What goes into the Cost of UX DESIGN?

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What is UX Design?
UX stands for “User Experience,” and it is merely the effect, an operating platform leaves on its user. The system could be a website, desktop software, a web app or even a mobile application which everyone uses frequently. The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) rating gets higher for a system as the user experience gets better.

A UX Designer is a person who correctly knows what and how a person wants to surf the Internet, and accordingly they design their platforms. The UX designers are concerned with the overall feel of the product. Whether it may be the navigation through the website or simply the color combination, it’s all on the bearable shoulders of UX designers. User Experience designer is nowadays becoming equivalently hired as the programmer.

Before one can see the factors being exchanged for the cost of a fantastic UX design, he has to understand what it takes for a “fantastic” UX design.

The Process

  1. Discovery and Planning-Like all the other good things, UX designers too, start with intense brainstorming and planning. This is Particularly Important as each interface demands ineffably different way of approach. During the whole scene, the difference between UI and UX should be clear.
    For instance, UI represents a dating profile, and then UX represents the date itself.
  2. Making a Strategy-A sizable portion of UX designer’s cost is covered in this stage, as it serves as the most fundamental and challenging task for them. It takes a lot of time and designer’s hard work with loads of User research.Thankfully, there are several ways to get the User research task to learn about the user base (good for them!). A significant proportion of UX designers employ the most common practices, which is having surveys, polls, interviews, reviews or focus groups. This process is explained in two pretty sentences but takes a lot to complete (as expected).This involves;
    1. User Surveys and Interviews
    2. Journey and Empathy mapping
    3. Rapid Prototyping
    4. User testing
    5. Define design guidelines

    The steps are essential in the given order. This stage is a very time to consume and research-oriented (not the ones did in Lab, instead of User research!).

  3. Mind mapping the UX- It is the step when the designers, design something (finally!). In this step only, the easy platform of “Shareit” and beautiful navigation panel of the Android gets molded. This stage emphasizes more user usage and reviews and the UX is iterated according to their needs and demands. After all the sham, the users are going to show the response, so producing what they require is the goal.
  4. Final Design-The apparent counterpart of UX (which is not), the UI shows up here. After the skeletal design (UX Design) of the product, the looks of it has to be created. The UX Designer has to dress the prototype with inexpensive but beautiful interfaces.UI completes the whole UX process and provides the marketers their projects of marketing the finished product. The UI-ers have to keep in mind the color theory, typography (thanks to Steve Jobs) and other design elements.
  5. Cost of the UX designers-The words and the steps might look alienated, but actually, the real-time scenario is a little different. The real success of a UX is the user satisfaction that can only come through dedicated work of UX Designers. The Cost of UX designers might look steep, but the quality UX is priceless.

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