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Local business often immerses into oblivion due to poor visibility to its targeted consumers. Search engine optimization works like a magic wand to clear the fog and let your targeted audience see what you have to offer to them. Usage of smartphones and other devices has increased the count of potential customers who are always online. SEO permutes and combines different strategies and tactics to accentuate the online visibility of a brand or company to your targeted audiences.

SEO comprises different strategies based on the product, location, targeted consumers. Thus, not all strategies are universally successful to transform a business to a treasure trove. You must consult and hire a search engine optimizer to carry out the burden for you. There are certain dos and don’ts which are necessary to follow to make the most out of SEO. Local businesses have a limited budget for marketing and promotion and they should focus on SEO and implement it correctly.

Let’s check out the important dos first:

1.Create Google+ and Google place for each location of the same business
This is basic and it is better to start off with basic. Google creates a free listing on Google+ and Google Place pages and you have your potentials customers only typing some keywords away. The free listing is displayed along with the search results on both computer and smartphones. Do not keep your customer waiting to find where you exist and then reach you because there is a chance he/she may lose interest in you by the time they finally drop into your business location.

2. Bring consistency in NAP listing, citations and on-page reference
Local SEO majorly depends on NAP citations or the Name, Address and Phone. Google gives equal significance to them like links in traditional SEO.
Trusted third-party websites such as Yell and UKPlaces are the best place to begin with NAP citations. According to the Moz’s Local Search Ranking Factors Report, out of the six elementary ranking factors, 3 are associated with the NAP citations. While evaluating, the consistency, and the accuracy of the business address, phone number and the business name throughout the online world is judged.

3. Infuse local search strategy with Google+
This is an effective way to optimize personalized search. You can make your listing more appealing to your users by adding images, your website link etc.

Now it’s time to know the main don’ts:

1. Do not put fake reviews
Many brands hire writers to compose fake reviews on Google to boost up the ranking. Faking is an art and such artists are very rare in this world. Your probable chance of meeting them is very low. So it is better you never buy on that and let the people organically come up with reviews.
Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google and on the third-party websites.

2. Never take your online reputation lightly
Take care of the customer service you provide, because this counts. All good reviews will add up to the online reputation of your business, but one negative review can ruin everything. It will take a toll on your business, leading to serious effects. Therefore, besides offering an excellent customer service, pay enough heed to your online reputation, rule out any negative feedback with patience and positive attributes.

There are more strategies for your local business, but it is advisable to look for an expert who can suggest you the absolute needs tailored to your business. So think positive, think SEO!

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