Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Competitive Analysis is what we see as step one to formulating a killer business strategy. What can otherwise be termed as Competitive Intelligence, is more than just collection and analysis of your competitor’s data and activity- it is evaluation of past market disruptions, predicting the future of competitor’s activities and events.

Competitive Intelligence is an important analysis to procure insight into the marketplace activity and challenges in a systematic manner using trusted and ethical sources.

Strategic planning with competitor analysis includes using external competitive and market forces to generate strategically relevant insights from the analysis in a structured and research oriented manner, reduces decision risk and eliminates uncertainties involving external developments. It magnifies financial returns, marketing, operations and strategic planning with the understanding gained from CI. Now, more importantly, we recommend BrandStory to do this for you is because we use the most ethical and lawfully complying methods to do your competitor’s analysis with utmost corporate code of behavior.

Along with assessing the internal strengths and weakness, potential opportunities and current market competition, we follow the entire process of developing new methods to leverage success and market visibility and taking every insight to your company’s advantage. This process determines where your brand is heading to and attaining that direction is of utmost priority. Following this, comes the process of collecting all necessary tools to compile your competitor’s data including articles, recent reports, and public data to our advantage.