regular basis, with every single appearance. What we do for you here is: creative direction, identity design & system, broadcast and print platforms, mobile, web and app development, UI/UX design, packaging & retail design, copy-writing and content creation and video creation.

Social and Public

Building brand engagement through social media is only proved effective when you have people talking about your brand. It’s about creating an entire community of followers to your content and creative and that is the scale we work at. What we do for you here is: social
media strategy, content development, influence marketing, community management, paid campaigns, promotional campaigns, analysis and reporting.


The old quote says that it’s all about being in the right place at the right time, but what is necessary for you now is being at the right place all the time. What we do for you here is: digital & media production, content marketing, email marketing, media and PR communications, advertising and promotion, sales & marketing support, events and programs, channel and operational marketing.

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After the creation of your social brand identity, we need to consistently monitor and keep a constant reporting analysis on the process. Along with this, as a BrandStory package, we also work with you in basic research and desk research, initial information gathering, set marketing goals, build an understanding of your target audience and recovering the insights that we require for your online growth, brand framework, brand essence, brand proposition, positioning statements, key marketing messages, creative brief whenever necessary and strategy development, creative development and execution, and any such service to increase your visibility to establish your brand as a prominent face in the market.

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