UX Design Execution Process What Is It?

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UX is the acronym for the “User Experience”, and it is the experience a person gets while working or surfing through a system. The system could be a website, desktop software, a web app or even a mobile application which everyone uses frequently. There is something called the Human-Computer interaction (HCI) rating which gets higher for a system as the user experience gets nicer. User Experience designer is nowadays becoming equivalently hired as the programmer.

Why Is UX Important?

With the rise in digital marketing and e-commerce websites, the user experience is inevitably crucial because this is what turns the user into the potential customer then, eventually a customer. With more ease, a user walks through the system the more profitable the company gets. One of the most common dislikes of any UX design is, ‘They hate advertisements’ especially when they’re intensified on a page.

UX Design Execution Process
The User Experience Design also referred to as UXD is the process of increasing the customer satisfaction and loyalty by keeping the focus on improving the overall customer pleasure and loyalty between the customer and the product. The User Design Execution should encompass the interactions between a potential or active customer and a company and make it easier.

The UX designers should design the execution process by keeping the focus on User Experience, Advertisers, cost and feasibility reports and design a unique and compatible design. The UX design being a blurry concept can’t be defined in concrete terms, and hence one can’t differentiate the UX designer from the advertiser or the web developer.

UX Design Execution Process

  1. The Team
  2. The Design framework
  3. The Design Engineering
  4. Prototyping
  5. Validation
  6. Conclusion

The Process
1. The Team- The UX Design is not particular to only designers instead of a teamwork between the Designers, the Engineers and Product Managers. The trilogy plays and serves to the successful UX design.

2. The Design framework- Any design process is iterative and should be done by learning the faults and mistakes as we go. The first draft of the design is just to know where actually we’re placing the components of the web page, mobile or web application. The framework generally includes the List Pane, Card Pane, Navigation bar and Cards.

3. The Design Engineering- This step makes sure that if the product provides the right experience or not. If not, then the engineers must improvise or even change their ambitions of the product.

4. Prototyping- In this step, the model of the project is made and is circulated among the top customers; it is often called beta testing. The focus of this stage is to create awareness about the product and mainly to find the shortcomings of the design.

5. Validation- This step focuses on validating the product with different elements. The customer feedbacks are received and validated, and the report for the Revision is made.

6. Conclusion- This is the last step where the UX designers see that if the product is well and can be released to market or requires revision and iteration.

UX and Ads
The solution is “Targeted Marketing” which is a straightforward concept of ‘showing what they want’. Whenever a person searches something on the Internet, it means either they’re looking for it or just collecting information, and if here the marketers impose their ads the users are likely to buy the product or services.

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