Role of Colors in Designing the Website

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What is the first thing that you notice when you visit a website?

Let me guess, its visual appearance, right?

Visual presentation comprises everything from font to the color scheme of the webpage. Colors leverage the power of your text or content. Psychologists have revealed that people have a propensity on a subconscious level to color impressions. Colors have great ability to generate Impact on viewer’s mind, as a result, make the visitors stay longer or shorter. We all know- longer the visitor will stay more the chance to cajole them with the content.

Colors have their own language of emotions that also differs from countries and cultures. Colors are divided into three sections, namely primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Primary colors are the basic colors that cannot be produced by mixing colors, while the secondary color can be formed by mixing primary colors and tertiary colors are formed by mixing secondary colors. Here are some general colors with their general meaning:

Role of Colors in Designing the Website

  1. Blue, it is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, faith, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and truth.
  2. Black often represents elegance, wealth, sophistication and mystery.
  3. White symbolizes peace, purity and simplicity.
  4. Orange brings a feeling of warmth, enthusiasm or warning.
  5. Red is associated with strength, power, love and desire.
  6. Green can represent nature, life, renewal and energy.
  7. Yellow indicates happiness, freshness, clarity or optimism.

But how to use these colors while designing a website? Colors are used in such a way that it triggers the positive consumer emotions. It acts as a non-verbal tool of communication. No formula or concept can help you to choose the right color. Here are some things that we can consider in determining the colors that can positively influence your visitors:

Focus on target audience,
Concentrate on the product,
Background color,
Text should be clearly readable,

Firstly ask yourself, which feeling you want in your audience that will trigger a positive emotion in them towards your product. According to that emotion, select the suitable colors.

The next thing you can do is identify a color that suits your product or that will excite the consumer towards your product. Red associates with high energy or desire, so if you aim to excite the consumer about a product, apply at least some touch of red on your web page. On the hand, blue signifies trust, loyalty or faith, so if you want to cajole the audience with your product, like insurance policies or credit card schemes, then spray some blue on your web page. Black is also a promising color on web pages, it is generally used on art related web pages due to mysterious behavior, in some cases it motivates audience to execute the purchase. Black is also used as font color on majority of websites as it is comfortable to read.

Let’s conclude, colors act as non-verbal binding tool, which imprints the first impression on the audience. So the color combination can play a pivotal role in setting the emotion of the audience. Though it may not completely solve your problem, but if it would have impressed the audience than the audience will be bound to go through the content. This is how colors play a role on webpage, and the rest depends on your content and ability of product.

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